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Video: ‘Negative’ IKEA advert slammed by Thai trans rights group

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Reader comments

  1. could it be social commentary? Ikea has a record for making such statements in their advertising –

    That she is a woman and this should be recognised and she is not actually “hiding” anything (although some people would say she was).

  2. also if you notice in the tail end of ad she carries of three boxes from the rack which i know from experience would be heavy,, but she carries them of just as a strong male would

  3. Janet wall 24 Jan 2013, 5:49pm

    This is a strange one, how is the portrayal a negative stereotype? An attractive girl out with her boyfriend, isn’t that how we like to be seen?
    Not sure if I’m offended by it tho’. It’s a nothing advert, like the trans girl used to advertise a car in Japan. She’s a very attractive girl none the less.

  4. Hardly a “violation of human rights”.

    That would be the mass murder in Rwanda.

    As I have said previously the “trans cabal” Suzanne Moore referred to, do their cause no favours with ridiculous reactions like this.

    It is possible it was negative and stereotypical but I am not convinced.

    1. theotherone 24 Jan 2013, 10:42pm

      really witless and you know about the stereotypes we have to face every day right? you know about the people beaten, raped and murdered because of their gender identity?

      1. Or because of an IKEA ad. So you actually see this as a “violation of human rights” then?


        So what new term can we find to describe genocide?

        “Witless” that’s clever, haven’t seen that done before.

  5. theotherone 24 Jan 2013, 10:24pm

    my first thought was ‘why the fuss’ then i realised that i don’t know the cultural context of this and therefore have no right to disregard what thai people think of this

  6. It’s a negative stereotypical because it has the following memes:

    Transwoman as deciever: The man has been tricked into a relationship and he finds out when she uses her male voice in excitement and then lifts up that heavy load.

    Transwomen as men: See, she lifts that heavy load, she’s just like a guy. Believe me it doesn’t take that long on hormones for your strength to fall to natal female levels. This meme is simply BS.

    Transwomen unworthy of a relationship: Finding out she is trans the man makes a fast exit. I can tell you this is very painfull as it reflects a sad reality in many transwomen’s lives. Being openly trans makes the dating game a very lonely existence.

    The worst think I think is that these memes reflect and reinforce peoples actual prejudices against transwomen. Thanks Ikea. Thanks a lot!

    1. So trans women tell the men they attract right off that they are trans women then? I didn’t realise that, I take back what I was thinking.

      This obviously is a “violation of human rights ” then.

      1. I don’t know of a single transwoman who has ‘tricked’ someone into a relationship. A one night stand might be another matter lol. What do you want? A tattoo on the forehead?
        Look it’s quite clear you have some sort of problem with transwomen, especially those that simply ask to be treated as human and not the butt of some sick joke. We all get it.
        You don’t have to keep telling us.

        1. theotherone 25 Jan 2013, 11:01am

          perhaps they would want transpeople branded.

          1. Who are they?

        2. We know you will be outraged at every issue regarding trans women to the point of over reaction.

          You don’t have to keep telling us.

          I don’t have any problem with trans women, just the full time outraged rent a mob characters that seem to be very common when trans issues come up.

          And so long as you are continually outraged at very little I will keep telling you I disagree with you.

          I repeat was this IKEA ad a “violation of human rights”? Yes or no?

          1. Wow! So full of internalised privilege that you feel you can tell another marginalised minority, for which you clearly have no empathy, when and at what they can feel outraged about. Your ‘arguement’ about some kind of noisy rent a mob cabal is simply dismissing transwomens’ feelings as not worthy of any consideration because the things they are upset about are not important enough to YOU. You must have two heads to contain such an ego!
            Your ‘arguements’ are not arguements. They are simply long form for “STFU, how dare you complain about something I don’t understand or care about”.
            I have to also wonder why you seem to care enough to want to silence transwomen on almost any issue important to them when, as you say, it is a non issue, a non issue about which you are clearly not affected.
            I might point out that this tactic has been used against almost all minorities to silence them. It has not worked in recent times and it won’t work now.

          2. I’m glad we have you to mansplain to us trans women how the world works and that the negative stereotyping we get absolutely everywhere is no big deal.

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