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Gay chocolatier couple say they will leave Scottish village over homophobic abuse

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Reader comments

  1. I think I speak for everyone here when I say these lovely men can bring their lovely chocolates and come live near me! They’d be MOST welcome!

    1. I second that. We could use a chocolatier on my town.

  2. That There Other David 24 Jan 2013, 6:09pm

    Let’s hope that wherever they now settle is large enough to cope with the rise in orders their business is about to get.

    Cocoa Mountain.

    1. Im suprised they make anything with the prices they charge!! £15 for 9!!! chocolates!!!

      1. Unbeleivable!!! Marked down by 19 for noting the items they sell are extortionately expensive (in reply to above post) & yet someone says about people not wanting HIV infected choccies and 1 person, yes one person gives a minus – shows where people’s priorities lie!! Get some perpective people!!!

        1. Edward McPherson 25 Jan 2013, 7:17pm

          It has nine now and is at the bottom of the list – your comment is at the top thus why it has more. And people who want to get quality chocolate will look somewhere other than the little shelf in front of the checkout – primarily online – such as the website they have and will be willing to pay the extra bit. I will willingly spend more on Coca Cola Vanilla because I like the taste despite it having to be purchased from vendors who import it at double the normal cost – this may sound like insanity however in the case of the chocolate you might be looking for quality and in the case of the Coca Cola getting it locally is near enough physically impossible.

  3. Lion in Winter 24 Jan 2013, 6:10pm

    What would Juliet Binoche and Johnny Depp do?

  4. If the rest of the village is so tolerant, why have’;t they done anything about the tormentors? It sounds like they are quite happy for this abuse to continue.

    It should be the homophobes who should be forced to move out not the victims.

    1. Well, those are my thought exactly, Sevrin. I find this rather odd. It strikes me as more of a clash of personalities rather than homophobic abuse, in my opinion. One wonders why the other villagers didn’t intervene and why should it take just two people to drive them away. Something not quite right here I think.

      1. Christine Beckett 24 Jan 2013, 7:41pm

        Villagers will usually side with the locals in such a case. That’s the way it is in such places. Been there, had that, got the T-shirt.

        1. How absolutely ghastly!

        2. Common sense 25 Jan 2013, 12:27am

          This village is not a village of “locals”. It was an army camp and is now a community largely made up of artists and creative people all of which are incomers.

        3. Durness Incomer 2 Feb 2013, 11:25pm

          For the record, I live in Durness, I am bisexual, I am not a local and I find there is little problem with homophobia. Bisexual, German (also not local), gay porn star, Philipp Tanzer (aka Logan McCree) also lives here and suffers no homophobic abuse, nor do Kevin and Simon (both English – not local), the bookshop owners, nor does anyone else, whether they are gay, straight, bi, or whatever. The problem here is that Paul and James are just thoroughly unpleasant. Don’t get me wrong, they are all lovely to their customers, after all it’s bad business sense to be anything but, but they are disliked by most who live here and for good reason. Now, I am not condoning the actions of John, or any of his family (to be honest, I don’t particularly like them either), but do not be misled by these ridiculous articles into believing that this is about them being gay, it’s not, it’s about them being nasty little men who think they can treat everyone around them like dirt with no repercussions.

    2. Darren Theoret 24 Jan 2013, 8:11pm

      I guess they’re tolerant of intolerance!

    3. Kevin Crowe 25 Jan 2013, 9:38am

      Me and my partner are gay, run a bookshop and restaurant in Durness, I am chair of the Community Council, and I can vouch for the fact that homophobia does not exist in Durness. The owners of the Cocoa Mountain are not popular, but that has nothing to do with them being gay, but has everything to do with their unpleasant and sometimes bullying behaviour. They are not the only gay people in Durness, and the rest of us have no problems at all, and have found everyone in the village to be friendly and helpful. It is a disgrace that Durness can be tarred in this way.

      1. Li Thotomist 25 Jan 2013, 11:20am

        I would point out to you that this exchange in the courtroom: “For whatever reason, you have chosen to dislike [Maden and Findlay] and make their lives miserable.” Malcolm Morrison replied: “Yes, because they make everybody’s life miserable.”

        Makes it quite clear that Mr Morrison set out to makes the lives of these two gay men miserable. That, and your implicit support for him, against two other gay men, suggests to me that Durness is not a particularly happy and supportive place to live. That unless you’re “the right type” of gay man, you’ll get picked on and victimised. Chocolatiers hardly have a reputation for thumping people. And the suggestion that the Morrisons subjected these two gay men to “years of abuse and treats” is never disproved, which again suggests that the two gay men might not have “fitted in” and were made to suffer for it.

