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Brazillian trans model features in Benetton ad campaign

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Reader comments

  1. Still an idealised, nearly-impossible-to-attain stick-thin feminine form. I defy them to hire some of the trannies I see propping up the bar at Paddy’s Goose.

    1. Be very careful. Isn’t that first sentence pretty much what Suzanne Moore said in the Guardian?

      Before she got accused of murder.

    2. Nothing impossible about it, with some exercise and a decent diet, Chubbs. Can’t really see how slim people can be criticised when the NHS is filled with patients suffering from conditions related to obesity and anorexics are very tiny minority in comparison (though an extremely dreadful condition which of which people need to be more informed about).

      1. I’m not criticising them for using someone thin, but I don’t see what’s so controversial about using such a beautiful person (in the eyes of some) of any gender.

        1. 28 Jan 2013, 4:09pm

          @RJM. Do burger companies use overweight models to advertise the very thing that will make them overweight? No . In advertising they use models to catch others eyes , she is beautiful and gender identity should not come into it but it has for the better “but” You had to use that word to degrade her “”Trannie”. She is a woman “not” a Trannie.

          1. I don’t think RJM was using the “T” word to describe Lea T… just some of the types often seen at the lovely pub in the Village… ;) And RJM (as am I) was being careful not to generalise.

    3. Nixi Otemba 28 Jan 2013, 4:36pm

      WTF are you saying?

  2. julia ford 28 Jan 2013, 3:52pm

    @RJM. Its not impossible its reality. You stick to going to the bar at Paddy’s Goose and if you ever used that term of phrase to discribe me I would stick one of those beer pumps up your rear end . Lay back and enjoy.

    1. Who nicked my image?.

  3. ...Paddyswurds 28 Jan 2013, 4:24pm

    I can’t imagine what woman would want to be seen dead in clobber promoted by a trannie. What real woman wants to be seen as a man with a castration fetish, pretending to be a woman .. Benetton are really scraping the bottom of the barrel with this one.

    1. Word fail me. Unlike Burchill, of whom you’re obviously a devotee.

    2. Troll in the dungeon! TRRRROOOLL in the dungeon! Thought you ought to know… *falls over in a faint*

    3. @Paddysturds, I suspect you always write rubbish just to outrage people, then laugh your head off at the reactions.

      Personally I see no problem with a beautiful model promoting beautiful clothes. Whether Benetton are doing it all for the right reasons is another matter.

    4. Hey paddy, just go back to the gay columns where you belong please, your rants are very tedious and just boring now. You only write this shit for reaction.
      To me you symbolise a very unhappy human being that is far from content with himself and therefore likes to poke fun and controversy and a community that is actually very happy and content,
      In other words, grow up you Irish poof

  4. This is very clearly a picture of a surgically altered man.

    1. @Joe Smoe. You have no idea do you? It is the gender in a persons mind that counts. She may have been born in a male body but that does not make her a man. If you see a man then you need an eye test but its your narrow mind that see’s a man. I see a beautiful woman that has had a birth defect corrected. Your comment is cruel and uncalled for.

      1. “It is the gender in a persons mind that counts. She may have been born in a male body but that does not make her a man.” – I am sorry, I just don’t buy the whole slippery and meaningless gender talk. Behaviours and feelings have no gender – bodies have sex (except for those very few people who are intersex).

        To be very clear – this talk about gender and choosing it is ideology, nothing else. You may agree with it, and that is your liberty. But you cannot force others to, give up your control freakery.

  5. …this is good news, if someone has a sex change and gets a believable result, then hooray for them.—I mean ‘Lea’ looks fabulous and so feminine so why not?

  6. So many trolls in one place! Makes me wonder what a group of trolls is called. A circle jerk of trolls?

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