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UK: Catholics hand out 1 million anti-gay marriage postcards

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Reader comments

  1. Rudehamster 28 Jan 2013, 3:27pm

    This is organised, Church sancioned homophobia, but it’s allowed because it’s a ‘belief’, not an opinion. A bunch of old men playing a game of Ecclesiastic semantics.

    1. To me it looks more like intervention in domestic political issues by a foreign government.

      it also looks like a tax-exempt organization breaching the very rules that give it that tax-exempt status: stay out of politics.

      1. Just what I was going to say. Make em pay tax now!

  2. That was very green of them! Or was it on recycled paper?


    1. How many trees could have been saved? How many people could have been fed with the money invested in these postcards?
      They don’t care, they just care about the power and influence they will lose.

      1. Totally Carl! And on top of all that they’re spreading hatred and intolerance!

  3. I wish you weren’t gay?
    how novel – I wonder how many actually get filled in and sent to MPs – not many I recon.

    1. many of them have already found their way to the public trash cans closest to the churches….

  4. I wonder how much this homophobic campaign is costing the Catholic Cult? Shouldn’t they be using this money for helping the poor and needy, or paying compensation to the victims of pedo priests?

    The truth is they have lost the argument. I suppose the good side of this is the more they shout and wail the more they make themselves look stupid and irrelevant. I would like to know however how this political campaign they have embarked upon squares with their charity status as a religion?

    1. The sickos believe that the more they shout and wail, the greater their chances of getting into that non-existent fantasyland they call “heaven”!

      1. LOL Well I first went to Heaven 32 years ago……….is it still in the same place? :D

      2. talk about a divine comedy.. !

    2. Look up the controversy around the funds that Mother Teresa garnered for the Church. There is a very strange line of thinking in Catholicism that suffering is a gift from god that brings you closer to him. She brought in tons of money for the church (often from disreputable sources) and little of it ever went to the suffering. In fact they did very little for those they “cared for” while dying. This line of thinking pervades much of the money that Catholic church receives. Of course, you could also look up the “Miami Vice” report that was leaked online by the Florida Catholic group Christ Fidelis. That will show you a whole new world of what that money goes to.

  5. It sounds to me that the catholic church’s actions are inciting hatred against a minority group.

  6. Cor, the Catholic laity must be in a FIX right now!!!!!

    My partner and I have an old friend who is up to her eyeballs in Catholic voo-doo, nipping along to the local church at least once a week, doing the odd religious pilgrimage now and then, but having dinner and long natters with the likes of us as well. She KNOWS that we are not vile people, she wishes us well, she sends us a CRATE of wine each Yule. And now her Archbishops are telling her to wage war on us!

    So a lot of Catholics right now will be in a fix on this one. If their belief is really strong, then they might just pick up the phone to the local MP. If not, then they may just lose another shred of faith in that perfidious church!

    1. your old friend will be ok…. er… as long as she has a good supply of holy water with which to sprinkle the windows of her home when the thunder god strikes the land in the middle of the night… and says:

      did YOU put your post card in the mail ??? huh,,, didya???

  7. Edmund Rodgers 28 Jan 2013, 4:10pm

    The cost of postage and printing the cards must have cost them the best part of £1m – but then as was reported this week the Vatican has a £570m property portofolio in London bought with Fascist Mussolin’s millions so they can easily afford it.
    How can those gay priests that run off to chariots on their Monday’s off even contemplate urging their parishoners to sign them. Evil bunch of hypocrites.

  8. One million eh?

    Hmm, I best get some more Some People Are Gay, Get Over It! postcards from Stonewall….

    1. Spanner1960 28 Jan 2013, 4:32pm

      Like that really fcking helps anybody.
      We need publicity that actually educates and helps explain the reasons why we should have equal marriage, not some crap arrogant cliché that simply antagonises ordinary people.

      1. In the absence of any material with these reasons on… what else do you suggest?

        My post was not meant to be taken so seriously, I rather much hoped some people had a little laugh at it.

  9. Wasn’t he in Plague of the Zombies?

  10. Robert in S. Kensington 28 Jan 2013, 4:16pm

    A representative of a foreign church whose allegiance is primarily to a foreign monarch, the Pope, doing the bidding of his master power interfering in the political process of a sovereign nation. It would have been deemed treasonous in another time and the consequences would have been execution. It’s time for the British public to mobilise and start a national debate to disestablish the CoE and de-fang the roman cult once and for all. It’s getting way above its station and needs to be put in its place. What he is doing is inviting anti-catholic sentiment and will be the first to cry abuse of religious freedom, while he is free to call for discrimination against gay people. Bigoted fool.