      2. Li Thotomist 26 Jan 2013, 11:11am

        I’d also like to add the Telegraph’s report of this:

        “The abuse began as soon as they moved into the area, they say, with neighbours stalking the outside of their home shouting “—- off you English queer ——–“.”
        “He said: “It was night time rants around the outside of our house.”
        Since then, he said, they have been threatened with death, physically attacked, pelted with seeds, and subjected racist and homophobic abuse and “gestures” – making the last decade “unpleasant”.
        “It is quite frightening when you are in a remote place, a lot of places you do not get mobile phone signal and you feel quite vulnerable,” he said.”

  5. Keith Francis Farrell 24 Jan 2013, 6:26pm

    You guys would be most welcome in Glasgow, I love this place, it is a big city but still has that small town feel. I am very happy here and yet I lived in a small town in South Africa for over 20 years. I found small town life over here very difficult, so moved to Inverness then to Glasgow, I am happy here and will stay here for the res of my life. I would also be happy to work for you guys.

  6. Send the Morrisons a few Stonewall postcards. They might get the hint after receiving 250 without a stamp. ;)

  7. Anyone who makes chocolate is welcome to live in my town.


  8. I have lived in Scotland all my live and i can tell you since i live in the north east that the North East Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire is typically quite a progressive area. Most of the closed mindness comes from (some) really religious folks, hoods, tough guys(chavs),some foreigners or isolated villages.

  9. As a Scot, I feel disgusted that these men have suffered homophobic and anti-English abuse in Scotland. It’s wrong that they have to move to get away from the bigots who have sadly won this time – not that I blame the couple for wanting to move.

  10. I doubt Scotland will never come out of the dark ages. After reading the comments here
    It seems Scottish nationalists enjoy and support gaybashing. Leave them to their own decisions – I will boycott Scottish products and not go to Scotland anymore.

    1. Are you a troll or just stupid?

      “Scottish nationalists” pushed through equal marriage legislation against some opposition last year, meaning Scotland will be the first part of the UK to introduce it.

      I’ll thank you not to judge my entire country on a few idiots. I don’t judge yours.

      1. Bill Cameron 24 Jan 2013, 8:13pm

        I’m also in Scotland (north – not far from Inverness) and can vouch for the fact that this story is probably quite typical of the petty (and not so petty) small-minded homophobia that exists in parts of Scotland. I wasn’t aware, to be pedantic, that the legislation to allow gay marriage in Scotland had actually passed through the Scottish Parliament successfully yet – get your facts right! And don’t be so ‘chippy’ when someone dares to criticise what you describe as ‘my country’. Well, I am Scottish too, and proud of being so, but I also try to be objective.

        By the way the ‘beerbarrel’ website seems to be hosted in Provo, Utah (USA) so perhaps this is a part of the reason why it seems to attract the bigotted commenters it appears to, whether from Scotland or elsewhere.

        It’s a pity these two people are being driven out by small-minded prejudice; but I don’t blame them for their decision – I envy the area they choose to move to.

        1. I think given Neil’s comment, any ‘chippy’-ness on my part was justified. I object to being branded as homophobic because of where I was born. It’s never okay to make generalisations about whole a country because it’s got a few unsavouries. So does every country in the world.

        2. Common sense 25 Jan 2013, 12:58am

          I agree with Zac. I am sick to death with English people implying my country is backward compared with England’s broad and deep tolerance. The facts just do not remotely bear that out and having lived both north and south of the border, I have only ever suffered homophobic abuse in England (tho I witnessed it directed at another once in Scotland). Now I could use such trivial anecdotes to conclude that England is a homophobic country. But that would be just as stupid as concluding the opposite.

          1. Well I happen to be a homosexual Englishman, who spent many of his formative years in Scotland. I must say I have ne’r been to a place of greater tolerance and understanding. There was of course Inglish this and queer that, but that came from a very small group of individuals. I lived in various parts of England and to a degree I find it a bit lacking…But that is just old soap boxy socialist me.

    2. Seems like a slightly silly comment to leave Neil. You sound like you have as many issues with Scots as these bigots had with these Englishmen.

      You’ve left a link to a website I’ve never heard of before, and you’ve decided to boycott the country I live in because a middle aged father and son in the middle of nowhere decided to be homophobic?

      You’ve then taken the leap that Scottish nationalists are bigots when hundreds of thousands of Scots voted for the party that represents that ideology. Gay, straight, black, white, English – they all constituted a large portion of the SNP vote.

      I find your argument baffling when all surveys coming out of Scotland show very very strong support for gay people considering we have such a rural and god-fearing history.

      This story doesn’t even suggest they left Scotland? So you’d probably be boycotting these chocolatiers. Makes sense

    3. So you are not coming to Scotland anymore,GOOD. There are good and BAD apples in every nation as you have just proved!

  11. Why the police haven’t done anything astounds me . . .

  12. As a non-Scot, I really like Scotland whenever I’ve visited. Like anywhere else in the UK, it has its good people and its vile.

