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Northern Ireland

Politician: I want a tolerant Northern Ireland — but I’m against gay marriage and civil partnerships

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Reader comments

  1. Neon Genesis 24 Jan 2013, 7:27pm

    They may be against the redefinition of marriage but apparently they have no problems redefining the definition of tolerance.

    1. Society will eventually pass them by.

      1. They may already be being passed by!!! It was the DUP that started the current ‘Flag issue’ [Peter Robinson’s pathetically failed attempt to get revenge on the Alliance Party because their Naomi Long BEAT HIM at the ballot box] and then promptly lost control of the situation. In reality the DUP is a sad little Fascist party which has for years bamboozled its electorate, it’s ‘Christian’ claims are being shown for exactly what they are … do as I say, but don’t do as I do!!! Sad pathetic little Hitlers!!!

  2. Robert in S. Kensington 24 Jan 2013, 7:40pm

    I hope catholics move from Eire to N.I. outnumber the protestants and vote to join the republic where equal marriage will eventually happen forcing bigots like this into the political wilderness, not that I much care for religion. I’m sick and tired of the bigotry in that part of the UK.

    Don’t be fooled by Tories in Westminster either. Many of them opposed to equal marriage were opposed to CPs and in fact would get rid of them if they could, but now find them a convenient tool to justify a ban on equal marriage.

    1. It’s easier than that. Reuters reprted on December 11th that the proportion of Protestants in Northern Ireland has fallen below 50 percent for the first time. The Loyalists know they are on to a loser with all their bigotry but they are so poisoned by their own greed that they just jut their chins and continue marching to oblivion.
      He mentions 1866. They love their dates. Every year on July 12th they all get together and gloat about a slaughter in 1690.

    2. Too true – chinless wonders like my MP Stewart Jackson try to spin that line – if I had been in parliament then etc I would have voted – really? who does he think he is kidding!

    3. It seems ironic that we may be relying upon Catholics as a route to LGBT equality……But while the DUP survive I dare say there are many in Eire who would welcome unification with the North as much as they would welcome a plague of rabid, incontinent skunks….

      1. Ok folks try looking at the bigger picture in terms of a united ireland …it won’t work ! the Republic can’t afford it’s own people let alone taking on the North A united ireland is a romantic notion in today’s society …just look at Europe and see how well other countries have done ,all the old divisions rear their ugly head and countries split on either religious or ethnic grounds . The basis of this story is about the bigotry of the DUP..of that there is no question but let’s not tar all unionists with the same brush or else your arguments sound very like Mr Paisleys .

        1. That There Other David 25 Jan 2013, 10:51am

          Your point is really only valid for those countries that were already amalgamations of different nationalities, particularly the states carved out of the defunct Habsburg Empire. In contrast Germany was a one-nation state artificially divided during the 20th Century by external forces. I don’t think they’ve done too badly since 3rd October 1990 have they?

          Despite the likes of Paisley upping the British nationality of Ulstermen, they are also as Irish as those from Dublin. If Ireland were to reunify the likelihood is that they’d be more like the Germans than the Yugoslavs.

          1. Dream on mate ,so you think that if unification occurs the loyalist paramilitaries are just going to roll over ? And Germany is not a reasonable comparison as the Germans are one nation , the Irish both north and south aren’t and never have been . The only time there has been a united ireland is under British rule ! It will more likely be like Montenegro and Serbia and just watch what’s happening in Belgium.

          2. So you think that if unification happens the unionists are just going to accept it ? Dream on ,and as for the Germany comparison , not valid, they were a united country before the forced partition in which the East had no real say . Ireland has historically never been a united nation unless under British rule. The 4 provinces were under local control.the situation is more likely to follow what’s happened in Montenegro and Serbia or what’s likely to happen in Belgium .

  3. That is like saying, I want a multicultrual UK, but without muslims, Ugandan’ blacks, Russians women or black beavers.

    What an idiot!

    1. I have always been black beaver intolerant. They bring me out in a rash.

      1. You have to be very careful when you stroke black beavers. Nippy..

  4. Christopher in Canada 24 Jan 2013, 8:17pm

    What was the law BEFORE 1866??