    1. Yes, imagine the furore if some representative of any other foreign state so blatantly tried to influence civil law in this country?

      For anyone who was ever in doubt this debate is forcing them to show themselves as they really are.

    2. No, let the Church of England remain. It is, after all, OUR national church for all of its faults. However, the Catholic Church is as you say
      a foreign church and therefore the British government ought to lay down the law and explictly say to them don’t dare to interfere in the legislative affairs of a Protestant nation.

  11. Those leaflets may make interesting and valuable souvenirs in the future. Much like N@zi memorabilia.

  12. Spanner1960 28 Jan 2013, 4:27pm

    Whatever you want to say about the church, they are committed and organised.

    Where are the million postcards promoting equal marriage? Where is Stonewall and their fat-cat directors?
    We are at WAR with the religionists, and meanwhile these bunch of chinless wonders stand there holding their dicks and prevaricated and making excuses.

    The only help we got was a handful of people that got a petition going off their own backs.

    Stonewall are not fit for purpose and should be shut down.

    1. Robert in S. Kensington 28 Jan 2013, 4:47pm

      Totally agree, StonewallUK have done sod all to counter the hate and the equally hateful mendacous rhetoric coming from religious nutters, the media as well as MPs. I despise Summerskill. He’s a light-weight and not capable of confronting bigotry. I notice the silence of one of it’s co-founders, Sir Ian McKellen. What is so appalling is that no supportive MP has dared to counter the hate and fear-mongering with equally strong language.

  13. Ed Stevens 28 Jan 2013, 4:36pm

    So just found out that this is there strategy from the Hermeneutic of Continuity website!
    1) Hand cards to mass-goers as they arrive for Sunday mass.
    2) Priests celebrating mass speak about the importance of defending marriage and of the bishops’ postcard campaign in their homily or at another appropriate moment.
    3) The name of the local MP (or MPs) should be mentioned.
    4) Pens & stamps – providing pens for people to fill in the postcards before they leave church, and stamps they can purchase to post them will encourage people to act.
    5) If this is not possible, please strongly urge people to post the postcards to their MP immediately upon returning home.

    For a laugh read the old bigot’s shock horror on reading the THT bottom line ” have just read a booklet from the Terence Higgins Trust which I wish I had never seen. “Called The Bottom Line. All you’ll ever need to know about your arse and his.” it gives detailed instructions on various forms of anal sex”

    1. Jock S. Trap 28 Jan 2013, 4:49pm

      They are getting ever-so desperate and they show it.

      They spread nothing but lies and propanda whilst trying to tell all they are about love and peace. All we hear is hatred and war-like tones.

      Shameful people!

    2. by supplying the physical element required for the political interference (pens, stamps, etc…) the roman church definitely breaks any separation of church and state by being an active participant in a politically-motivated action.

      1. Dave North 28 Jan 2013, 6:59pm

        By a foreign controlled power!

        1. Oh yeah, that must of been the ‘foreign power’ who built cathedrals ,built hospitals , fed the hungry,founded universities (and granting them independence), stopped infanticide,abortion,homosexuality,polygamy,transvestism,divorce,incest,superstition, brought the canon of Western Civilisation to these shores,modern agriculture,natural philosophy (later called science), common law etc etc

          You take on the old english prejudice(anti-papist) that Catholicism is somehow foreign despite it thriving in these lands for about 1500 years ..until one despot wanted to ‘redefine marriage’ …history repeats it’s self !

          “My kingdom does not belong to this world” – which sound very foreign to me .Amen to that :)

          1. Spanner1960 29 Jan 2013, 12:20am

            Yes, the same “foreign power” that subjugated the masses, imposed its will across Europe, tortured and burnt people at the stake for apparent “heresy”, taxed everybody to the hilt whilst they built their pompous cathedrals even higher on the earnings of the common man and eliminated anybody who stood in their path.

            These people are hypocritical filth.
            They always were, and always will be.

          2. ..sounds like a description of the Tory party and their rainbow coloured Sturmabteilung :)

            “Catholic baiting is the anti-Semitism of the liberals.”

          3. Stopped transvestism? I don’t know what priests you’ve been watching but most of them swan around in frocks that even Versace would consider over the top.

            And the rest of your post is no more based in reality than The Smurfs.

