Introducing equal marriage is like legalising “male breastfeeding”, according to the Catholic Archbishop of San Francisco Salvatore Cordileone.

In an interview with the Catholic Herald, Archbishop Cordileone said: “Truth is clear. Wanting children to be connected to a mother and father discriminates against no one. Every child has a father and a mother, and either you support the only institution that connects a child with their father and mother or you don’t.

“Adoption, by a mother and father, mirrors the natural union of a mother and father and provides a balanced, happy alternative for when a child may not be reared by their biological parents.”

In referencing the supporters of equal marriage, Archbishop Cordileone said: “If you use theology, you will play into their hands and they will say you use religion to control people. Marriage isn’t primarily in theology; marriage is in nature. Theology builds on the natural institution, giving us a deeper mystical and supernatural sense of its meaning.”

Archbishop Cordileone then cautions against using the term “gay marriage”, advising that it should be used “only sparingly” because – as the author of the article Mary O’Regan states – “it is a natural impossibility”. Archbishop Cordileone is then quoted as saying: “Legislating for the right for people of the same sex to marry is like legalising male breastfeeding.”