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David Cameron’s mother says he ‘won’t be told’ when it comes to same-sex marriage

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Reader comments

  1. The answer, Mrs Cameron, is that your son understands the concept of ‘equality’. Clearly you, as with thousands of your generation, do not.

    1. Or, rather, be understands that grudging compromise is sometimes the fastest route to power. Equal Marriage was more-than-likely a non-negotiable caveat in forming a coalition with the LibDems. THAT’S how desperate they were to win the last election.

      1. David Cameron has been in favour of Marrige Equality since he became Leader of the Party, had nothing to do with forming a coalition.

      2. Given the policy betrayals the LibDems actually accepted to get into power with the Tories, it is not likely that refusing gay marriage would have been a deal-breaker for them.
        I actually think that, maybe on this matter and no other, the PM is actually sincere, and willing to put the rights of lgb people before the prejudices of many in his (to me) loathesome party. And I’m glad he doesn’t listen to his mother.

    2. Who said that she didn’t support equality. It really seems like you’re reading words that aren’t there just to deliberately demonise her. She could just as well be implying that he won’t be told what to do because he stands by his convictions. Her mystery to me seems to be the fact that he is standing up against members of his own party on this matter rather than the fact that he is supporting it.

  2. Good for you Mr Cameron, you have my respect for standing up for equality for gay people in this instance, but I will never forgive your party for Section 28 and your party’s opposition to its repeal. I will therefore remain a Labour voter.

    1. Surely whether or not a political party is worth voting for should not depend on its name and past errors but on its current members and its current policies, which may admit past policies as mistakes? One cannot change the past, and if voters insist on judging a party only based on the past misdemeanors, there would be no incentive to change. I rather like Cameron because I think he’s had to put up with a lot of pressure from his Nazi wing which he could have avoided. I don’t think this is only because of his coalition partners – though the LibDems have unquestionably been the most bold and vocal supporters of LGBT equality, even when it wasn’t trendy and the polls were anti – but he seems to sincerely believe in justice for us personally. But Cameron isn’t my local MP so I doubt I’ll be voting for the Tories (I never have) because they still have a bigger bigot component than the others. But fair dues to Cameron for pushing this against such powerful internal opposition…

    2. Oh for goodness sake, Cameron was still at school when section 28 was mooted – there’s no point harking back to the last century when the Conservative party was very different – do you spit at Germans and Japanese people in the street for what happened generations ago? Time to move on!l

    3. Ah, well it’s not all good news in Labour-land. Many Labour MPs are voting against equal marriage, including Glenrothes MP, Lindsay Roy, a Christian and former rector whose is choosing to vote for what his sky-fairy tells him to, rather than what his constituency does.

    4. andy preston 28 Jan 2013, 3:59pm

      ” I will therefore remain a Labour voter.”
      – poor old Dave
      All he’s doing this for is to try to find his mysteriously missing majority of Votes
      and he latched onto the idea of doing a Blair ‘clause 4’ imitation ( he loves Blair) and shafting his own gain Voter approval.
      The difference flat footed Dave can’t perceive, is that Voters were fed up with the Unions
      but nobody, even gays, in 2010 demanded gay ‘marriage’ (in fact Ben Summerskill of Stonewall came out bluntly against the LibDems and this same policy)
      Even many gays actually in CP don’t want gay ‘marriage’ because they feel it is ‘patronising and demeaning’
      The only factions for it are the politically correct social engineering chattering classes – who Dave naively thinks are ‘representative’ of the British Electorate..

  3. He is certainly sticking his neck out with this one. Good for him. Shame his good sense is not rubbing off on Mamma.

  4. He did go to an all boys school.

    1. Yeah, We could have the first closeted PM, maybe he’ll come out one day?

      1. Jock S. Trap 25 Jan 2013, 4:26pm

        Actually, ironically, that was Edward Heath

  5. And what exactly does he need to be told?

    1. I presume his aged, homophobic mater feels he needs to be told that old Tories like her are DEEPLY offended about “the nasty queer boys rapidly gaining acceptance and it’s just not on”. Another brianwashed old biddy. But, that’s the bible for you ….

      1. The ugly ageism you demonstrate ‘aged mater, old Tory . old biddy.’ is just as unacceptable as racism or homophobia – you sink to the level of those afflicted by these bigoted prejudices. Is this how you talk to you parents/grandparents? Show some respect – hopefully you will be old one day and will realise how offensive such comments are.