          4. Spanner1960 29 Jan 2013, 2:31pm

            Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition.

          5. What’s wrong with Transvestism and how have they stopped it? It happens all over the place.

            Actually, so do all the other things you say they stopped. But transvestism is hardly hurting anyone.

  14. All-out war against homosexuals is being waged by the Roman Catholic Church.

    The comparison with the National Socialist party of Germany in the 30’s and their attitude to jews cannot be avoided.

    A warning from history to us all.

    1. Jock S. Trap 28 Jan 2013, 4:47pm

      Indeed. The Catholic Church do seem to be coming across as Nazis!


  15. They need to clean up their own house, in the USA Archbishop Roger Mahony was found to be guilty of hiding pedophile Catholic priest in the Catholic Church so they could keep raping and abusing Catholic children.

  16. You don’t need to put on a stamp to send anything to your MP, so the taxpayer will be lumbered with the postage for all this rubbish.

    1. Jock S. Trap 28 Jan 2013, 4:45pm

      Yep and the reason why laws in the UK must be changed when it comes to where our (equal) taxpayers money goes.

      If people wish to choose to be religious then they should be the only ones paying for it!

      1. Presumably, it would cost £5 million if they were all return second class.

        1. ….or is it £2.5 million?

  17. Jock S. Trap 28 Jan 2013, 4:43pm

    1 million postcards with blatant homophobia. Yet if this was about racism or sexism they would end up in the courts!

    Typical of the religious bigoted hypocrites!

  18. A million catholics have a free firelighter on this cold winter day.

  19. Jesus Christ 28 Jan 2013, 4:59pm

    Fuck you Catholic Church

    1. Spanner1960 29 Jan 2013, 12:27am

      Ooh. Did he say “fuck”?

  20. Just found this e-petition, I urge everyone to sign it. This is a petition to have the Catholic church designated as a hate group.

  21. In lock-step with the most vicious & violent aspects of its disgraced history, the catholic spokesholes are once again in the forefront of back-asswards ideas, and tirelessly trying to link homoSEXuality with pederasty. What a cursed church!

    For an excellent debate with Peter Tachell and catholic spokeshole James Bogle:

  22. Robert (Kettering) 28 Jan 2013, 5:57pm

    Purely motivated by hate, bigotry and homophobia. What a detestable excuse for a man.

  23. Why is it that the Catholics and other religions sit on huge piles of wealth? I thought that they were supposed to use the wealth they collect to support the starving and homeless.
    They are covetous of wealth and are acting against their own teachings. It is time to remove them from their “soap-box” and move them into obscurity.

    1. The Catholic Church provides 25% of all the health care in the world ….120,000 social and healthcare institutions world-wide.
      AFRICA: 1,074 hospitals, 5,373 dispensaries, 186 leprosy colonies, 753 homes for the elderly, chronically ill, and handicapped, 979 orphanages, 1,997 kindergartens, 1,590 marriage counseling centers, 2,947 educational or rehabilitation centers, 1,279 other institutions.
      ASIA: 1,102 hospitals, 3,532 dispensaries, 293 leprosy, 2,095 homes for the elderly, chronically ill, and handicapped, 3,367 orphanages, 3,211 kindergartens, 969 marriage counseling centers, 5,379 education or rehabilitation centers, 1,870 other institutions.

      to name but a few …..

      If you had said ‘ Why is it that the Jews and other religions sit on huge piles of wealth?’ – you would be called an anti-semite …but it seems you are an anti-catholic (seems to be a fad on here !)

      1. Ok, if you’re going to make a big deal out of it, all those things come with strings attached. They force Catholic dogma on the people in their orphanages, schools and homes. You forgot to mention the mother and baby homes that used to be run like prisons, with pregnant women doing hard labour and punished for being ‘sinners’ forgetting that the men committe the sin, too, and that many of them were rape victims, and their babies forcibly removed to those orphanages where they may well have been abused. Thank heavens those are in the past, but the scars remain.

        1. In short, so WHAT about the ‘good works’ that Catholics have done. The harm they have done outweighs it tenfold.

  24. Christopher in Canada 28 Jan 2013, 6:19pm

    The best antidote remains public education.

    1. ROFLMAO
      I first read that as “the best antidote remains public execution”.

      (another in Canada)

      1. Spanner1960 29 Jan 2013, 12:23am

        I think you probably read it right the first time.

  25. Don’t you Catholics have something better to be doing with your time, like, I don’t know, giving to the poor or something? Oh, wait.

