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Tory MP calls for Equality Act changes to prevent repeat of Facebook anti-equal marriage dismissal

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Reader comments

  1. Robert (Kettering) 23 Jan 2013, 11:42am

    Just another bigotted homophobe taking his orders directly from Rome. I despair at the sheer number of homophobic MPs!

  2. Sean Johansen 23 Jan 2013, 11:44am

    So you want to enshrine homophobia in the Equality Act. Sounds about right for a Tory bigot.

  3. Sigh!! ANOTHER Tory with no understanding of what EQUALITY means!!!!

  4. Another hysterical christofascist moron – not news. Demanding the legal enshrining of bigotry? Now that is genuinely disgusting. Nothing but contempt.

  5. Robert (Kettering) 23 Jan 2013, 12:07pm

    Off topic: Why is it that when I click on comments the page is blank?? Has been happening now for a while, is this a fault with PN?

    1. Same here when using Firefox, but Google Chrome seems to be OK.

    2. When you open the comments page, sometimes you have refresh and all comments should then appear. Make sure that you move your cursor out of the comments box though otherwise you don’t get the refresh option when you right click on your mouse.

  6. bobbleobble 23 Jan 2013, 12:16pm

    There is no need to amend the Equalities Act as the court case showed. The guy won and now it is clear to employers that differing views on marriage equality are not grounds for dismissal.

    Plus the idea of creating a new class of protected person who specifically exist in order to limit the equality of another protected class is quite frankly laughable. Just shows you don’t need to be intelligent to be an MP.

  7. Robert in S. Kensington 23 Jan 2013, 12:54pm

    He’s delusional. This is not going to happen. I wonder why Aiden O’Neill’s legal opinion hasn’t been addressed by the government? I would have thought seeking a quadruple lock would have involved legal experts familiar with ECHR regulations before Maria Miller made the announcement in Parliament. C4M/CI are using O’Neill’s opinion with abandon and nobody has yet countered it.

    Edward Leigh is a nasty catholic bigot with whom I had an equally nasty email exchange during the consultation. I also had two very nasty exchanges with two other Tory MPs, Giles Chicester and Craig Whittaker. There is no way to have a reasonable dialogue with these people. Religious bigotry is wired in their DNA.

  8. Peter & Michael 23 Jan 2013, 1:11pm

    No, marriage is for people that love each other and want equality, nothing else will do !

    1. Peter & Michael 23 Jan 2013, 1:14pm

      No. marriage is for two people… sorry

  9. How about a special clause to exempt people from laws governing racial equality on purely “conscientious” grounds? Well, of course not. It somewhat defeats the object of having laws to protect people from bigotry if you’re going to grant exemptions for bigots.

  10. Can someone please pass the dictionary to this man so that he can understand what the term ‘equality’ means for he has clearly forgotten or didn’t know in the first place!

  11. Hey … while you’re at it, why don’t you introduce legislation to make it OK for racists to refer to black people as n****** as well?!! Great to see the good-old Tories making great strides forward towards full equality.

  12. That face has been sat on. Often.

  13. Adele Magee 23 Jan 2013, 4:03pm

    Actually, i think it is time something was done to stop ANYONE being fired from jobs just for posting comments on internet sites. I know that would allow bigots a free pass, as such, but it borders on ‘thought police’ when employers are looking at what people do in their spare time outside of work and disciplining them for it.

  14. GulliverUK 23 Jan 2013, 4:06pm

    0.3% – pretty much as homophobic as you can be – he actually turned up in almost every single case to vote against equality legislation.

    I saw someone somewhere describe him as an ex-minister – yeah, in Thatcher’s government, about 25 years ago ! And then only a junior minister for a very short time (in the DTI), where he got in to trouble by lying and accusing motorcyclists as tax-dodgers using faulty stats – how can we trust him on anything ?

  15. He is no more interested in freedom than my dog. The only freedom people like this are interested in is the freedom to fire people with ease and to pay the very minimum they can get away with.

    Same old tories despite Dave’s attempt to present them as “nice”. This guy won’t care though he is in one of the safe tory seats. So he will be free to huff and puff from the trough when the tory government loses the next election.

  16. Another gormless moron of the right wing Tory Twittery. Maybe he could suggest we go down the same route as China and just ban Twitter and it’s ilk. He can’t, of course, because it’s based in the USA. What’s under that moron’s pate? Mush?

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