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Scotland: SNP local chair quits over Scottish equal marriage proposals

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Reader comments

  1. One less to worry about then.

    Also, I would not take too much notice of the statistics given by the Christian Institute either, we all know their figures are fabricated.

    Last thing I read, from a survey that was more reputable, was that most Scots are in fact in favour of equal marriage.

  2. The Christian Institute’s figures are skewed, including petitions and the like, whereas the Scottish Government’s focussed on the qualitative responses – that’s the point of a consultation as opposed to a referendum, surely?

    I don’t think Mr Walker will be missed.

    1. Equality Network 23 Jan 2013, 4:16pm

      Gregor is right. It’s a pity PN are reporting direct from the Christian Institute, who are long time campaigners against LGBT equality and proponents of misinformation in that cause.

      Actually 65% of actual consultation responses on same-sex marriage from Scottish residents were in favour of equal marriage. The 65% against figure includes 10,000 responses from English residents organised by, guess who, the Christian Institute. And it includes a 28,000 signature petition organised by the Catholic Church.

      And Andrew Walker’s resignation relates to more than one disagreement with SNP policy, including the decision to support staying in NATO after independence.

  3. Good – I’ll be glad if all hateful gits resign.

    Homophobia isn’t something that has a place in a progressive, soon to be independent nation.

    1. Scotland will not leave the United Kingdom lol. There is nothing progressive about the SNP, the entire party is a shambles – endless contradictory statements and illogical proposals. One simply has to follow the situation to know this. If the SNP ever do get their way, may the gods preserve Scotland, but support for independence is continuing to fall anyway.

      Just because they call themselves socialists doesn’t mean they are progressive.

      1. The SNP don’t call themselves socialist, they’re not that left wing – they’re social democrats.

  4. Robert in S. Kensington 23 Jan 2013, 5:06pm

    What galls me is that nobody in government supporting equal marriage has the courage to go after these nutters. Why do they allow them to get away with the lies and hateful rhetoric north and south of the border? Are they that apathetic?

    1. That There Other David 23 Jan 2013, 6:24pm

      I think we’ve now reached the point where the average man and woman on the street sees these anti-gay protestations for what they are. The momentum in our favour is such that all the public see it as is whinging from the Vatican or similar.

      I’m certain that this will pass in both Scotland and at Westminster, but it may take longer than we would hope for. There will be interruptions, even MPs deliberately timewasting to try and prevent time for a vote, but enough MPs, MSPs and Lords are in favour for the proposals to turn into a Bill and be passed. The anti-gay side are only going to delay this coming, they can’t now stop it.

  5. Jock S. Trap 23 Jan 2013, 5:17pm

    Another good riddance to those who deliberately change facts to suit their discrimination.

  6. I love my party but i am opposed to these right wing members of the party. I can tell you from experience that the majority of members are more left wing and progressive but further north of Scotland there is a large number of Right winged SNP members on social issues. I think the party needs new leadership to iron out problems.

  7. Kevin Donnelly 23 Jan 2013, 7:25pm

    Having never heard of Andrew Walker – I assumed he was an influencial “mover and shaker” in the world of Scottish politics until Google put me straight.

    Given the photo caption I was also keen to know if he doubled as Scotland’s First Minister, Alex Salmond.

    But alas, Mr Walker was no more than an SNP local branch officer who scraped in fourth in the last local council elections.

    But this doesn’t put JP McCormick off as he strains to convince that the SNP is rife with anti-Gay sentiment.

    Why else make mention of so many (well one other) resignations from the anonymous ranks of the SNP,

    So what?

    Well, it’s telling, that McCormick and PinkNews choose not to highlight that it is the SNP Government which was first in the whole of the UK, to introduce legislation to allow same-sex marriage.

    A simple but hugely significant fact that might come as a shock to readers of PinkNews.

    Why such skewed anti-SNP attack?
    Over to you, JP & PinkNews.

    1. That There Other David 23 Jan 2013, 7:50pm

      Kevin, as a regular reader of this site I can tell you Pink News is currently busy highlighting many occurrences of politicians breaking ranks with their party leaders over marriage equality. This is not an anti-SNP article any more than other highlighted events being reported are anti-Tory, anti-Labour, etc. These articles are about individuals and the warped reasoning they try and hide their prejudices behind, despite all evidence to the contrary being presented to them even by their political allies.

      As for the readership, we are fully aware (thanks again in part to Pink News) that the SNP has been leading from the front on ensuring that Scottish same-sex couples achieve equal access to marriage. We are in no doubt where the majority of the SNP’s members stand on the issue, nor the honourable motivations behind their backing of the changes to Scottish law.

      In short, please credit us with sufficient intelligence to know who the villain of the piece actually is.

      1. Kevin Donnelly 27 Jan 2013, 7:45pm

        My point was the completely negative anti-SNP slant of the piece.

        Why else a blazing headline about an SNP member who holds no public office whatsoever.

