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US: 11-year-old trans girl says Obama should have mentioned trans people at his inauguration

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Reader comments

  1. Bravo! As a Trans woman, I too felt that Trans people were completely left out of the President’s inauguration speech and celebration. While I applaud his mentioning the need for Gay and Lesbian Equality, I felt that Gender Variant people, often still the most discriminated minority group, were completely forgotten. Does Pres.Obama even realize that Transgender does not equal Gay? Frankly, I was not impressed at all. Supporting Gay Rights is not a politically risky move in 2013 but supporting Trans Rights certainly is breaking new ground.

    1. caroline Pond 24 Jan 2013, 3:52pm

      If President Obama is worried about stirring up a hornet ‘s nest, he shouldn ‘t worry.He shoyld bite the bullet and talk publically about transgender rights after all, he cannot be worried about losing the next presidential election (cause he can only serve two terms) .

    2. Trans is just to wierd for modern society.
      Even gays find us wierd or being something that we are not.
      No one publicly points out a gay at cafe but they WILL point out a trans and say hey thats a man and laugh and stare…
      Its just not our time yet. Maybe in 2016 under Biden?
      We shall see…
      But they gays have won most DEFINITLy.

    3. Well, you’ve pretty neatly exampled (Trans, Gender Variant, Transgender) one reason he might have hesitated – not knowing what term to use. The way terms get shuffled around, and the way bad feeling has been engendered over the years by misusing and abusing people, is really unhelpful, especially when mixed in with the strong reactions when a term is innocently misused. Good people get too scared to say anything.

      But look, we know the Obama administration has not forgotten Gender Incongruent People (see, there’s another one; and there’s Transsexual too), even if it isn’t totally clued up. His speech was endorsing equal marriage, not so much LGB issues. And the inaugural address isn’t the totality of a president’s commitments.

  2. Great letter from an impressively well adjusted girl.

    I too wish that trans people had been explicitly mentioned.

    But Mr Obama did mention Stonewall in his list of iconic civil rights battles – and the leaders of the Stonewall riots included several transwomen, notably Sylvia Rivera and Marsha Johnson. Stonewall was, and should be remembered as, an important moment in the trans rights movement just as in the gay rights movement.

  3. Suddenly Last Bummer 24 Jan 2013, 8:29pm

    Sounds like a right precocious little madam.

  4. I have my suspicions about this letter. There seems to be a PR campaign this week to bad mouth the president for not mentioning us (I am fully transitioned) in his speech. Any reasonable person knows that his record is stellar; he’s got lots done for us. However, that doesn’t seem to be enough for some activists. When you look at the letter in that light, it’s makes me wonder if an adult was telling the child to write. The thoughts seem to mature and organized for an 11 year old if you ask me. I think this is shannanigans by an activists group.

    1. Some !! year olds could write a letter like hers without adult help.

    2. If you watch (on Youtube) the speech Jazz gave in acceptance of her Trevor Project award from the last year, when she was 11 too, I think your concerns about the capabilities of 11-year-olds will be settled.

      However, I do agree this looks a bit like shenanigans. My guess is that this was more prompted by Jazz having just been on ABC’s 20/20 [2], again. Revealing that she has broken the ban on playing girl’s soccer, dealing with an amorous attachment, making a speech, and pushing hard at the resistance against a girl of 12 having breasts or a vulva.

      This other girl, who is with a different group of parents, may have been prompted to compete. It was this girl, you might recall, who was put on camera at the front of a very ill-judged documentary (the parents allowed the producers to use all the wrong pronouns on the commentary) a few years ago, saying “I’ve got a p.n.s”. You don’t get much more publicity hungry than that.

  5. As a trans woman I feel very humbled by this letter. I wish I has supportive friends and family at that age!

    1. There’s a lot more to it than that. Please don’t dismiss all the work that has, and is going in to the huge revolution of which these children are the visible results. A revolution nowhere near complete yet.

      Also, don’t romanticise the pretty terrible situation they still face. Sadie is 11 but faces an SOC ban on having SRS before18, possibly on puberty before 16, and probably on blockers for another year – and that’s if her parents can afford the tens of thousands of dollars the blockers would cost over 7 years, followed by the cost of SRS. No insurance scheme covers children’s transition in the US. And how many families will be able to afford to pay for college after those transition costs? What employment hope does a girl with a trans-disrupted schooling, and no college education have today?

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