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Anti-gay evangelist Scott Lively: ‘Gays will crush religion and persecute Christians’

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Reader comments

  1. The “help help I’m a victim” card, played by a representative of a religion that has persecuted people since the moment of its inception would be hilarious if not so utterly damned pathetic.

    1. I’m Christian and Gay and this GOON does NOT speak for anyone but himself and his agenda–and I’m going to find him and tell him so.

      1. Please do.

        Otherwise, well… you know..guilt by association, right.

    2. Don’t worry, Christians themselves will destroy Christianity, they don’t need help.

      1. Paul Clevett 22 Jan 2013, 8:14pm

        I’m with Chris H as a gay Christian.

        I have to say I don’t know why the gay press keeps promoting people who are so obviously Bonkers.

        1. Money, presumably….

        2. Because you know they’re bonkers, I know they’re bonkers, but for some unknown reason, Christianity still has a place in deciding the legal policy of the UK.

          I appreciate that you’re a Christian and I would expect you to live your life by Christian values, however, there is no reason why others would need to do so.

          That is why I object to our head of state also being the head of the established Church of England, and why I object even more to religion being given any credence in deciding how the rest of us, the vast majority who do not go to church, and are either atheist, non-christian, agnostic, or christian in name only, from being influenced by your beliefs.

          While ANY religion has such an impact on the legal system of the UK, it’s very relevant.

        3. Because people like Lively don’t operate in a vacuum.

        4. Then evolved – GOD is a figment of generations of conditioning – and a pathetic excuse to ignore evolution –
          Gay and religious – a complete nonsense.

  2. ‘Gays will crush religion…’

    well, that makes a change from being blamed for the Sandy Nook shootings….

    Shut up you silly buffoon.

  3. Liam the God 22 Jan 2013, 6:24pm

    Someone should tell him there is no “god”.

    1. Darren Theoret 23 Jan 2013, 12:47pm

      Liam the what then?

    2. Liam no true there is a GOd and He sent His Son so that you can be with your Loved One and make Heaven!

  4. Crush religion and persecute Christians? Fingers crossed.

  5. Scott Lively and his ilk are afraid that the jackboots they have used to crush other people’s throats and lives for 1600 years may be put on their opponents feet. It’s time they suffered and not for 1600 years, but for infinity for their wretched stupidity and foul inhumanity.

  6. I can totally see christians, and other religious freaks, being beaten and shot just for being who they are…

  7. I’m intrigued. When did ‘gays’ repeal the Magna Carta? The first amendment rights were first compromised during McCarthayism, and formally abandoned under the Patriot Act nearly a decade ago. No doubt the attempts to clean up the second amendment, controlling who can have what sort of weapon, is an attack on the religious freedom to shoot queers. This guy is a paranoid sociopath, not a joke, so be afraid. People laughed at Hitler, and look what he managed to do.

    1. I think he’s arguing more along the lines of the king was pressured into signing the magna carta and gays are kind of pressuring people into accepting these ‘world-destroying’ gay rights.

  8. Where is this so-called evangelist? NEVER HEARD OF HIM.

    1. This is the American evangelist who went to Uganda a few years ago and set off a so-called atom bomb of anti-homosexual rhetoric, eventually leading to the formulation of the kill-the-gays bill and the death of David Kato.

      A deluded sociopath.

  9. bobbleobble 22 Jan 2013, 6:46pm

    It’s always us and them with these people. He does realise that gay people can be Christians too right? And that Christians can support gay rights? Plus what exactly do gay rights have to do with the first amendment and when did the Magna Carta get repealed? Since it’s an English Law when did it ever apply in America anyway?

    What I find troubling is that he talks of gay rights and human rights as if the two aren’t the same thing. Since gay people are human too gay rights = human rights you clown!

    Oh and human rights have nothing to do with religion, you don’t have to look very far back in history to find that the hierarchies of religions are only interested in looking after their own, they couldn’t give a damn about the rest of the human race.

    And sodomy is not exclusive to gay people idiot.

    1. ...Paddyswurds 22 Jan 2013, 9:48pm

      More breeders; around 80% of the worlds population use sodomy as a means of contraception especially in the very poor xtian countries. These people have been indoctrinated that condoms are a sin, especially by the ex naz1 Joe Ratzinger. I would hazard a guess that this particular pig Lively has indulged in it… Oh the irony!

    2. Right on… When did the biblical world view ever teach human rights ?

      According to religious institutions, only the deity has rights… divine rights… And who are we to disagree ?

      I call it tyranny, theocracy, and patriarchy. Enemies of Democracy.