    So glad my Irish horse-thief ancestors left the potato famine for Canada!!

  5. Bill Cameron 24 Jan 2013, 8:19pm

    This guy may be fooling himself that he wants an “inclusive and tolerant” Northern Ireland, but he ain’t fooling me. He’s a bigot. Idiot!

  6. That There Other David 24 Jan 2013, 8:26pm

    I wonder if this one will be caught taking backhanders and/or beating up his wife like that lovely Mr. Robinson.

    The DUP are deeply unpleasant hypocrites whose only interest is feathering their own nests whilst discriminating against everyone who isn’t them.

    1. SO true!!! Before Mrs Robinson was ‘caught’ being a whore, the Robinson Family were pulling in over £600,000 from the public purse as MLAs AND MPs and employing their children [God help them] as Parliamentary aides. And the £600,000 doesn’t [so far as I know] include the Parliamentary expenses … £300 for Iris’s fountain pen and £20 bottle of ink – a 5p pen would have sufficed with her handwriting!!!!

      1. That There Other David 24 Jan 2013, 9:18pm

        Don’t forget all those brown-envelope payments *sorry loans* from property developers. Routed through the local church to avoid declaring in the House of Commons of course :roll:

        In contrast, I don’t consider her behaviour in having an affair that bad TBH. Her marriage sounds like it’s utterly unbearable. It’s just a shame that the press didn’t concentrate on the financial aspects of the story and bring the entire top tier of that party crashing down.

  7. “I’m against bigotry, except those bigotries I excercise.” Fail.

  8. So, he wants tolerance, but only in certain areas; ones that suit his idealisms.

    I want will have to go without. So get used to it.

  9. What a contradictory idiot !

  10. It looks like he’s been whacked over the head with a shovel and his teeth have shot out of his tight little gob.

  11. How to contradict yourself in one sentence..

    Yes Sir, lets emulate Uganda, Zimbabwe, and Iran, not those backward states like Holland, Canada, and Denmark.

  12. I am so tolerant that you are free to live as I would like you to live. What a prat.

  13. His was the most empty attack on equal marriage ive ever heard. He didn’t make one valid point, nor answer one question directly.

    He also repeatedly said that equal marriage (or lack of) was not an issue of equality, on the basis that civil partnerships exist. This was after saying he doesn’t support civil partnerships. What a douche bag.

    I’m a fan of some DUP policitians as individuals, but the party as a whole is shameful.

  14. Thank you to John O’Doherty for doing a great job, as ever. And for doing it under very trying circumstances.

    There are those in the NI LGBT community who argued against providing a speaker to the Nolan Show for this debate, on the grounds that the programme is sensationalist and exploitative.

    Whatever the shortcomings of the Nolan Show, and whatever people’s feelings about its presenter, refusing to participate would have been the wrong course.

    Mr O’Doherty made the right decision and I am grateful to him for presenting the pro-equality case with his customary determination and calmness.

  15. f*cking homophobic irish gerbil

    1. That There Other David 25 Jan 2013, 9:32am

      LOL. The DUP aren’t Irish, they’re British. That’s what they always claim.

  16. Vincent in N Ireland 25 Jan 2013, 12:11am

    This man has responsibilities for the rquality agenda in N Ireland… and he is a GP by profession and my local MLA… he clearly stated he and the party are against even civil partnerships and he would not distance himself from the parties assertion decades ago that there is a link between homosexuality and crimes like beastiality and sex with children!!!

  17. That is like saying… “good news, bad news”

    Good news… I want a tolerant Northern Island, Bad news… Too bad about the injustice!

    Hard to believe that after the decades of civil unrest in Norther Ireland, one would have thought the Equal Marriage debate would be the least of their problems. But then again… given that the civil unrest was always religion bases “perhaps not a surprise”

  18. Stop parading your ugly big “BUT” in public Jonathan Bell, you intolerant git!

  19. Old bigot and hypocrite- and besides do the DUP really respect marriage? Their party leader’s (Robinson) wife aged 60 had an affair with a 19 year old toy boy!

