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Ireland: Gay couple kicked out of SPAR store by security guard for kissing

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Reader comments

  1. Ed Stevens 29 Jan 2013, 6:36pm

    God didn’t know that spar still existed – they were always full of stale and rotten goods and it seems that not much has changed there!

  2. Dan Filson 29 Jan 2013, 6:42pm

    There are better ways of spending your time at 3.30 am on a Monday morning than kissing over the frozen peas freezer in Spar. Get a life!

    1. How do you it was by the frozen peas? You been spying on the CCTV again?

      1. I have it on good authority that it was actually by the frozen faggots.

        1. Actually it was the Arctic Roll! I love a good swiss roll with ice cream! But seriously, these guys should sue the bastards. Most SPAR stores in my town are been taken over by companies that don’t have security staff that are complete knuckle draggers!

        2. Obviously no sense of humour here. Frozen peas funny, arctic roll funny, frozen faggots not funny.

    2. What are you saying ?, they deserve to be called “faggots” at certain times for kissing or at all times? Do you have issues with two men kissing in public? Not everyone is a impotent, frigid prude .

    3. @Dan, quite disappointed that you, a Stonewall supporter, should make such a trite comment.

  3. 1. Don;t shop there = a rat hole anyway. 2. 3:30am = ain’t nothing good gonna come from a bitch fight with a security guard 3. Why folk wanna be kissy-facing in public anyway – gay, str8 – that could have only been messy 4. there’s better ‘ways’ of dealing with rent-a-cops from a Spar station

    1. What language should I choose in google translate for your comment?

      1. Brett Gibson 29 Jan 2013, 10:24pm

        Irish? lol

        1. ...Paddyswurds 30 Jan 2013, 1:06pm

          If kickit is Irish then he/she is a cousin from Montserrat…

  4. Proud Grandma 29 Jan 2013, 6:49pm

    Every time I seperate from my partner of 20 years (and spouse of 18 years) I kiss her – I did it before her transition and I do it now. You don’t like it, I’m sorry for your partner. If you don’t have a partner, there may be a reason for that. A kiss is not necessarily tongue hocky, it can just be a ‘peck’.

  5. Karl smith 29 Jan 2013, 7:10pm

    If all this discrimination is true I feel awful for the gay couple in question but I ve got a feeling all the facts have not come out in this story – why would there be need for several people to wrestle the guy to the floor if he was the victim in all this … Ill reserve my judgement until I have ALL the facts

  6. It appears that you have not published all the facts regarding this case PINKNEWS. It is being reported that the two gents involved were racist towards staff in the shop (they were non nationals). There is a bigger picture here and all the info should be considered. There were many people at fault it appears.

    1. Karl smith 29 Jan 2013, 7:27pm

      Bren is this true? If so my point above has been proven … It’s all too easy sometimes to jump on the band wagon without knowing all the facts – I think Pink News should have been a bit more sensitive in their headline on this story ” Gay Couple Kicked Out of Store ” etc does paint a rather bleak picture , and in this case may not be whole story

      1. there are a lot of things being said. The truth seams to be a little unclear. That is why is why I am very surprised that gay publications are only reporting certain aspects of this case.

        1. Colin Simpson 29 Jan 2013, 8:14pm

          Whilst the truth may be stranger than fiction, the truth doesn’t always make good headlines, also in a work of fiction you can gee people up and get them all agitated and offended, make them even think they are being hard done by :)

          1. Spanner1960 30 Jan 2013, 8:30am

            Interesting that now the real story emerges, you get marked down for it. Yes, let’s all rant on about a sensationalist pack of lies. Never let truth get in the way of a good story.

    2. And neither have you , maybe you should reserve the old race card until you make a judgement. On another note , my friend was homophobicly abused, after friend going the police, the homophobic abuser then lied and proclaimed his homophobia was due to my friends racism, although this was later proven as lies. Some people will say anything to look innocent.

      1. Karl smith 29 Jan 2013, 7:41pm

        You are right ,some people will say anything

        1. Spanner1960 30 Jan 2013, 8:31am

          Even journalists.

    3. Where are your alleged reports of racism being purported? please don’t bother replying if it’s just baseless internet rumours.. i have read about this in the main Irish newspapers , Irish Independent etc and it is reprted as a homophobic incident only at this stage of Gardai investigation..

      1. Well the two guys involved refused to make a statement to Gardai at the time of the incident. There are reports of people who were there when it happened who gave their own opinions on what happened. What is the truth. I would not take the word of the irish indo as gospal as much as I would take any of what has been said online. As there are many different things being said that is why I feel that it is best to leave it till all the info is there.

  7. Karl smith 29 Jan 2013, 7:33pm

    What ever the true facts are they were not kicked out of the store for kissing , there was a set to with the security guard and others which turned nasty and they were thrown out because of this – NOT for kissing.The headline is at best innaccurate and and at worst deliberately provocative – Pinknews I m disappointed

    1. Ultimately this was because of the kiss, and the language used was not acceptable.

  8. there is a lot more to this story than what you are reporting

  9. GulliverUK 29 Jan 2013, 7:59pm

    Just reading through, there are some real pricks on this thread, so this will be my only comment.

