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Surrogate mother of Sir Elton John’s second baby receives £20,000

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Reader comments

  1. A bit tasteless to publish this, isn’t it? I don’t see articles on how much celebs who have used IVF have spent on having a child, so why is it appropriate here?

  2. 20K? What a cheapskate

  3. That There Other David 21 Jan 2013, 3:21pm

    Murdoch rag in tasteless faux exposé. This is a huge invasion of individual privacy with no public interest angle whatsoever. And this bunch think they can be trusted to regulate themselves?


  4. so what ?

  5. Tell that to my eldest daughter, who’s birth mother smoked crack and didn’t feed her, and whose birth father abused her.

    She would tell you to do one.

  6. He could have gone through national adoption procedures if he wanted to be a father, and given that £20000 to an orphanage. Selfish celebrities.

    1. That There Other David 21 Jan 2013, 5:19pm

      I think that’s a bit harsh TBH. Would you accuse het couples undergoing IVF treatment of being selfish? They too could adopt.

      1. Probably not to their face, but I’m certainly thinking it.

    2. I think the decision to adopt is a personal one. It’s nobody’s place to blame other people for deciding not to adopt. Furthermore I seem to remember what must have been a very difficult experience for these two when a few years ago they tried and failed to adopt a boy from the Ukraine. Finally, given EJs age, I would expect they would have a hard time trying to adopt in the UK.

    3. @Bruno…How many children have you adopted?

  7. it makes me sick… accept you are gay and biologically can’t have kids with his partner, who he loves. why paying women to bear a mental ill person? wrong, wrong, wrong

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