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Jeremy Joseph buys G-A-Y from HMV administrators

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Reader comments

  1. good luck jj i hope the recession doesnt fold your new venture , ure so very brave and such an inspiration to me and many others , therees an old saying , he who takes risks , benefits from them , i surely hope you do !!

  2. Maybe his bitchy comments to people will stop now, and maybe he’ll even smile. Maybe

    1. Spanner1960 25 Jan 2013, 8:41am


    2. Suddenly Last Bummer 25 Jan 2013, 5:56pm

      He’s the ugly socially crippled queen who’s made it big, hence the vitriol and cattyness with which he treats the punters.

  3. Give the guy his due:- Jeremy is in business to make money but he does give back to the community, his heart is in the right place and his events are not the dens of drugs, vice and iniquity you find just south of Pimlico.

    Mazel tov and l’chaim Jeremy. :)

    1. Suddenly Last Bummer 24 Jan 2013, 8:26pm

      Where in Pimlico pray tell?! I’d much prefer frequent a den of vice than the den of mediocrity that are G-A-Y and G-A-Y Late which attract twinks and Essex chav and peddle watered down booze. And what’s with the toilet attendants?

      1. I can assure you there’s no jiggy-jiggy in the G-A-Y loos, Mr. Bummer.

  4. therewillbeaplace 24 Jan 2013, 9:20pm

    G-A-Y may not be everyone’s idea of a good night out but it doesn’t pretend to be anything that it isn’t. Like it or not there’ll always be a market for pure pop and G-A-Y does exactly what it says on the tin very well. There’s nowhere else that gets the PAs that G-A-Y does and it’s a big draw for visitors to London.

    Jeremy is taking on a huge personal risk and I wish him well. G-A-Y closing would be a big loss to London.

  5. Spanner1960 25 Jan 2013, 8:45am

    Personally, I think he might have dug his own grave here.

    The gay scene has been in gradual decline since Internet chatrooms took over from the whole cruising thing.
    People don’t need to pay extortionate prices to stand around in rooms with deafening music in order to find a shag.

    The only people that bother are the ones meeting there mates that actually like dancing to inane camp pop music, and they are in a distinct minority.

  6. I would like to understand this man a bit better. I frequently go to G-A-Y/Heaven, and every time I see him he looks like a miserable git, looks at his customers like something he has trodden on, and even insults them in the extreme in front of a baying crowd of like minded queens. I would imagine people would like nothing more than to be supportive of him, I know I would, but every picture he is in he is smiling, yet look at him at the front door of Heaven and he looks like a cross between the cat got the cream and a sour lemon.

    Fair play for taking such a gamble, and for seemingly honourable purposes, but for the love of Gaga cheer up and treat people with a bit of respect, the bitchy queen thing only works if you’re in drag and it’s very 90s for everyone else! We are the people paying back your loan after all!

    Good luck in any case, the loss of G-A-Y/Heaven would be very upsetting.

    1. Suddenly Last Bummer 25 Jan 2013, 5:54pm

      He’s made his money, he doesn’t need to be civil or warm to people anymore I guess, unless he hopes to plough them. I’m aware that his staff have to be pretty ‘open’ during the interview process. Another reality is that there will always be droves of provincial gays thronging to his clubs cause they’re a mecca for similarly positioned guys.

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