    1. The Catholic Church provides 25% of all the health care in the world ….120,000 social and healthcare institutions world-wide.
      AFRICA: 1,074 hospitals, 5,373 dispensaries, 186 leprosy colonies, 753 homes for the elderly, chronically ill, and handicapped, 979 orphanages, 1,997 kindergartens, 1,590 marriage counseling centers, 2,947 educational or rehabilitation centers, 1,279 other institutions.
      ASIA: 1,102 hospitals, 3,532 dispensaries, 293 leprosy, 2,095 homes for the elderly, chronically ill, and handicapped, 3,367 orphanages, 3,211 kindergartens, 969 marriage counseling centers, 5,379 education or rehabilitation centers, 1,870 other institutions.

      to name but a few …..

      1. Repeating yourself doesn’t impress anyone, you know.

  26. Here is the man to complain to:

    Go for it!!


    Correction :


    Anti-‘gay’ – not according to Catholic teaching : ‘They must be accepted with respect, compassion, and sensitivity. Every sign of unjust discrimination in their regard should be avoided. These persons are called to fulfill God’s will in their lives’

    ‘marriage’ – absurd joining it to the word ‘gay’ which means ‘homosexual’ – legislating for same-sex marriage is like legalising male breastfeeding

    1. Spanner1960 29 Jan 2013, 12:25am

      The state OWNS marriage.
      The church merely has a licence to use it.
      If many people had their way, the churches licence would be revoked completely, so if I were you, I would put a sock in it.

      1. Marriage has existed as a natural institution before the State and before religion – for the procreation of children with one father and one mother and for their nurture in a stable environment .

        You bow down to the power of the State , and yes some States have tried to own marriage eg the National Socialists and the Nuremberg Laws .Henry VIII tried to distort marriage through the power of the State .Now it’s Cameron and his Oxbridge chums .

        1. ‘Natural’? Marriage for love is relatively a modern invention and it’s main reason was either to forge alliances or to bring rival families together for wealth creation. Like your god and your appauling church; it’s simply a human inventio.

        2. bobbleobble 29 Jan 2013, 11:41am

          Marriage has never been a natural institution. And it certainly has never been solely about the procreation of children. You’re buying in to the propaganda of the churches and they’re lying to you. Either that or you know it’s untrue and you’re still parroting it.

          Sad in any event

    2. bobbleobble 29 Jan 2013, 11:39am

      Of course it wouldn’t be anti-gay according to Catholic teaching because the Catholics get to set their own definition of what it means to be anti-gay thereby giving them a fig leaf to hide behind when they’re comparing gay marriage to be akin to slavery or calling us disordered and a threat to the world. Still, you keep clinging to the idea that the Church is actually the good guy in all of this if that’s what comforts you. Oh and that bit about Catholic teaching – talk about patronising twaddle.

    3. Oh well done . Sooo clever to regurgitate the male breastfeeding bilge that dribbled out of the San Francisco Archbigot. Do you ever have an original thought, or are you happy just spouting whatever soundbite they spoonfeed you?

      And trolling – well done, so mature.

      You do know what homophobia really says about you don’t you?

    4. Jock S. Trap 29 Jan 2013, 4:22pm

      Ah, proof that these religious nutter cannot and will not think for themselves.

      How sad for them.

  28. This is why so many people move away from religion, because If the pastors are preaching discrimination, they don’t want any part of their God… And can you blame them? Religion had its run, it’s now time for a new era of logic, compassion and understanding.

    1. …and triple X gay porn on the parish computer’s hard disk…

      but I’m not bitter..

  29. There is no such thing as “the gospel of the Roman Catholic Church”. There is the gospel of Christ, and even that was written by other people. For anyone like me who was brought up as a Catholic (and still occasionally admit to being one) this is nothing new. The clergy’s interpretation of Christ’s message is now and has probably always been wrong. Hatred of gays cannot be squared with “Love thy neighbour as thyself”.

  30. ...Paddyswurds 29 Jan 2013, 1:08pm

    Well the Gay community knows by now what they will be doing after Marriage Equality. We must bring the fight to the doors of the church cults and make sure that they pay their taxes. They have chosen to involve themselves (illegally) in the politics and law of the land and now must pay. They had tax free status so long as they stayed out of politics but they chose not to obey the law and they cannot have it both ways. If the Queen and her minions must pay taxes then so must the religious on the billions they collect every year.

  31. I suppose it makes a change from handing out a million dollars to the victims of paedophile priests.

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