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Comment: The power of online activism & social media in the fight for LGBT equality

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Reader comments

  1. Edmund Rodgers 29 Jan 2013, 2:17pm

    Yes, it seems to be grass root activism that is going to get us what we want – as Stonewall have not be of much use, nor some of the influential gay people in the media. Very sad really. Even the church have cottoned on the fact that they need to rally priests and congregations to lobby their MPs and hence the 1m postcard campaign.
    I have an idea for a flash mob outside of Westminister Cathedral on Holy Thurdsay at the Chrism Mass – that is the day all the priests go to the cathedral to renew their promises at a mass. We should descend on the Piazza dressed as grooms and make our feelings known, peacefully of course – anyone interested?

    1. Try on Facebook – much better networking there. Faster and greater reach. Twitter, too.

      FB is excellent for that kind of thing…ask the trans community.

  2. I think EVERY one of us has a duty to give as good as we get from religious bigots. They have no more right to vent their spleen about us than we have about them. ‘Tradition’ and ‘belief’ are not, and must never be, licenses to incite hatred. It appalls me that so-called ‘loving christians’ can be so vile about other human beings. You people want to practice what your founder preached: LOVE ONE ANOTHER!!!!!

    1. Historically speaking Christianity has rarely been used to incite peace; they have a bone to pick with some poor group no matter which century we’re in.

      I know Christians who are pro-LGBT-rights. I just wish they’d call themselves something other than Catholic or CofE: there are Christian churches that are alot more inclusive, so join them instead. You’re not Catholic or CofE if you’re pro-LGBT. “I’m a vegetarian but I eat meat.”

  3. Here’s a very interesting report of the Equality Hearing that is currently going on in New Zealand with regard to its equal marriage bill.

  4. GulliverUK 29 Jan 2013, 4:42pm

    In just 60 seconds you can email your MP and ask them to support equal marriage

    How cool is that !

    Online activism, commenting on the comment sections of articles, here, the Guardian, Telegraph, Independent, taking on those who try to paint us as deviants and sub-human, not normal, perverts, etc. Young people will be reading those comments and be hurt by the homophobes and we need to make sure our arguements are well-reasoned, put across well, to give them the confidence to join in and show people that we’re here, we’ve always been here, and it’s wrong to discriminate against us, and treat us like 2nd-class citizens.

    Straight allies are incredibly important, and the list is ever growing.

  5. burningworm 29 Jan 2013, 6:12pm

    The revolution will not be televised; A digital revolution is not revolution at all

    1. wow, that’s deep man ;)

      other than the fact that the gay rights revolution has escalated exponentially since the invention of the internet – which has provided us with a portal to communicate with one another, know we are not alone, collect ourselves as a group and begin to pressure governments into passing legislation of equality. It’s interesting that the countries where we do not have rights are countries where the digital revolution has been hindered by the authorities.

      1. burningworm 30 Jan 2013, 2:22pm

        A digital revolution is no revolution at all.

        Actually all major changes within society occurred beyond the internet and will continue without its exclusive participation. Stonewall didn’t need the internet and its longevity is obvious. In many cyber space is an illusion of being included within the democratic process. The internet may have won awards but bodies joining together make the difference not fingers detached.

        To be clear I’m not speaking of the net as a portal for interconnectivity. I’m not stating it hasn’t a place. Its just not the only space.

        You are larger than your avatar.

  6. LGBTI activism too. Without the Internet and Facebook intersex people – some 2% to 4% of the human population – would have remained forever in the outer darkness, without the right to life, the right to marry, the right to client centred healthcare and without any protection against discrimination. Right now we still don’t have those things in most parts of the world but at least we are now recognised as existing in some places.

    1. burningworm 5 Feb 2013, 10:58am

      Watch How to survive a plague and the methods those activists took.

  7. Ugh. Another gay out-of-towner being a pushy politically-correct snob in NYC. I should go to his hometown in Australia and start being preachy.

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