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Olympic diver Chris Mears: I have made some good gay friends through Tom Daley

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Reader comments

  1. Rudehamster 21 Jan 2013, 7:00pm

    We’ve been very lucky with our male diving team. They’re all good looking and very pro-gay, which is a huge reminder to their fans to follow their lead.
    Chris is really lovely, but the dark horse of the team and the one with least publicity, so I’m glad he’s breaking his duck with this photoshoot and interview.
    As for Tom, well he’s everyone’s boyfriend, grandson and best friend. Even if he were to come out as gay, he wouldn’t lose any fans because he’s loved to bits the world over.
    Setting aside the homophobia within sport, which is just as rife in diving as it is in any other sport, I agree with Chris, it is difficult decision and one that despite being personal, is often led by the worry of a drop in public perception, sponsorship and finance.
    Sadly, the huge companies sponsoring US athletes are also funded by the loudmouthed Republican & Christian lobbies, who demand that vicarious ‘condoning’ of homosexuality is not part of their financial support.

  2. Is anyone reading that to mean that Tom is gay…?

    Oh, people will jump all over this!

    1. well, now we know that – self-identified as “gay” or not – he is dating a guy :0

  3. Any chance that picture can never be removed from the top of the page? I’m not opposed to that being the first thing I see whenever I access this site.

    I’d make the site my browser homepage then!

    1. Nooo! You replaced him for an ugly bigot :(

      1. This is perverted and sick

        1. No, you’re just an idiot.

  4. So, about that foursome……

  5. He met gay friends through Tom? I guees one of them is Tom himself.

    1. You guess?

      Some of my best friends are heterosexual, and I meet a lot of heterosexuals in my work! going by your analogy that would make me straight!

      Presumption and rumor are inherently destructive forms of deformation!

      1. Defamation is defined as lowering the opinion of the victim in the minds of right thinking members of society. It has long been established that right thinking people are not homophobic and therefore it is not defamation to say so … it is only defamation if there is a further attack on their character such as suggesting that their relationship with a woman is a lie …

      2. Just look at him. Gay is written all over his face. And when he opens his mouth or does any move…. He makes RuPaul look masculine!

  6. How Tom is pro-gay? He never even acknowleged his huge gay fanbase. That boy is in deep deep closet. I really don’t understand those gays who like him. They have no self-respect.

    1. Rudehamster 21 Jan 2013, 9:37pm

      You really have NO idea, do you. Tom does not acknowledge any specific group in his fanbase. That way, he’s not offending anyone. He’s a bright lad.

      1. MM you homophobic bigot

  7. He’s definitely more my type than Tom is…..*tone is sufficiently lowered*

  8. Spanner1960 22 Jan 2013, 10:59am

    “If you are a high profile athlete, your fan base is usually quite female, and I wonder if gay athletes don’t come out because they’re trying not to appeal to a smaller market.”

    You’re not selling fcking records or DVDs, you are there to do sport. What the hell difference does a fan base make?

    1. Fan base = greater chance of sponsorship deals.

  9. Wow, he is almost unbearably hot. And he seems a nice bloke. Me likes.

    1. Mmm, yes, about that 4some

  10. Dislike me, you homophobes!

  11. Enjoy your 99% hetero UK. ONS approved.

  12. Has this person just ‘outed’ Tom Daley …. ?

    1. I have to admit that whatever he meant by his comments – it did come across a little like that…. Or maybe he’s just playing into the hands of all those gay men who *want* him to be gay lol

    2. robert pirie-warsop 24 Jan 2013, 3:56pm

      why . i have straight friends doesnt make me straight ..

  13. Well, he’s just gotten me as part of his fanbase!

  14. not the most felicitous pose ever. he looks like he’s not quite comfortable with the broom stick up his ass. but he is more than nice enough to look at. god bless him for not being an ogre. could be crush material.

  15. OMG g o r g e o u s and gay friendly love his laid back attitude the young ones really are the ones who seem to understand and accept better then the older ones do .

  16. I know Chris Mears has a girlfriend, but I’m just wondering if he may turn out to be gay some day . . .

  17. Don Harrison 23 Apr 2013, 9:11am

    I know that is good to fantise over wheth these guys are gay, but does it matter?

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