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Australia: Lord Mayor apologises for telling LGBT charity not to display ‘offensive’ banner

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Reader comments

  1. Anyone offended clearly has a problem that they need to get treated. There’s nothing wrong with the banner.

    It’s probably one of those people who thinks it’s there to turn everyone gay.

  2. I’m pleased that the Lord Mayor stepped in personally to correct the error his staff made. Perhaps in the future ALL groups should have their signage preapproved. That would eliminate any bone-headed decisions being made by city staff during the event.

    1. No error on behalf of staff- the mayor was personally offended by it and wanted it gone. Presumably a homophobe…

    2. They should have their signage pre-approved? To what other depths of censorship do you wish to sink?

  3. I’m glad the Lord Mayor apologised but Really – what a moron. Giving in to bigots in his position? He has avoided being fired by backing down but he doesn’t deserve to be in a position of influence or authority.

  4. Glad the Mayor has apologised, but what gobbledygook on the banner – supporting “the same-sex attracted” – what a ridiculous and silly sounding term. Are we no longer LGB but SSA now?!

    1. The “same sex attracted” bit is probably for the internalised homophobes who – like Tom’s TV presenter on “Gimmee, Gimmee, Gimmee” isn’t gay but “just has sex with men”.

  5. The city council’s response to the “complaints” was really disappointing, considering the totally innocuous nature of the sign. Don’t any of them have the cojones to tell those complaining to grow up and get over themselves?

  6. Oh! The power of ‘conditioning’ – especially that of a religious nature. Anyone whose ‘offended’ by the idea of homosexuality should really ask themselves .. “Why am I offended?” Once you get over that which you’ve been taught to believe (that being gay is somehow wrong), you’ll be amazed how much better you feel .. especially if your homophobia is driven by inner-concerns about your OWN sexiality. Know what I mean…?

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