  20. Lukefromcanada 25 Jan 2013, 1:06am

    parties in marriage is just a legal term, that probably many hetero couples would prefer as well. it has nothing to do with what you consider yourselves

  21. The chasm between ROI and GB LGBT policies and that of NI having been growing by the decade. In a few years they are going to truly look like they have no lineage with either neighbour.

    Partnership, adoption and health rights are in a constant state of review, and absolutely nothing changes, and I don’t think shaming them will have any effect whatsoever.

  22. johnny33308 25 Jan 2013, 3:14am

    Bigotry is NOT tolerance! And it never shall be…it is, in fact, the antithesis of tolerance and all the protestations otherwise are, simply put, puerile rubbish!

  23. “He said: ”look what happens in other countries where they have redefined marriage and changed the definition, you can no longer have a husband and a wife because they have to be defined as ‘parties to marriage’”.”

    Yeah, if the gays get married we will be forced to redefine all married individuals as “gender neutral wedded entitites” – I think it’s some kind of EU directive now, anyone caught using the terms “husband” or “wife” will receive an on the spot fine and be pelted with eggs.
    Bell’s level of awareness reminds me of Charlie Brooker’s mockumentary “Daily Mail island”
    For once he can’t blame his ignorance on the pope.

  24. He also talked about gay adoption ( in a round about way). “Chrildren need a mother and a father for a stable home environment”

    Funny that he should make such a comment when Northern Ireland is being held to ransom by children blocking roads. Where’s they’re stable home environment?

    1. “their” not “they’re”. Mt grammar is awful in the mornings lol

    2. I wonder what he thinks of single mums?

      1. That There Other David 25 Jan 2013, 9:33am

        Satan’s whores? ;-)

  25. No great surprise there . The DUP are all religious nutters.unfortunately they are the largest party in N Ireland headed by chief bigot Paisley ( ok I know he stepped down as leader but its still his political and religious views that are spouted). His free Presbyterian church which he set up himself,with a doctorate bought from an American university ,would have us living in the dark ages . Look at how they handled the Iris Robinson scandal. As far as we know she is still in a facility receiving psychiatric support, not that I feel remotely sorry for the vile ,homophobic old witch.

  26. I also want a tolerant society but I think the Toleration Act of 1689 went quite far enough and that any who refuse to conform to the Church of England should be excluded from the professions and public office.
    This fool needs to know that anyone can come out with guff like this.

  27. Jock S. Trap 25 Jan 2013, 10:27am

    Er… Hypocrite much.

    If you want a tolerant Northern Ireland that Means supporting Equality in Marriage.

    Fact he doesn’t have tolerance nor wants it… just bigotry!

  28. So, he wants prejudiced tolerance? What a plonker!

  29. Christopher Kay 25 Jan 2013, 11:02am

    I think it’s funny that if you rearrange the letters after his name it makes “LA DUMP”

  30. No, you are a hateful little christofascist bigot. Either everyone is equal or no one is.

    They just make me want to wipe my boots on their facile moronic fairy tale.

  31. Can someone please pass him a dictionary so that he can what the term ‘contradiction’ means, for is really does seem to have been lost in his own vocabulary.

  32. Jesus wept! So they want to be open and cosmopolitan, but still want to be bigoted. What goes on intheir heads!!!! The two are opposites, if you are bigoted then by definition you are not progressive and open.

  33. Then you DON’T want a tolerant Northern Ireland – Dickhead!

  34. I’m looking around for the countries who have fallen into chaos since passing equal marriage bills… I have yet to find one.

  35. So he wants “a tolerant and inclusive society” but opposes any legal recognition of same-sex couples?

    Talk about cognitive dissonance.

  36. Robert (Kettering) 26 Jan 2013, 6:59pm

    Heaven forbid that Northern Ireland should ever relinquish its 17th century mindset and join the 21st century!

    Mr Bell, just another homophobic bigot nothing new. So glad I don’t have to live there myself.

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