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Polish Parliament rejects three bills to extend rights to gay couples

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Reader comments

  1. Alwaysniceman 25 Jan 2013, 2:53pm

    That was very close! 228 to 211! Next time lucky! :)

    1. not close at all – it was only the first reading of the drafts, so the parliament decided not to even work on them. but still – russian mps voted unanimously for anti-gay censorship today, so maybe it’s not that bad in poland aftera all.

  2. That There Other David 25 Jan 2013, 3:04pm

    Progess of a sort, but they still have a LONG way to go before Poland can be considered anything other than an anti-gay country.

    1. Sad but true

  3. How can this backward-looking country ever have been allowed to join the EU? Shouldn’t the European Court of Human Rights be insisting on EQUALITY across member states? It’s outrageous that, while we in the UK possibly be about to introduce same-sex marriage, this lot are introducing draconian measures against us. Kick ’em out of the EU, I say.

    1. The only country that should leave the EU is the UK. You guys want to leave and all the rest of us couldn’t care less if you did.. Good riddance to arrogant tosspots such as yourself..

      1. Erm……….what has that got to do with this news story?

        Talking about leaving the EU, this government is wrong to give an IN/OUT referendum, we won’t survive very well without being part of the EU. But we, as well as many other countries do need to regain some of our own power back from Brussels

      2. Ooh, I sense some issues. Or do you just like being angry?

        1. Think that you might be right about the angry part!

      3. That There Other David 25 Jan 2013, 3:57pm

        We want to leave do we? Oh well, as you obviously have a time machine and know the result of the referendum you could at least have told Cameron before he made his speech. Saves a lot of cost and bother doesn’t it?

        Should have kept it as the EEC in my view. 26% unemployment in Spain (55% youth unemployment) wouldn’t have occurred had the old setup still been in place.

        For the record, I’m pro-European, but the EU is currently broken and heading in a direction that isn’t going to fix it. It’s time to face that fact and reform the damn thing before it drags us all down. You included ND.

        1. The Eurozone countries that are now struggling have no other choice than to reform their economies to become more competitive again. They can’t “fake” recovery by playing with their currency like, for example, the Uk still can. This is a GOOD thing. Of course things are difficult now, but at least they are changing things and over time things will get better;

          The economy of the UK is in a comparable shape than the one of Portugal or Spain. This is less noticable because the bank of England can “intervene” (read: print money), but this still is a time bomb which will explode soon. The (incredible) housing bubble is one.

          On topic: look at how Poland evolved in the last 10 years. Not that long ago, people faced prosecution just for being gay! This evolution is largely because the country is now part of the EU. So, no, it was no mistake to let them in.

          ND was a bit too harsh in his comment, but I understand him and so will many other Europeans.

          1. Err, as far am concerned Poland despite being Roman Catholic never had anti gay laws. But homosexuality was seen as a sexual disorder.

    2. alwaysniceman 1 Feb 2013, 12:57pm

      Poland, unlike the UK, never punished homosexuality ever in its history, It is easy to be horrible towards my country, from a tower of gay rights that emerged 8 years ago. UK was imprisoning gay people 50 years ago, so keep your venom in control and concentrate on Russia, perhaps, because as we speak, 2 new projects of gay partnerships were submitted to the Polish Sejm.

  4. Any country from the Eastern Block who deny their LGBT citizens’ equal rights, should be told they have XX monthe to sort it out. If they don’t then they should be expelled from the EU

    1. I forgot to add, they want to be part of the west so they get all the privileges that goes with it but then want to remain part of the east when it comes to LGBT rights. This should not be allowed.

      1. alwaysniceman 1 Feb 2013, 12:52pm

        Poland is in Central Europe and it was always in the middle. However, Poland was the only country not to punish LGBT people ever in its history. Gay people are tolerated, but acceptance is still at scarce. This is changing… fast.

    2. How about Italy or Greece?

  5. Next time will be in 2015 (next election). For now conservatives have too much votes.

    1. Pavlos Prince of Greece 25 Jan 2013, 10:06pm

      Right. But what if 2015 ‘Budapest will come to Warsaw’, as leader of Polish Conservatives has say after loosing elections 2011?

  6. Scottishgayguy 25 Jan 2013, 4:11pm

    Hardly suprising when the vast majority of Poles are slaves of the “evil empire”.

    1. Pavlos Prince of Greece 25 Jan 2013, 10:45pm

      You mean Vatican, right? Of course they are.

  7. The Catholic Church has a lot of homofobic supporters in the Polish Parliament. It reviews and selects the right wing parties candidates before the election. During debates in Sejm these homofobic MPs quote the Catholic Catechism as serious arguments in discussion.

    1. Helge Vladimir Tiller 25 Jan 2013, 9:47pm

      Yes, tip-top , what you write is very true !

  8. This is a blow. I was thinking I hadn’t heard about this proposal for a while. It would have left Italy looking much more isolated if it had passed.

  9. Clearly progress was made by the very fact that it became a debated issue!

    It’s discouraging to read of the opposition and ultimate rejection.

    Some days I just wish that PN gave me a choice of both “good” news and “bad” news columns to choose from, just so that some days I wouldn’t become so agitated or disheartened by reading of people being denied human rights.

    How ever were it not for reading of the adversity LGBT face around the world I might become to complacent, taking for granted the freedom and privileges of where I live… for that I am so grateful, and can only wish for the same around the world..

  10. I recently moved to Poland and comparing to other countries of CEE region this is the extremely conservative one, not suitable not only gor LGBT people, but also for those having liberal opinion

  11. Yes, Poland is very Catholic, as we all know. Historically it was very similar to Ireland, where Catholicism was one of the defining characteristics of nationalism. What Poland now needs is a sexual abuse scandal as big as the Irish one, where the Church (the clergy) has revealed its true hypocritical nature and thoroughly disgraced itself. Only then will they learn not to listen to their priests.

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