    Hide if you want, you cowards, but I was walking down High Street Kensington holding my boyfriends hand, regularly, back in the 1990s. You morons who are afraid of your own shadow, stand up, and if you want to kiss someone you love, for fcuks sake kiss them, show them you love them, whatever, whenever, wherever. The only embarrassment is that you still feel you must hide.

    Perhaps I’ve just got to that age that I simply don’t care, or perhaps I’m getting back to the time when I didn’t care. If you live you life as a coward, afraid to show affection in public, we’ll all be back in the closet before you can shout Oprah. Get a f—ing grip. Also, don’t you dare tell people what THEY should be doing in public, you do what you want, but don’t dare to tell others not to kiss in public.

    I’m very disappointed in a few of you, but I suspect at least one of you is undercover SPAR PR

    1. Well said.

    2. Spanner1960 29 Jan 2013, 8:36pm

      I am not going to support nor berate your attitude.
      Personally I find public displays of affection by anybody rather antisocial and ‘yucky’, but then that’s just me.

      What the article doesn’t state is whether this was a peck on the cheek thing, or more likely a rather blind drunk, stagger out of the bar, we’ve got the munchies and hell I’m horny tongue juggling. (and yes, we’ve all been there)

      That doesn’t condone the attitude of the security guard, but likewise, people of all persuasions should try to hang on until they get back home.

      1. Suddenly Last Bummer 29 Jan 2013, 10:10pm

        Gulliver you make kissing your partner sound like a political statement rather than a show of affection. Some of us have a bit more decorum. I don’t particularly like having to watch straight people kiss for that matter.

        1. Sadly, kissing your same sex partner in public is both a sign of affection and a political statement. Well done, Gulliver. I’m very out but don’t kiss my partner in the street. We are both too self-conscious. I wish we weren’t.
          The kids kissing in Spar should have been treated like any couple kissing in Spar. Being called faggots is unacceptable. Corner stores like this will see all kinds of drunken behaviour every night. That is why they have the security guard! Whether or not the youngsters were behaving unreasonably, he should be fired.

    3. Gulliver, you’re a man after my own heart: someone who tells it exactly how it is, love it ^^

    4. Yes, i agree, i have seen this type of self hatred reaction before from alleged gay rights campaigners , moaning about how people should not kiss in public. They need to see a psycho sex therapist to help them with their issues about displays of intimacy and affection. Just because they have celibacy forced on them and are sense deprived , how dare they be so prudishly offended by affection of others. They are taking the we brits prefer a cup of tea to sex thing too far.

      1. Spanner1960 30 Jan 2013, 8:27am

        This isn’t prudishness, what you expect is antisocial, and it is you who should seek therapy.

        No man is an island. We live in a society, which means that like it or not, one follows their rules. I have no problem with affection and sex, in the right place, at the right time. 3am in a supermarket is not one of them.

    5. Well said. The typical thing you hear is “don’t force your affection down our throats”…
      Because we haven’t had to put up with heterosexual affection being forced on us from all angles ever since we were little???

  10. I just feel very strongly for the gay couple… much more power to them for standing up against the hate-filled security guard. If I see the homophobic security guard’s face, I will chop his head off right on the spot.

    1. where I agree with you that standing up is important I do not think that praise should be heaped on this couple without the full details. Questions need to be answered

      why did they not make a statement to police regarding the verbal comments made?

      why did they not make a statement to the police regarding the injury’s received?

      did they make comments to other staff members in the shop regarding them not being white and Irish?

      Why, if they felt so strongly about what happened did they chose to start trial by facebook instead of contacting the retailer the next day?

      What would the CCTV show?

      The comments made by the security guard were wrong. Wrong. But there is more to all of this than what he supposedly said.

      1. Bren I agree totally . Before we all start waving the homophobia banners we need to make sure of the facts – it’s a matter of dont let the facts get in the way of a good story .
        By the way I agree that as a gay man I feel I should be able to express my feelings to my boyfriend and if these 2 gay men were abused for simply kissing then that is appalling BUT I m not convinced this is the whole truth here

  11. ...Paddyswurds 29 Jan 2013, 8:41pm

    I would like to know the background of the “security Guard”. I am not in any way excusing his ignorant homophobic behaviour but most of the people in jobs like this are not the swiftest hound in the pack and will usually have left school without even the ability to read and write never mind be able to observe the niceties of polite society. I am sure he will by now, find himself looking a new position and will probably find it away more challenging than the interview for the Spar store did. This sort of behaviour is not normally a problem in Ireland even amongst the ill educated, but there has been an influx of people from parts of the world where the mere sight of a Gay man, never mind two of them kissing, would send the average male into paroxysms of rage and indignation and quite possible get the Gay man or men a hefty beating…or worse. On the plus side Irish law will deal effectively with the miscreant as Irish employment Law protect Gay persons from such discrimination….

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