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Russia: Initial hearing of anti-gay bill postponed a second time

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  1. bobbleobble 22 Jan 2013, 2:06pm

    And it’ll be as unworkable as Section 28 was in this country. And I have no doubt that as soon as the first person is prosecuted this will go all the way to Strasbourg where it will be declared incompatible with the Convention.

    1. It could be a possible model for Islamic legislation in the future after the sharists have driven their countries into the ground ! A liberal that is to say generous Islam allows gay behaviour but the this window of freedom will always smaller than it is in Westrern countries and would anyway apply only to those males and females who are EXCUSIVELY gay and cannot be otherwise . But as a sop to homophobia of the majority of religious people some sort of unworkable and frankly theatrical “ban” on gay proproganda might actually work wonders for the gay people and help to ease their situation ! But I think I’m thinking 2à years ahead !

  2. To be even thinking about such legislation shows how backward Russia remains.

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