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Malaysia: Ex-PM wins defamation lawsuit against paper which alleged he was pro-LGBT

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Reader comments

  1. Mr Anwar was arrested in 2008 after a male aide accused him of sexual assault. The case was dropped in January 2012 after new DNA evidence emerged.

    Don’t tell me.

    The stain on his frock didn’t match the DNA of the accuser.

  2. That There Other David 22 Jan 2013, 8:13pm

    So even being a supporter of LGBT rights is such a slur there that people sue over it? How messed up is Malaysia?

  3. Sad that someone has to defend themselves against being accused of being pro-equality.

    It’s also depressing to read the same old stuff trotted out about protecting families and marriage etc. LGBT people have families too, and if someone’s marriage needs ‘protecting’ from the mere existence of LGBT people then their marriage obviously isn’t very strong, is it?

  4. Yes, now the world understand what sort of crap happen in this corrupted country headed by undoubtedly religious fanatics who refused to leave the stone age!

    1. I don’t think there are that many religious fanatics in government but, sadly, Malaysia seems to be like the US in that – despite the relative affluence of the nation – no-one seems prepared to stand up against the influence of the religious leaders and their toxic ‘morality’.

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