    Although my sympathies are entirely with this couple (I’ve had to deal with horrific, non-homophobic abuse from neighbours for years – I understand a bit about what this couple are going through), two lackwits aren’t the sum of Scotland.

    Gay/bi German porn star Logan McCrae is building his home in Scotland, and although he’s had some run-ins with people, he can’t speak highly enough of his local community.

    Morons exist everywhere and Scotland isn’t immune to them (sadly)

  13. That’s utterly appalling. Google them though and check out the website and the reviews. Looks like a fantastic business. Good luck guys.

  14. As someone who has raised and educated in the Highlands I can quite succinctly explain the social reasons as to why there is a preponderance amongst the older generation to dislike the English and be very blind-eyed to homophobia being displayed in front of them.

    I’ve been on the school trips and got the tshirts, and I’ve subsequently got a History degree… all boils down to events like Culloden and the Highland Clearances. It’s rammed down your throat from a young age that it was the English that decimated the crofts of, or killed, your near ancestors. No mention of the fact that Lowland Scots and even some Highlanders massively colluded in it. No mention of what British troops did as whole to Ireland. There are rightly memorials to such things everywhere, but they come attached with bitter and outdated symbolism.

    Despite the fact that very few people go to church there any more, the CoS ideology is against anything deemed as outside the community or normal sexual intimacy.

    1. The simple fact is that London has had openly LGBT people since the 18th century. Somewhere the size of Belgium with a very low population density hundreds of miles to the north, definitely did not.

      One issue is related to slavishly rehashing the past and connecting it with people who have absolutely nothing to do with whatever transpired in your locality. The other issue is related to a conscious decision made long ago that ‘that sort of thing doesn’t go on around here’, in relation to the existence of homosexuals.

      The cycle has to be broken.

    2. Fair points and you can never conquer a country without a good deal of assistance from within.
      Let’s face it a lot of English still blame the French for 1066; conveniently forgetting that an awful lot of English did very nicely out of it thank you very much :)

  15. gaykingdom 25 Jan 2013, 6:43am

    I don’t pretend to know Scottish/British law, but do they not have restraining/no contact orders?

  16. Kevin Crowe 25 Jan 2013, 9:33am

    I am gay, live in Durness with my civil partner, run a bookshop and restaurant in Durness, and three years ago was elected as Chair of Durness Community Council. Durness is one of the most welcoming places we have come across. There are other gay people who live here happily. The problems the owners of the Cocoa Mountain have faced is not due to them being gay, but due to their often unpleasant behaviour.

  17. Chocolate-tunnel 25 Jan 2013, 10:35am

    I guess folk don’t want HIV infected choccies!

    1. Edward McPherson 25 Jan 2013, 7:08pm

      Nice to know you think chocolate is made from Human blood… I’ll make sure to stay away from your pantry – might just find some salted skin in a jar or a half-chewed body in the freezer and you waiting with a plastic bag to turn my into the second course.

      1. Edward McPherson 25 Jan 2013, 7:09pm

        That should be “turn me” not “turn my”.

  18. Rudehamster 25 Jan 2013, 11:34am

    I have every sympathy with the couple.
    For 16yrs I lived in a flat in Bow, London, E3. Three years ago a late-middle-aged couple moved in above me. They brought all of their family and at any one time 8-10 people lived in a one-bedroom flat above my head. The noise was sheer hell, but when I complained I was subjected to 3yrs of homophobia, death threats, knife threats, noise abuse, physical assault and damage to my property. The family (an extended ‘East End Family’) backed each other up and denied all. As did everyone else, as they were scared of them.
    The landlords (Old Ford Housing) refused to accept there had been any homophobia ‘because the family denied it’ – and the police refused to arrest them for the same reason.

    After another serious assault, I had to move out from my home and move borough to get away, but the family still try to find me, because I’m a ‘filthy queer’. The Tower Hamlets police have continued to do nothing & have refused to register it as a Hate Crime.

  19. Rudehamster 25 Jan 2013, 11:39am

    I’ve now moved home, but it’s not been a pleasant process. Even on the moving day, they hovered around and one of them had a go with a knife and fists.
    The Met police have been totally useless and even Victim Support are fed up shouting for things to be done with the case.
    When homophobic neighbours take a dislike to you, they usually win. Especially when it’s a small community, everyone is related and/or scared of the consequences of breaking the ranks of the abusers.

    1. Li Thotomist 26 Jan 2013, 11:08am

      Rudehamster, my heart goes out to you, and all I can say is, it will get better. I had vile homophobic drunken abusive upstairs neighbours at a flat I lived in years ago, they even encouraged their dog to stand on their balcony and piss, so it ran down my kitchen window…. and yes, in the end, I moved. Your victory is in not sinking to their level, and in making a positive choice for your own safety and happiness in moving. That’s something to be proud of, there are times when your best interest is to look after yourself, not continue a pointless struggle. Every happiness in your new home.

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