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US: Obama immigration reforms predicted to include same-sex couples

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Reader comments

  1. “John McCain, who ran against Mr Obama in the 2008 elections, has said that he may oppose him on the immigration issue, claiming it was not of “paramount importance”.

    Amazing how many right wing extremists find time to oppose so many things that are not of “paramount importance”. To the point where they take twice as long to sort out than if they were very important?

    1. bobbleobble 30 Jan 2013, 11:03am

      It’s also a really really stupid thing to say. If they’re overhauling immigration then do it properly not piecemeal. And for those of us in binational gay relationships this is an issue of paramount importance.

      McCain is and always will be an idiot who is still bitter about losing in 2000 and 2008.

  2. Obama is correct! Immigration reform is a vital part of any equal rights bill or Equal marriage. At present only heterosexual couples who marry meet and marry in the US or while overseas can apply to be reunited by permanent resident status. The repeal of DOMA is a very vital part. Senator John McCain just seeks to undermine the integrity of making all these vital issues unilateral.

    To put a human face on the issue here is just one couple penalized by the situation.

    1. Here is is another link to the injustice of their story!
      It’s very touching… think! how many other couples are out there like this?

  3. God I love that man. Not just because he is standing up for our rights at every turn, but also because he is a total DISH!

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