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Canada: Kathleen Wynne becomes first lesbian province leader

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Reader comments

  1. Canada did not appoint her; Ontario voters elected her.

    1. Respectfully, that is both a yes and a no!

      Kathleen Wynne became an elected MPP in 2003.
      “The MPP for Toronto’s Don Valley West riding is a former minister of education and transportation. Until resigning from cabinet to pursue the party leadership she was serving as minister of municipal affairs and housing, and of aboriginal affairs. She will replace the resigning Dalton McGuinty to become the 25th premier in Ontario’s history”.

      She won by delegate votes at the Liberal convention not province wide electoral vote.

      Regardless I wish her success! and hope she is better in the job than our Premier in British Columbia.

  2. yes..we did. and for good reason..none of them relevant to her sexuality tho. i met her a couple years back when she was our keynote speaker for our Pride group. She was such a class act. Open inviting. just a cool cat.

  3. murray hunt 28 Jan 2013, 2:55am

    The province of Alberta and British Columbia also have women premiers

    1. As does Nunavut.

      1. and also Quebéc.

  4. To put this in perspective, Ontario has an annual GDP of $640 billion a year. This is larger than all but 20 countries in the world.

    1. thanks for the informative note, Ivan :-)

  5. Congratulations to Kathleen Wynne! Another glass ceiling that’s just been broken!

  6. Denis LeBlanc in Ottawa 28 Jan 2013, 3:25pm

    Canada does not appoint party leaders. Wynn was elected at a Liberal Party convention this weekend by Liberal Party members.
    Incidentally, Canada now has 6 women elected as provincial or territorial Premiers. With a population of 13.5 million, Ontario is Canada’s largest province.

  7. Having been elected by delegates from the Liberal Party of Ontario to take over from the out going Premier Mcguinty. She anounced her very Gay Agenda. First priority was to deal with the traffic gridlock in Canada`s largest city Toronto. and then to reform social services to the many less fortunate in our society left to fend for themselves by previous Conservative Gov. oh and also to try to bring about peace in the collective bargaining process in the Provincial Teachers dispute . Where the previous Premier brought in legislation prohibiting teachers from striking, and freezing their wages for two years .Under threat of arrest. This is the Gay Agenda of the new leader of the Liberal Party of Ontario. Gay Agenda indeed (not).

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