  6. That There Other David 25 Jan 2013, 3:48pm

    Comments like this just show how much better off the world is with a new generation of people starting to take charge. Casual prejudice might have been quite acceptable back when Mary Cameron was young, today it is not. Her son understands that.

  7. Chester666666 25 Jan 2013, 3:50pm

    it is only alienating the homophobes plus truth is correct about equality

  8. Reaffirming my theory that society is simply waiting for the baby boomers to finally f*cking die before any real progress is made.

    1. Eh, steady on. I’m a “baby boomer”;-) It’s one of the reasons I feel strongly about this issue Seen too many wasted empty lives. Deprived of what others just take for granted.

      1. Same here, Ray. BABY BOOMERS UNITE! ;)

      2. Hear hear. I am 55 and I resent that so much of my life was in a closet for the sake of my career. i find myself much more assertive on marriage and other LGBT equality issues than the younger people who have never known what life was like as a gay man in the 80s and 90s.

    2. Another baby boom is on it’s way. Culturally speaking the next wave are more conservative than anyone in politics today. Liberals tend to have small families – if they have any kids at all.

  9. It’s called leadership Mrs Cameron. Anyone can just go along with what they think is populist. You should be proud.

  10. “I know, but David just won’t be told,” she replied, while having a brief tête-à-tête with the Queen, who, moments before was overheard saying, “Mrs. Cameron, may I ask what the matter is with your son? Why on earth must he persevere with this homosecksual marriage nonsense?”

  11. Robert in S. Kensington 25 Jan 2013, 4:16pm

    I suspect she probably objected to women having the vote, just like the CoE. Times are changing. societal attitudes are changing, a new generation is taking over. Thank goodness hers is dying off but not fast enough.

  12. Craig Denney 25 Jan 2013, 4:18pm

    You’ll all living in cloud cookoo land!

    Gay marriage is not going to save him at the next election

    1. The same was said about Obama! more than a few people were left choking!

    2. Very little will. Your point is irrelevant. What matters is that a Parliamentary majority is in favour of equal marriage and it will pass. The fate of individual political careers is not the only issue in a Parliamentary democracy.

  13. Jock S. Trap 25 Jan 2013, 4:19pm

    Won’t be told? Won’t be told what?

    Guess it’s why David Cameron is Prime Minister and not his mother!

    1. Won’t be told that his determination is [apparently] alienating Conservative supporters. In fairness, there’s nothing to suggest Mrs Cameron’s opinion on the issue of equal marriage either way.

      1. Thank you. I fail to see why everyone is attacking her. Her statement is highly ambiguous as to her opinion on equal marriage but everyone is jumping onto the bigot bandwagon once again.

  14. Paul Essex/London 25 Jan 2013, 4:22pm

    And there are many parents of gay children who would also agree with you Mrs Cameron, my 68 year old Daily Mail reading mother being one of them. But that doesn’t mean, as much as I love her, that I have to agree with her or you. I can only hope that one day my Mum will understand why a CP isn’t good enough, and why the unrest it’s causing within her church is something that she and her co-church goers should be ashamed of and not me. You can’t raise a child capable of independent thought and expect them to blindly follow your own views.

  15. The answer is obvious – a close friend of his is gay. Anyone know who it is?

    1. A nonsensical assumption. As if only those with close friends of other races are concerned with anti-racist measures.

      1. Yeah – not interested in the blah blah blah – just wanna know who he is,

          1. Not sure why you think people with close gay friends/family are just as likely to support gay marriage as those only with no gay friends. In theory it could happen – but how likely is it?

          2. I’m sorry you believe that only people with vested interests are capable of being principled. A very tribal approach to life, I fear – but who knows, maybe you’re right after all.

    2. Actually the Prime Minister has plenty of gay friends and advisors around him, unlike other parties we Tories just dont feel the need to scream from the rooftops.

      1. Are you going to have “discreet” weddings then?

        That’s what this all about – giving gay people the opportunity to live open “faithful monogamous twin-sets and pillars of the community” lives. Why all the secrecy if he’s got plenty of gay friends and advisors? Shouldn’t they be the ones who are making a public stand for equality?