  10. The Magna “Charta”? Doesn’t he mean the Magna Carta…?

    1. I was thinking the same thing Andy..Magna ‘CHARTA’?..I always knew it as Magna CARTA.

  11. Of course gays have a long, long history of persecution.

    It’s those well-known gay pioneers who went to Australia and buggered all the Aborigines with red-hot pokers because they were perceived as the Devil’s own, or was it the Gay Conquistadors who systematically betrayed and tortured the ancient Aztec and Mayan civilisation as well as infecting them with their evil gay viruses: smallpox and influenza. No surely it was the Gay Crusaders who went cruising in the Middle East in he Middle Ages.

    And his total ignorance of what the Magna Carta was or stood for is risible. But as MishMich pointed out, folk with stranger beliefs have risen to power, so as pathetic as he seems, remember that for 8 long years before Obama, the US was governed by a man who believed in Intelligent Design!

    1. Lynda Yilmaz 22 Jan 2013, 8:58pm

      Don’t forget the gay slave traders and the way they treated tens of thousands of Africans as sub human and laid the foundations for a couple of hundred years of misery for black people.

  12. Dear Mr Lively
    You’re really not that important … I have much more important things to do than take you into consideration – about anything!!!!

  13. Robert (Kettering) 22 Jan 2013, 7:31pm

    Doubtless this Looney Tune can be found cruising a laybye near you most evenings. Just the type if you ask me.

  14. David Harley 22 Jan 2013, 7:35pm

    The weird use of Magna Carta appears to completely misunderstand it. He is, of course, only referring to the first clause, and he appears to have no idea that the worship of this document is now confined to the United States. Elsewhere, it is understood as part of a power struggle, intended to hogtie the King and provoke him into war, which was why the Pope annulled it. Nevertheless, war there was.

    What were the liberties of the Church that John had forced out of him?

    In its broader clauses, Magna Carta was based almost exactly on the liberties granted by Henry I in his Charter of Liberties. The relevant section of the first clause translates thus:–

    “I, through fear of God and the love which I have toward you all, in the first place make the Holy Church of God free, so that I will neither sell nor put ot farm, nor on the death of archbishop or bishop or abbot will I take anything from the church’s demesne or from its men until the successor shall enter it.”

    1. Ah… The voice of reason… Thanks, buddy

  15. Robert in S. Kensington 22 Jan 2013, 7:41pm

    I think the Home Office should issue an official ban on this cretin ever entering the UK. Totally undesirable and not compatible with British life or values. We should all contact Theresa May and fill her in on Lively’s directd involvement in the Ugandan “Kill the Gays” legislation. The man is promoting genocide.

  16. That There Other David 22 Jan 2013, 7:51pm

    More likely that everyone will just ignore religion and Christians.

    Which is what they really fear. Persecution would allow them to play the martyr again.

  17. What the f**k is the ‘Magna Charta’?

  18. Mr. Lively is a master of double speak and the big lie.

    He has conflated Nazi ideology with homosexuality even though gays were also sent to concentration camps.

    Although he will never admit it, his true view of religious liberty is the medieval one, he believes that he should be allowed to burn gays at the stake.

  19. What, the way you want to crush and persecute us?

  20. Magna *Charta*?

    1. This weird variant spelling has occasionally been used since the eighteenth century, particularly by the US federalists who drew up the prototype to that country’s constitution document. Some people in America still accept it as a legitimate variant, but mostly it is just regarded as bastardised Latin. The original was very definitely Magna Carta, and written by diplomats with a firm grasp of the language.

      Given that nobody used the variant with the “h” in until six hundred years after it was created, using it is a telltale sign that the user has only encountered Magna Carta through the second-hand musings of later writers, rather than having looked at the document itself or the scholarship surrounding it. Which in the case of Mr. Lively is not at all surprising.

  21. “….and epitomize the biblical world view.”

    What? Slavery, stoning adulterers to death, god-sanctioned rape and murder? Just the kind of ‘human rights’ we all want. NOT.

    “the US Constitution is the only thing currently “standing as a barrier to the homosexual agenda”.”

    No, the US Constitution stands as a barrier to prevent raving religi-loons like you inflicting your bizarre hate-filled crap on decent people, I hope.

    Can’t pick on women and black people any more? So go after the ‘homosexuals’, right? What a sick specimen of humanity.

  22. Im sure its an oversight, but he forgot to add “im not homophobic because my wife’s sister’s best friend’s brother in-law’s former room mate is gay…and i know of him.”

  23. Religious liberty? In the United States, it’s perfectly okay to handle personal reptiles in the Deep South in the name of religion and mutilate small animals in the name of animal sacrifice. And according to some Canadian fundamentalist “Mormons”, they should have the ‘religious liberty’ to have multiple wives!!!

