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Pro-gay pastor delivers Obama benediction and says gay people created in God’s image

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Reader comments

  1. Religious shouldn’t have any place in politics.

    However, obviously and unfortunately it does.

    That being said; a frothing-at-the-mouth born-again Jesus-saves God-hates-gays nutjob, or this guy… this guy wins every time.

    Religion is crazy. But thankyou Luis Leon for being the nice kind of crazy

  2. Ross & Philip 22 Jan 2013, 1:54pm

    There are MANY pro-gay priests, pastors, bishops and holy men out there. The tide is beginning to turn, but has thousands of years of history to change. Look how long it took for secular society to BEGIN to wise-up to accepting us. And that process is STILL not over when a prog-gay priest fronting up Barack’s inauguration becomes newsworthy. Surprised there wasn’t more discussion of Beyonce. Don’t knock the Holy Resistance Movement, they are doing their best!

  3. Lots of mumbo jumbo but with a good message underneath. Good for him! Religious people are more likely to be brought around to supporting equality by listening to other religious people than by listening to us.

  4. Man created god in his image… and Barbie dolls, snowwhite and the seven dawarfs, allah, ghost, Friday the 13….

  5. Unfortunately, no Transgender mention or representation. Pretty much summarizes Obama’s contribution to Trans Rights during his first 4 years in office.

    1. Nor Intersex….
      But then, if a baby is born visibly unmistakenly intersex, society still prefers to use the scalpel to mutilate the child into which ever of the ‘binary gender’ label is the most convenient……

  6. Is it just me reading in the first part of his sernon that we are nothing more than children who clearly do not know how to go on the toilet without mummy (god) helping………

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