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US: 70,000 strong petition urges top donor to stop funding Boy Scouts for anti-gay policy

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  1. Much is being made of this appalling stance by the Boy Scouts of America… and deservedly so!

    The sponsors denouncing the policy and the petitions don’t seem to have made any impact to date.

    If any change is to be made perhaps it needs to be made by the people who count “The scouts” If as a voice of unity they stayed away! you can’t have BSoA without Scouts. Perhaps the voice that will have the most impact will be the voice within… the scouts themselves!

  2. Funny how often in history principles and beliefs go right out the window when income is threatened. I hope this campaign eventually hits the BSoA where it hurts; in the pocket.

  3. All this withdrawal of support because the BSA wouldn’t give an Eagle badge to a gay scout, despite him meeting all the requirements to get the badge in the first place.

    How the BSA must love its stance now! ROLL IN IT, you silly backward thinking neanderthals!

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