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Video: Trans community speak of their hurt at Julie Burchill’s Observer article

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Reader comments

  1. carol uren 22 Jan 2013, 3:24pm

    Strangely enough, this witch-hunt by Moore, Burchill and Bindel might have had the opposite effect to what they had hoped to achieve and most clear thinking and rational people (both cis and trans) were deeply offended by their words and the fact that they were abusing their position as journalists to spout such hatred of a protected group.
    Since the article was published, there have been many more by feminists and other journalists speaking out on our behalf – clear4ly very compassionate and understanding of the pain and anguish we undergo just to be true to ourselves.
    Maybe, just maybe this will be a watershed moment in our struggle for acceptance of ourselves in and by society – in which case Bindel , Moore and Burchill will have shot themselves in the foot and maybe become our most unlikely saviours. Now wouldn’t that be bitter-sweet.

  2. Brilliant response. Bravo!

  3. Redfern Jon Barrett 22 Jan 2013, 3:39pm

    As gay men, queer men, bi and pan men, lesbians, queer women, straight women, bi and pan women – and anyone in between: we need to stand up for our trans siblings, who experience difficulties and abuse that most of us can barely imagine.

    Our community has always been strongest when it’s united, and we have a wonderful tradition of solidarity.

  4. janet wall 22 Jan 2013, 5:23pm

    This article was clearly written to bait and taunt Trans people, and rather than just bitch back through forums and twitter, we took action and reported it 800 time to the PCC. It is now been taken off line and being investigated by the PCC.
    I know the editor has apologised, BUT, where is Julie Burchills’ apology and full retraction? I’ve not seen one..
    But on a positive note, we have too many supporters now, that see us as relevant human beings and members of society, that bigoted rants like that, just won’t win any supporters anymore

  5. ...Paddyswurds 22 Jan 2013, 6:49pm

    Oh for phuck sake, give it a rest already. This is last years news if in fact it ever was news. Don’t y’all have something more important to whine about…. Moore, Burchill and indel are respected journalists of long standing as are the organs theuy work for and are well up on deciding what to write about. As i’ve said before the trannie crowd are never ever happy and this is just one more non event to whine about. There are people starving to death in the world …gripe about that if you must complain but give up this red herring….

    1. ...Paddyswurds 22 Jan 2013, 6:50pm


      1. Replace “trannie” (sic) with the minority group of your choice in this posting (perhaps “gay” or “lesbian”). Is it still acceptable?

        “As i’ve said before the gay crowd are never ever happy and this is just one more non event to whine about. There are people starving to death in the world …gripe about that if you must complain but give up this red herring….”

        1. ...Paddyswurds 22 Jan 2013, 10:22pm

          I would if that were true but you and I both know that this is not the case. The trannie crowd seem to pick the most obscure subjects on which to hang their The three journalists in question have long and distinguished careers and to be attacked by a group who make a virtue of whinging must be galling especially as most or all of those whining would like to be considered “women” get over your selves and while you have a idle moment set yourselves up your own group and stop piggy backing on the coattails of the GLB community. After all y’all claim to be “straight” so the GLB community wouldn’t seem to be natural bed fellows. Frankly you are a unnecessary negative on our community which we could well do without…..

          1. What makes you think I”m a transsexual person? I’m a lesbian who sees the need to challenge the bigotry from which our community is clearly not immune. We’re all damaged by this divisiveness.

          2. theotherone 22 Jan 2013, 10:47pm

            ‘After all y’all claim to be “straight”’

            i don’t

          3. Paddy, Gay Liberation was not achieved until right minded, compassionate straight people joined in your fight for emancipation, so why do you hate us so much that you cannot join in fighting injustice towards us when it is perpetrated in the media

      2. And daily people are dying all over the world as a result of hate violence fuelled by the same sort of bullying transphobic fury shown by Burchill and supported by the sort of bigoted ignorant dismissal in your comment … is there a hierachy of worthy dead in your world?

        1. carol uren 23 Jan 2013, 1:06am

          I presume this was directed at Paddyswurds???