  16. I wish people would stop bitching about The Prime Ministers mother. Her reported comment was “I know, but David just won’t be told” This doesnt mean shes homophobic herself, it doesnt even mean shes against marriage equality, it just means that he (the Prime Minister) has his sights set on something and if it means he losses the support of the party (which he wont) he doesnt care because to him, its the right thing to do.

    1. If you knew more about the story you’d know that she went on to say she doesn’t agree with same sex marriage, hence why she said what she said.

      But I’m sure she’s lovely…

      1. Oh, you were there, were you? Tell us how you know the Camerons so well.

  17. Isn’t he a bit old to be told what to do and think by his mother, anyway? I’d be worried if he was listening to her on policy.

  18. Patrick Mc Crossan 25 Jan 2013, 9:32pm

    Cameron is right for us and his mother is not showing she is a homophobe but rather hes doing this despite all thats against him in doing this.

    Our rights will however be short lived.

    The emerging immigrant population who have among them homophobes that hate us to the point of denying us the right to life itself will overtake government in time.

    My future as a gay man is not secure but will diminish, and be erroded completely.

    I thank Labour for opening the immigration floodgates that is destroying our culture and raping our identity, and leading to our eventual takeover by those who will ensure as gays we will suffer.

    The arab spring has resulted in those countries affected not gaining freedom but being taken over by Sharia Law in its most perverse form.

    The numbers here will ensure that we will be taken over and there is no hope of stopping it.

    In London recently Muslims stopped people drinking and atacked girls because of how they dressed.

    Our days are numbered.

    1. Very well said P McC – bleeding heart liberals stick their heads in the sand and won’t address this issue, but in 50 years time, the freedoms we gay men and women (and all women for that matter) have fought for over the years will be repealed by a British Islamic government. You can ignore reality and pretend it won’t happen but it is already beginning in places like Bradford and Tower Hamlets.

      1. Bleeding heart liberals don’t care – they will all be enjoying their retirement in Cornwall in 20 years time.

  19. Originally I was exceptionally wary of his motives because of the party he leads.

    His mother is right “he won’t be told!” and on the basis of that fact he won me round!

    His steadfast dedication in the face of such adversity, David Cameron proved himself to be “the man!”

  20. Cameron is slowly emerging as a LGBT hero! Keep fighting for us Cameron! Looking forward to getting married in the future! Wooop!

  21. Well done David, good on you……

  22. My 80 year old mother seems to get it.

  23. It’s because your son is no longer a true blue Tory, Ms. Cameron, as he has systematically moved the party so far to the left that he passed Labour on the way amid their slide to the right?


    Oh, he’ll just drift whichever way the wind blows.

    In other words all 3 main parties are the same/interchangeable as they are following through the same agendas come what may, just packaged and disguised a little differently to fool the electorate into believing that they individually offer real change.

    I would have thought that was overwhelmingly apparent now, even to the most addicted of Celeb Big Brother viewers?!

  24. I fail to see why everyone is attacking Mrs. Cameron on this matter. Her expression “he won’t be told” is in response to the fact that David is pressing on with marriage equality despite many conservatives “telling” him not to.
    Reading a bit more from the interview on another news site, Mary Cameron also said this
    ‘I used to come home with stories sometimes, to almost warn the children about the perils of doing the wrong things. I think he learned probably a lot from that.’
    Those don’t seem to be the words of someone that thinks her son is doing something she disagrees with. Her statement was evidently in support/admiration for her son.
    I fail to see why so many pinknews readers automatically assume someone is being homophobic whenever they say something that is clearly ambiguous.

  25. andy preston 28 Jan 2013, 4:06pm

    No wonder he ‘won’t listen’ to his Mum…he knows he’s been a naughty boy….
    poor Dave
    All he’s doing this scam for is to try to find his mysteriously missing majority of Votes
    and he latched onto the idea of doing a Blair ‘clause 4′ imitation ( he loves Blair) and shafting his own gain Voter approval.
    The difference flat footed Dave can’t perceive, is that Voters were fed up with the Unions
    but nobody, even gays, in 2010 demanded gay ‘marriage’ (in fact Ben Summerskill of Stonewall came out bluntly against the LibDems and this same policy)
    Even many gays actually in CP don’t want gay ‘marriage’ because they feel it is ‘patronising and demeaning’
    The only factions for it are the politically correct social engineering chattering classes – who Dave naively thinks are ‘representative’ of the British Electorate..

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