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Facebook apologises for deleting an ‘offensive’ photo of a mixed-race gay couple’s wedding

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Reader comments

  1. Very disappointing, actually rather outrageous. Facebook needs to review the way it implements its policies pretty damn’ smartly.

    1. That’s OK, They can come right on over to The Happily Mixed Up Community! We Love Everyone.
      Harassing hateful posts are not tolerated and the culprits get banned immediately.
      Mr Lipp and his 300,000 followers will be welcomed within our
      Peace, Love and Forever HappilyMixedUp!

  2. That There Other David 23 Jan 2013, 2:21pm

    Still don’t have a Facebook account, still don’t plan to ever have one. It’s a commercial enterprise, harvesting personal information you freely give them, in order to sell on to marketing agencies who then target you with advertising. Why would anyone want to join that? For drunken pictures of your friends?

    1. Actually, used in moderation it can be an excellent tool for keeping in touch with friends all over the world and seeing what they’re up to. Not to mention the occasional spirited discussion.

      1. I don’t and won’t have an account either although I appreciate that it is popular and can have benefits if used carefully I remain concerned by its pervasiveness and power. It also seems like sham participation but that might be a result of my lack of experience of it.

      2. So can a phone, email, (god forbid) letters.. and not to mention dozens of other social networking sites.

        Oh, and none of them have a thinly-veiled right-wing agenda.

  3. Christopher Kay 23 Jan 2013, 2:22pm

    DISGUSTING!! Considering pages like this still exist:

    1. This is exactly the type of hateful Page promoting bigotry that Facebook should be concerned with. However in the view of free speech it is important for it to be left to air its bigotry so that those who wish can avoid its disgusting message.Really expressing the right of Hetrosexuals the right to discriminate against others based on their twisted view of the world and Homosexuality.

    2. Wow, that Hetero page is pretty full-on insulting. Free speech is all very well but would Facebook allow a similar white supremacist page? I think not. This page is trying and succeeding to be offensive. Showing pictures of Gays being run over by a steam roller must be breaking some rule.

  4. Talk about freedom of speeech and expression. Who does Facebook think it is .What its censorship department is lead by more homophobic right wing Christians willing to trample the rights of others in the name of moral fortitude.Give me a break.Soon Facebook will be facing more than just requests for apologies.And it will be scrambling for users if this kind of discrimination continues.

  5. I note most of the homophobic comments on the site were religiously motivated, quoting the bible. People should really ask themselves, “Why I am so uncomfortable with the idea of homosexuality? Is it because I have my own same-sex ‘issues’?” Persoanlly, I’ve always found people who are comfortable with their own sexuality couldn’t give a monkeys’ about what other people do in their bedroom. It’s WEIRD why some people get so worked up about it …..

    1. Chances are that the Bible passages being quoted were from Leveticus. Thing is, if we followed everything in Leveticus, then we would all be in prison.

  6. As others have already said, Facebook are far too quick to comment and block gay related pages than they are others. This kind of thing is happening much more frequently on the site and yet anti-gay pages are left to fester and continue to build their fan base. It is these pages that Facebook need to concentrate on.

    I was threatened by them once telling me I had an obscene picture, when I tried to ask them to which picture they were referring to, I had no response. Fact is, I had and still don’t have any obscene or rude pictures on my page. You just cannot contact them for anything, which in itself is a bad thing.

  7. Ridiculous. The two men are not even holding hands. At a glance they could be guests at a wedding reception. How could it offend anyone who wasn’t looking to be offended.

  8. The only thing that is offensive about facebook is facebook itself. Imagine anyone buying their shares?

  9. Clyde day jr. 23 Jan 2013, 5:57pm

    Facebook is a bunch of blithering idiots who let their personal feelings get involved. if they would take 10sec to look at a pic they could see it was wrongfully subbmitted. I know they dealing with a billion people and pages(most fake), but their has to be some commin sence to it. I have seen 0 common sence used when they delete stuff. They should at leased give someone a chance to explain themselves before they delete or ban them.

  10. The worst thing about Facebook is it’s soooooooooo booooooorrrrrring. The best thing about Face book is that I dumped it.

  11. Facebook should immediately disable the “report” feature for people who abuse it.

  12. julian andres 23 Jan 2013, 8:48pm

    esto es inconcevible facebook no puede permitir tal cosa nadie debe estar por encima de los derechos de nadie, debemos respetarnos como seres humanos, we have fight for the right laws in our own world

  13. Keith Francis Farrell 23 Jan 2013, 9:00pm

    There have been many complaints agains facebook for this type of nonsence in the past too, and we have to fight so hard to get them to remove homophobic pages and people fom facbook, why dont they just look at the picture and comments then remove and block all the homophobes from facebook.

  14. Common sense 23 Jan 2013, 10:50pm

    I was banned from Facebook a few years back. I had politely nagged in a debate about terrorism where a load of Americans were basically saying that all terrorists are Muslim and Islam was a terrorist religion. I simply pointed out that the IRA was a nominally CHristian terrorist group that received most of its funds over a 50year period from the Catholic Churches of America through NORAID.

    Despite this being out there in the public record, my post was reported as “abuse” by so many people that I was suspended from the site for 48 hours.

    It was stupid really but in the end facebook’s exclusion criteria is based on the report clicker anti and not the comment or picture itself.

  15. It’s the groom and his best man , everyone knows marriage is the union of one man and one woman !

    1. go away stupid little man.

    2. Ray is obviously a troll – he knows the response he’ll get. He needs to get a life. Very sad man.

    3. Dave North 24 Jan 2013, 3:57pm

      “everyone knows marriage is the union of one man and one woman ! ”

      Only in a small blinkered mind incapable of rational thought.

  16. It’s a lovely picture. They both look very happy.

    If Facebook continue to blindly act on the word of trolls then it will receive one hell of a backlash.

  17. Sounds like Facebook needs to clean it’s house of homophobes.

  18. This is utterly pathetic. They’ll happily delete a photo of 2 people, yet they’ll leave up pages saying “Kill the faggot” in Croatian.

    If you google “Facebook Ubi Pedera” (or Peder) you get many results.

    I’ve reported the pages on many occasions, and Facebook doesn’t bother to translate the phrases (or note the pictures of corpses) and states that they “cannot find anything that breaches their guidelines.”

    So… Photos of dead gays? Perfectly Acceptable. Writing “Kill the faggot?” Fine by Facebook. A photo of 2 people who love each other getting married? Evil! Delete it!

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