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France: Cartoon characters share gay kisses at equal marriage rally

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Reader comments

  1. Tintin and Captain Haddock… Sigh… :)

    1. So glad it’s not just me ahhh <3

    2. Is it wrong to fancy Captain Haddock? Lol.

  2. Many characters were originally intended to be homosexual, just like Dumbledor from the Harry Potter series. Even they get complaints from hateful people when it is the author’s story and they can make them anyway they want to.

    1. That There Other David 29 Jan 2013, 9:38am

      Good point. I don’t recall Asterix ever showing interest in women in the books. Obelix does, but not Asterix….hmmmm…..

      And that Clovis chap who plays him in the films was also in Poltergay!! Case closed.

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