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Australia: City council faces backlash for telling LGBT charity not to display ‘offensive’ banner

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Reader comments

  1. Clayton King 21 Jan 2013, 2:04pm

    Disgusting. Simply disgusting. How do you reach out to ignorant people who are willingly ignorant?

  2. How ridiculous!

  3. de Villiers 21 Jan 2013, 2:16pm

    > “These things can generate a life of their own and can feed off themselves and that’s what concerns me here – that this is going to be bigger than Ben-Hur with no cause other than the fact that someone asked a stall to please take down a banner,” she said.

    That is disingenuous – that this is nothing more than asking someone to take down a banner.

    One has to look at what is represented by asking a gay group to take down a perfectly harmless banner. It is a statement that homosexuality is so disgusting and depraved that even in a neutral manner to remind people that it exists is itself a threatening act.

    The cause is much more than asking someone to take down a banner. It is requiring that gay people and homosexuality be neither seen nor heard.

  4. douglas in canada 21 Jan 2013, 2:17pm

    It does make me curious what other kinds of stalls and banners were there.

    If a religious group had a banner up, claiming that they could change my life, and we got enough people together to complain, would they have been asked to take it down? Would they have complied?

    Although I see nothing offensive at all in the banner, and I can’t understand why people asked to have it taken down, the description of the setting lacks some background information.

  5. That There Other David 21 Jan 2013, 2:39pm

    So basically by taking down the banner but letting them stay the Council was saying that LGBT people are welcome, but only if they stay out of sight?

    1950s anyone?

  6. Garry Cassell 21 Jan 2013, 2:44pm

    As a Canadian I’m deeply appalled at this type of behaviour of the council, well that is if you consider this a council, I would think a council of the stupid…must have been some kind of competition for the stupidest people of the area to qualify for this council..What a hateful message to send out to the youth of the area…council if you have any kind of diginity(which I don’t think you do) you would simply leave the town and somehow destroy yourselves…

    1. “must have been some kind of competition for the stupidest people of the area to qualify for this counciI”

      I totally agree, just read Paul Garrard’s appalling comments, says it all, really…

  7. As a Canadian who has had same sex marriages entrenched in our bill of rights since 2005. and proud of it. Remind me not to go anywhere near such a homophobic country as Australia until they get their minds out of their ass. Such a request by any town council should bring down the wrath of the people of the town and anything short of this .Tells me the kind of people who live in that town.

    1. That There Other David 21 Jan 2013, 3:09pm

      It’s a nice reminder that once you get away from the middle of Sydney, Melbourne and the other large cities Oz is very conservative socially. It’s like stepping backwards in time, and shows us all just how far our own countries have moved forwards.

      1. I guess it`s true what Robin Williams said of Australia. That they are Britons Redneck cousins.I thought we were supposed to have that distinction being Lumberjacks and Beaver eaters and all that stuff..Just shows how really progressive we are.

  8. … and if this had been an advice / help service for the Black / Asian community, and the National Front had asked for it’s removal as ‘offensive’, what would have been the public’s reaction? Outrage, I suspect. So why do WE put up with it?

  9. This group was just there at the request of the festivals organizers.They were there as a support group for GLBT persons and the families of those persons. Where do people think GLBT people come from if not from STRAIGHT HETROSEXUAL families in the first place. Correct me if I`m wrong but isn`t it hetrosexual people who have given birth to children. Last time I looked I don`t think GBLT people are capable of having children on their own.Often it is these families who need help and support after their children have come out. Most needed support is from the larger community they live in .who like in this community are so bigoted and ignorant ,that it makes life so difficult for these people and their families to deal with.Please be supportive of this organization which is there to help the entire community not just the GLBT community. Such behavior is disgusting .The council should be forced to resign on mass . as they are not doing anything for their community, but bring harm to it.

  10. Christopher in Canada 21 Jan 2013, 3:12pm

    Like Dan Savage says, until they are 18, gay kids are the only group allowed to be bullied at home by their own families and communities, by will of the parents and others who say that gay adults are not allowed to reach out to children.

    How else are gay children going to know their is hope and help for them?

  11. Jock S. Trap 21 Jan 2013, 3:12pm

    Absolutely disgusting.

    Thankfully more and more of these bigots are showing themselves up for the ridiculousness they truly represent!

  12. I hate the way that anything to do with LGBT is suddenly seen as “pushing the agenda” and being a political statement. They said that it was semi-political and equated it with a christian group having signs up, but all this group is offering is support… no political agenda there. Disgusting. I hope they do report it officially to the anti-discrimination board. And they shouldn’t have taken it down or left the area. I hope they fight this.

  13. A group rendering support services to LGBT families is “semi-political” and doesn’t belong at a family event? That’s so patently homophobic it’s hard to dignify the comment with a serious response.

  14. So many of these people who claim to be all knowing and know what is best for everyone . They often claim they are just putting forth their Christain views and beliefs.Well I think you missed the class , when Jesus was teaching what it means to be Christian. It is time for you to wake up and study Masters teaching and nevermind getting your info from the nearest Bigoted Priest or Church Minister.If I claimed to be a follower of someone I would atleast take the time to find out for myself. What the leader of my Organization stood for and what his or her teachings really were. Before I went off halfcocked and started spewing things he didn`t say or believe.

  15. Gay marriage isn’t legal in Oz, so its not discrimination.

    1. Jock S. Trap 21 Jan 2013, 4:59pm

      Er… Crazy says what now?

    2. That There Other David 21 Jan 2013, 5:02pm

      I see I’m going to have to type slowly here.

      Every….LGBT…person…comes….from…a…family. Some….LGBT….people…have…their….own….families….too.

      Did any of that sink in?

    3. but is it illegal to be gay in Oz? If not then I don’t see why there is any offence to it except some religious bigot poking their nose in where they aint wanted nor needed.

  16. Kay Arnold 21 Jan 2013, 5:07pm

    Appalling ! But this is what GLBT people endure everyday of their lives. Outright discrimination and hostility! Calling the people who did it names won’t help because the revile in the notoriety. Bringing attention to it may help in getting allies to speak up and put pressure on these people to alter their ways.

  17. “If they had [refused to pull] the banner down, that would have been the end of it.”

    So if it was no big deal if they refused to take the banner down, then why ask them to do it in the first place?

  18. Xavier Radic, New Zealand 21 Jan 2013, 8:54pm

    It is a shame the LGBT group had not stood their ground, with the offenseless banner. The council seem afraid to honestly represent all factions of the community and are being manipulated. I hope the group continue their great work and also stand up to the bullying tactics of the community.

  19. Paul Garrard is a moronic ignoramus. That’s not even an insult; it’s a statement of fact.

    The fact that he would idiotically inject politics into this incontrovertibly demonstrates his own antipathy and prejudice, and that doesn’t even include his flippant reference to “the gays”. What an abhorrent disgrace.

  20. But independent councillor, Paul Garrard, said the council had made the right call as the family day was no place for “semi-political” groups.

    “Whether one is for or against the issues the gays were pushing on that occasion, that was not the place to be doing it.”

    The “issues the gays were pushing”?!! You mean issues like gay people, especially young gay people being able to be who they are without being bullied by ignorant, homophobic a-holes like Paul Garrard?

  21. the way Paul Garrard refers to them as “the gays” and whatever “issues where being pushed” no issues were being pushed they were making kites and advertising their support services – a christian charity wouldn’t have been asked to do the same.

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