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UK: Finance director steals £170,000 from employer over ex-wife’s sexuality blackmail

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Reader comments

  1. Why has no action being taken against this horrible woman?

    1. How can they take action against someone when there’s no proof? At the end of the day he took the money, he committed a crime. He had a choice and took what he thought was the easy option. Then he ran away to another country. He knew his actions were wrong and likely to be found out. He’s a theif.

    2. JesterPanda 28 Jan 2013, 10:47pm

      Like James said. There is no proof. Innocent until proven guilty goes for absolutely everyone. She could be a total b
      |tch, or he could be trying to place blame on anyone and everyone he can to avoid consequences. You dont know the whole entire story, just as none of us here do, so don’t go making assumptions.

      Just to be clear, I would side with thinking that she did in fact blackmail him, but again, I know there is no hard proof, so there is nothing that can be done.

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