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Russian anti-gay bill goes to vote as activists clash and international groups protest

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  1. I simply do not understand the Russians. (Apparently the vast majority of them support Putin’s “anti-homosexual propaganda” proposals.) How can they be so naive? They are buying this very crude attempt of Putin’s to suppress even more groups of people with views different from his own. And can’t they see through his alliance with the Russian Orthodox Church? A former KGB officer best friends with the Patriarch? And as for the Church’s own arguments against gays, based on the Bible, don’t they also know that the Old Testament recommends the stoning to death of adulterers (heterosexual ones, of course)?

  2. Christopher in Canada 25 Jan 2013, 2:59pm

    The complete failure of the public education system. It creates a society that buys into superstition and ignores the true issues like democracy, healthcare, mafia, ignorance… Be glad you were born where you were. We take it for granted, but…

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