    1. Religious people in the Deep South do not handle reptiles, ie. poisonous snakes. That is not and never has been part of their religious practice. The snake handlers are a very small sect located in the mountainous region of West Virginia. BTW, I am a gay man, and I live in the South, grew up with the religion, though I have not been a practitioner since I came out some 26 years ago.

  24. If he was in this country (U.K) I would seriously be looking to get home sectioned under the Mental Health Act, he really is nuts!

  25. Brett Gibson 22 Jan 2013, 9:08pm

    Erm, no, think you’ll find matey that gay people want nothing more than to be free and to be respected as 1st class citizens. It’s people like YOU who are in the business of crushing and persecution! jackass!

  26. Christopher in Canada 22 Jan 2013, 9:21pm

    ‘Gays will crush religion and persecute Christians’

    It’s about time SOMEONE did!

  27. ...Paddyswurds 22 Jan 2013, 9:29pm

    @Chris H and Paul Clevett….
    ….surely you can see the irony in your position, which is akin to Jews joining the Naz1 party. Or indeed more simply turkeys voting to make xmas a 365 day holiday. I mean really. You clearly do not care about the vile history of the Abrahamic cults which espouse Homophobia, Misogynie, infanticide, slavery, rape, Paedophilia, murder and war to name a few of the atrocities contained within the vile pages of your self styled “holy book”..You ought to be thoroughly ashamed to call yourselves the vile name of christian or anytheist moniker….

  28. Keith Francis Farrell 22 Jan 2013, 9:32pm

    This silly little man, how can you blame equal rights for all as the downfall of your religion. we do not tell you who you can believe in all we are saying is respect us as equals, we dont want to take away your rights, we just want the same rights, to love and marry the person that we do love. we want the right to be taxed the same as you.
    Is it too much for ytou to accept that all humans are equal. do you really think your god loves your actions to get inocent people murdered or jailed for no crime?

  29. Why is it when we hear these wails of protest, the plaintive lament that we need to protect religious freedom, it’s only the freedom that manifests itself as bigotry and intolerance and hatred that gets a look in? What about the religious freedom of those people with faith and faith organisations who want to be inclusive? Churches are free not to marry anyone they wish to not marry. That will not change. What about those churches that want to marry same sex couples and are denied the opportunity to practise THEIR faith? What about their religious freedom?

  30. Kafiristani 22 Jan 2013, 10:34pm

    there is no such thing as the human right to hate other people and as for the bible being the basis for human rights it would be funny if it was not so sick + how many uneducated nego’s in afrika will latch on to this to beat homos with = this man needs locking up

  31. Attacks on Christians are a necessary line of defence. If Christians weren’t so downright mean to us few would object to them.

  32. Another religious idiot

  33. Monsters like scott lively are preaching that the “Gay Agenda” is to make pedophilia legal worldwide. He claims that Gay’s are molesting 12 year old boys to grow an army of homosexuals bent to destroy all civilized cultures. I’m writing today to ask for your support in holding monsters like scott responsible for their grotesquely false accusations. If someone began preaching that the Baptist Agenda was to protest funerals, they would be sued by every Baptist Church in this Country, except Westboro. It’s time to stand up for ourselves and our brothers and sisters throughout the world. Please sign my petition to sue scott lively for his Defamation against the Gay’s.

  34. After reading the highlighted footnotes at the end of this news item I feel this person would do better to take up with the Westboro Baptist Church.His views on homosexuals mirror theirs,I’m sure they will have much to discuss as they have much in common & who knows, perhaps we’ll see him picketing along with Rev Fred & Shirley before too long.

  35. Oh yes, because Christians are so persecuted in America! What liberty would he lose if gays had civil rights? He doesn’t tell us, nor can he, because gays have civil rights in the US, more in some states than others, but civil rights in all states. So, since gays have civil rights in the US, what rights has this lunatic lost? He doesn’t identify any because he does not dare tell us that the only right he lost is the right to tell the rest of us how to live.

    1. The right to discriminate and the right to push his view of what can and cannot be a family. I.e. He won’t be allowed to deny same-sex couples the right to adopt, to share a hotel room, to get married etc. But obviously, an essential part of “religious freedom” is the capacity to use it to discriminate against others.

  36. What b***crap! Christianity has over the centuries bullied minority religions and their followers and abused their power when they welded much more power! Christians of various denominations have tortured and murdered Wiccans, Jews, and their fellow Christians just because they were of a different denomination. Mr Lively is playing victim as more and more better informed people reject the bigoted views he holds.

  37. Frank Boulton 23 Jan 2013, 7:58am

    I think the boot’s on the other foot. It’s people like Scott Lively, who are emptying out the pews and causing people to reject religion. He’s persecuting Christians by denigrating their religion.