          1. janet wall 23 Jan 2013, 7:18am

            Paddyswurds, is one the the worst case of internet trolls, he is constantly spewing out hate for trans people, smug in his moral superiority he feels because of his homosexuality, because that is so accepted in society now. I find he is best ignored and maybe gets sucked up one of those backsides he professes to enjoy banging so much

      3. theotherone 22 Jan 2013, 11:01pm

        i hoped you’d gone off and done something useful with your life paddy but i see you’re still around spreading hate

        1. “Hate” – cut the hyperbole, he’s mildly critical and taking a rational stance on the issue.

          Some transgender people are indeed straight, and current thinking is that they are trans as being the opposite sex gives them a sexual kick; other trans are gay but can’t except same-sex attraction so convince themselves they are the opposite gender. See Blanchard.

          As trans is an area of murky psychology, it is understandable that gay men & women don’t wish to be formally associated with them, which is their prerogative & this should be respected without trans people shouting the odds aggressively and calling even the mildest disagreement with their self-diagnosis ‘transphobia’ or ‘hate’.

          1. ‘Mildly critical’????? So if somebody called you a faggot etc you would find it completely acceptable would you.
            Some sexual kick if you don’t have an organ to give you a kick any more lol – please think about what you are saying before typing.
            Blanchard is largely discredited by the majority of psychiatrists working in this field as he favours ‘reparative therapy’ which I am sure you will agree fails miserably as has been demonstrated by the gay community (see for more information.
            Why would you find trans issues ‘murky’?? These are the same issues that faced gay people many years ago.

          2. Janet wall 23 Jan 2013, 1:38pm

            Sexual kicks?? I’ve had no sex drive for 3 years now, I’ve absolutely no interest in sex with anyone, YET I’m the happiest I’ve ever been, because I’m now my true gender. Transsexualism transcends sex, something you testosterone fuelled guys repeatedly fail to see because you are controlled by your cocks and can’t see beyond that

          3. Contrary to propaganda, Blanchard’s views are still in current circulation and recent studies of MRI scans have served to affirm Blanchard’s taxonomy –
            I am not convinced that the trans issue is comparable to the gay one: gay people are not claiming to be something they, to all appearances and biology, they are not. Trans is more comparable to those poor souls who wish to have a limb removed because they don’t see it as part of themselves. Janet, I don’t know where on Blanchard’s taxonomy you fall, to be able to make any comment on your lack of sex drive.
            I will admit that paddywurds is probably ill-advised in using “tranny” as a descriptor, but his arguments hardly amount to “hate speech” and, if truth be told, I have heard transgender people describe virtually all disagreement with themselves as “hate speech” – in effect, closing down debate.

          4. carol uren 23 Jan 2013, 4:00pm

            Thank you for that reference Joe – what it does is support the idea that the brain structures of homosexual (sic) transsexuals do match the brain structures of heterosexual females (although most psychiatrists acknowledge that who are attracted towards men are heterosexual male to female transsexuals).
            However it goes on to say:-
            “Also meriting emphasis is that—although these data disconfirm that the heterosexual type has a feminized brain pattern—the data nonetheless confirm that heterosexual transsexuals have a brain structure distinct from that of typical (nontranssexual) persons. Their gender identity is not a transient or ephemeral characteristic, but a likely innate and immutable characteristic, emerging from their particular brain structure.”
            So, did these researchers compare the brain structure of this group to the brain structure of lesbians I wonder.

          5. carol uren 23 Jan 2013, 4:07pm

            Sorry, part of that should have read:-
            (although most psychiatrists acknowledge that male to female transsexuals who are attracted towards men are heterosexual)

          6. Hello again Paddy.

          7. carol uren 24 Jan 2013, 1:01am

            It’s no use Sarah, when they post a scientific paper which they say supports their argument – which after careful reading and analysis turns out to support our argument – all they can do is give the post the thumbs down – shows just how rational they are really, forever stuck in their own bigotry so nothing that we can say wlll ever change their minds. I feel sorry for them in a way that they do not have the capacity to open up their minds.

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