        In some media and political circles it’s their stock in trade to attack the SNP on every occasion, on every subject – irrespective of the hypocrisy or self-evident stupidity of the attack.

        Where in this piece is the recognition that the SNP has been “leading from the front” on equal marriage?
        Where is Pink News’ positive support for what the SNP Government has achieved in the face of the conflicting interests that impact on all political parties?

        On that, JP McCormick and Pink News is utterly silent, prefering instead to blazen a headline about some obscure local Party volunteer from the Western Isles.

        To many readers, the deliberate choice by Pink News to run an anti-SNP attack, not only exposes its London-centric bias, but also its anti-SNP stance.

        1. I honestly don’t believe Pink News are anti-SNP. They have run very similar stories about UKIP, for example, in recent weeks – stories about Councillors who are homophobic. So Pink News certainly isn’t singling the SNP out.

          Pink News has reported the SNP government’s same sex marriage legislation every step of the way, so it’s unfair of you to suggest they deliberatly aren’t mentioning it in this story.

          1. Sorry, the story about the Councillor was a Green councillor in Brighton who went against party lines and wouldn’t support equal marriage a few months back – not UKIP as I said in my last comment.

            As for UKIP, Pink News have run several stories in recent weeks about people who hold positions in the party but not elected office, who are homophobic.

            So Pink News has written similar stories about other parties not just the SNP.

    2. Many of us regard the SNP as a breath of fresh air, we are certainly not anti SNP.

      1. Folks like that guy who resigned are doing the party a favor. There allowing us to push our progressive message on marriage equality which has protections provided without their resistance.

        There allowing us to show what kind of party we really are a Centre-Left party with progressive values.

  8. Good. Clear the deadwood out.

  9. Keith Francis Farrell 23 Jan 2013, 8:44pm

    I hope that he does not have a seat in the goverment any more.
    I somehow think he got the figgures mixed up, it was the majority in favor of equal marriage not against it. I do wish these stupid people would stop trying to force the issue and accept that we are people and as such have to enjoy the same rights as they do.
    The problems of being in a civil partnership and having to suffer all the discrimanation that we have to. aong with my health roblems have proved too much for my relationship. Sonow I m angry and that is not a nice thing for me to be. I am angry that we have to fight so hard just to enjoy the same equal rights, and thatwe have to fight biggts like this all the time, surly it would be easier just to remove them from poltics altogether. send them to places like Nigeria where they can practice their hate, and leave this country for people that are civil nd equal in all resects

    1. Keith Francis Farrell 23 Jan 2013, 8:51pm

      sorry for all the spelling mistakes, dyslexic and have keyboard that drops letters

    2. Just to be clear – the man has never been in Government, at any level.

      1. But Roseanna Cunningham IS in government. She was given a job in government after her attempt to make it illegal for gay people to adopt in 2006, when she tabled an amendment to a Bill in the Scottish Parliament. Thankfully it was defeated, but who can forget her offensive and bizarre speech at the time – “goes against 1000 years of nature’s design.”

        She is also the minister responsible for marriage law yet has refused to handle the equal marriage legislation. Justice Directorate staff are still dealing with it while the Health Secretary merely fronts it.

        What does it say to LGBT Scots that someone like this is considered fit for ministerial office?

    3. I completely agree with you Civil Parnerships are intensification they reinforce the message that separate but equal is ok. Only full marriage equality, adoption rights, discrimination protections and positive public opion can ensure full equality for all couples. :D

  10. Equal marriage and the SNP are a funny combination, a fact which I think should be remembered.

    Compared to the long-term pro stance of Labour, the very pro stance of the Lib Dems, and the at times virulent opposition of the Tories………its not really been on the SNP’s radar.

    Having worked for them and voted for them I can say that they are a broad and inclusive church in every sense, it is like a big friendly family with capitalists/socialists, squaddies/pacifists, atheists/religious etc etc.

    Unfortunately that does lead to there being a much higher chance of the odd bigot holding big or small office for them somewhere across the country.

    Alex and Nicola have done a stunning job of slowly guiding this through a quagmire of obstacles. They have much more to lose than Cameron and Clegg.

    1. Nicola especially, she deserves an award, for her work. Was shocked that she did not win the equality award in 2012.

      Nicola was always my favourate politician but even more after she stood up for marriage equality time and time again.

  11. Good riddance! The SNP have taken a great step forward for gay equality by deciding to legislate for marriage equality, even if the minister who should be responsible for it is refusing to have anything to do it. It’s clear that the majority of SNP members are not homophobic – I just wish some of them would speak out publicy about Souter’s millions!

  12. Is there a way to shift profile pics and adverts fom covering the text?

  13. This issue is certainly bringing the bigots out of the closet isn’t it? And why is The Christian Institute a ‘charity’. It seems to exist purely to verbally abuse gay people. So why does it have ‘charitable’ status when its income goes to pay its officers?

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