  38. Some people are just too wacky to live, yet too amusing to die. Please mister Lively, get a cancer. Soon.

  39. This is a real nutter

  40. Carinal Capone 23 Jan 2013, 11:15am

    It’s interesting how often the religious right in America, and particularly this man, project their own actions of persecution and intolerance onto other people.

  41. Well, for one, the concept of true human rights has not existed throughout the centuries and is still absent in many countries (ironically often those which tend to have generally poor records for gay rights.)
    However, the LGBT’s aim was never to destroy religion and persecute Christians. If someone confronts you with a weapon you can either reason with them, run away, try get rid of their weapon, or debilitate them quickly so you can run away. Some Christian groups have attacked LGBTs for centuries. We’re tired of running and they won’t listen to reason. The only thing left is to remove their weapon (religion) or debilitate them (persecute/insult).
    If you attack someone there’s only so long they can take it before they lash back. Anti-gay Christians need to understand that before they use the victim card.

  42. ‘…human rights as they have been understood through the centuries spring from and epitomize the biblical world view.’

    Very true, which is why slavery and the subjugation of women were deemed socially acceptable for a long time.
    The only Christian liberty that is being crushed for is the liberty to persecute with impunity – and rightly so.

  43. Backward bigoted retard –

    GOD is a made up entity designed to control the masses – It does’t exist you moron –

    Using this superstition to justify hatred and ignorance is pathetic – and cowardly


  44. Human rights and religious freedom are Biblical?
    Which Bible is he reading? One gets very tired of religious nuts claiming their repressive superstitious claptrap as the source of the values of the Enlightenment and secular modernity which their predecessors generally tried to strangle at birth.

    1. Well said..

  45. This idiotic MORON would have used the exact same argument and scare tactics back in the 1860’s to argue that African-American people should NOT be free — and many DID do that back then! He is nothing but a bigot who is trying to USE his religious “beliefs” to JUSTIFY his bigotry! What a horrible creep!

  46. tomchicago01 23 Jan 2013, 2:21pm

    Maybe Reverend Lively would be a little smarter to whine a little bit less about persecution. He is inviting scrutiny of his own record and the persecution of queer people that he has no qualms about practicing. And I wouldn’t own a pair of pink jackboots.

  47. douglas in canada 23 Jan 2013, 3:41pm

    Pretty pathetic to worship a god that can’t handle its own problems.

    How lame is that!

    Not really a god worth worshiping, if you ask me.

  48. What … like they’ve been doing to us for centuries? Actually, dear, I think you’ll find we’re FAR more forgiving than you supposedly ‘loving’ christians will ever be.

  49. johnny33308 24 Jan 2013, 4:07pm

    Like LGBT people invented sodomy? I believe heteros have been doing that long before LGBT people came along…hello? This freak is single-handedly responsible for the persecution and murder of LGBT people in much of Africa and Eastern Europe as well as Brasil, so he needs to pay for his MANY Crimes Against Humanity, and pay he will. This evil, vile person earns a good living off of the hatred he ‘sells’ to ignorant, unintelligent, backwards people all over the world….his elimination from this planet would be a good thing on many levels, for all of Humanity, not just LGBT people….

    1. Ah! But you see … god works in mysterious ways. The more that these weirdos rant on about gays, the more looney-tunes they look. Far from furthering their cause, they are swiftly alienating more and more ordinary members of the population. “Give ’em enough rope …” etc. Keep up the good work, says I.

  50. ...Paddyswurds 29 Jan 2013, 1:39pm

    Absophuckinloutely, Scot Lively. That is the next “gay agenda” so to speak. Surely you didn’t think the Gay community would just fade away quietly once we had won our fight. Well I for one am here to tell you No. We will firstly fight for the disestablishment of all religion. Then the next battle will be to recind the tax free status of ALL religions and to make sure they pay all their taxes as the rest of the population and organisations do, including the Queen and her minions. The n the battle to have the Cult of Rome banned from having any thing to do with children and to ban anyone of a clerical bent (pun intended) barred from coming within 50 meters of a child under 16. Religion must also withdraw from public into those buildings they have intended for the purposes of indoctrination and brainwashing of the public. All outwardly signs of religion must be concealed and no religious clothing worn in public including those designed to humiliate and demean women.

  51. Tut tut no one can CrushChristianity Scott – thought you were a Christian you should have known that one.

    He is wrongly telling them to persecute gays and lesbians in Uganda when Jesus DIDNT TELL us to do so! HE DIDNT TELL US TO GO AND KILL OR IMPRISON ANYONE FOR ANYTHING

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