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Angry crowd of fascists attack gay activists in Russian city of Voronezh

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Reader comments

  1. Dave North 20 Jan 2013, 6:07pm

    This is what you get when you allow the religious and the stupid positions of power.

  2. As someone who visits Voronezh for work I am saddened by this story as I have found the people there to be friendly and welcoming and I have not felt unsafe there. A sad story.

    1. While I have not been to this city, I agree with you, Carl: ordinary Russians with whom I associate are serenely untroubled by people’s sexuality. As ever, a minority of knuckle-dragging cretins let the side down.

    2. These protesters are probably on Putins payroll.

  3. The N@zi salutes tell you everything.

  4. What a shame :(
    Fortunately, not all of Russians are so damn f*cking stupid and barbaric.
    As a representer of a much less radical part of Russia I feel very sorry for Voronezh’s gay activists.
    6 activists versus 200 homophobic people… And what is even more outrageous – those damn homophobics actually feel PROUD of themselves!

    1. Just seen your photos, mate. Brilliant! And congratulations on being brave enough to stand up against oppression in your country,

      1. Is it you (Artem) or Dmitry in the photos?

  5. When is the civilized world going to step in and tell Russia et al that it’s just not acceptable to treat people this way?

  6. I would like to fuck autor’s mum…with greatest pleasure… ;)

    1. That There Other David 20 Jan 2013, 8:48pm

      Could you actually do that through your nappy?

  7. Voronezh is not aggressive, fascist city. I will say more. Nazis were not there at all. This is Russia. Where neither of which tolerance of homosexuals is not out of the question because of their historical, geographical and national peculiarities.

    1. Now it doesn’t matter whether Voronezh really is an aggressive, fascist city or not. It will surely be perceived as one.

    2. not aggressive, not fascist? Then what was going on there, then?

      1. The fight against homosexuality. He was not the case in Russia. Have you been deemed aggressive Saudi Arabia? If not, then try to remove the hijab with any woman. Has experienced how people would react to it. And in Russia. You can not go beyond those that are installed in the community.

        1. Well, there you are. You summed it up in the one clear sentence that you managed – ‘the fight against homosexuality.’. Fighting homosexuality IS a fascist action. Stop doing that and you’ll be on the way to being an acceptable nation.

          As for Saudi Arabia, yes, pretty aggressive place, too. I’d gladly remove the hijab from Arab women, along with all the other aspects of their subjugation. But justifying one wrong with another is hardly a valid arguement.

        2. That There Other David 21 Jan 2013, 10:08am

          Try substituting another innate human conditions into that statement to test how valid an idea it is.

          “The fight against left-handedness”
          “The fight against intelligence”

          That’s equivalent to what you’re wanting Russians to fight against, because nobody is entirely sure whether those are genetic or caused by environment either. So if either of those statements doesn’t sound utterly ridiculous to you I suggest you learn to put your critical analysis into first gear and take a real good look at your attitudes towards gay people.

    3. Brett Gibson 20 Jan 2013, 11:55pm

      Please say more, perhaps in plain English this time. Seems you’re defending your backwards fucked up nation with no evidence. Sort it out. Russia’s a state. Ask anyone what is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Russia and I bet 99% of people will say Fascits, Hardship or…..Snow.

      1. That’s a bet you’d lose, Brett. And don’t stoop to Denis’s level, mate.

    4. Денис, не будь жопой. Заткнись, иди на хуй!

      1. I just used google translate on this comment and agree completely.

      2. Alex you are not educated Russian rednecks

  8. And there are still people even WONDERING why boycotts can be a useful tool. Do not buy ANYTHING manufacturer in Russia, do not employ subcontractors affiliated to Russian companies, boycott all goods , services, travel. The only way nations listen these days is when their pockets are hit and they are shunned by their neighbours.

    1. More from the gas-oil refuse)

      1. I think Denis is trying to be insulting, but it was lost in translation.

  9. Russia. Need you say more. Such a fucked up place full of inbred Nazi looking retards. Looks like the most depressing sad place on earth. Go make snow angels, dick heads.

    1. My partner is Russian.

  10. Well, this is not really Russia… it’s Putin and the old KGB stuff. Of course, the average Russian is not very tolerant either, but I don’t think they are Nazis. They should know that Nazis considered them (Russians) as sub-humans and the Nazi would happily exterminate them alongside the rest of the world.

    1. So what were the average Russians doing while this was happening? The same as the average Germans on Kristellnacht? I don’t have much faith in ‘average’ people. They tend to stand by while the fascists do their worst.

      1. Exactly what the average Briton would do in the same circumstances. Lose a few of your nearest relatives to a prison and see how average YOU become.

        The average Russian is far more educated than the average Briton, but YOU have no idea what living in a police state is like.

        Have a few thoughts first before you write such garbage.

        1. Above Average Man 21 Jan 2013, 9:43pm

          Oh, twitless, I didn’t realise you had experience of such tyranny? So when and where did you stand in the gap of danger and stand up against oppression?

      2. You’re absolutely right! I don’t have much faith in ‘average’ people, too. They are cowards, or they do not care.

    2. But doublethink is one hell of a drug.

    3. Israel are the new Nazis

  11. Of course all countries have people who fear or hate or attack gays. What’s new? But what’s different about Russia is the level of official support these morons get. Putin has come out quite openly against gays, and against any demonstrations anywhere which he can describe as ‘the opposition’. – And the police follow his lead.

  12. GingerlyColors 21 Jan 2013, 10:37am

    What was the police response to all this? I bet they only nicked the gay activists allowing the fascists to get off scot-free.

    1. In fact there are communists in Russia.
      Not “fascists” or “nazi”..

  13. Jock S. Trap 21 Jan 2013, 11:04am

    Absolutely disgusting!

    The irony is they don’t see their actions are harmful.

  14. People have such short memories. It’s not 20 years since it was illegal in Russia to say just about anything. You would have thought that, with newly-won freedoms, these imbeciles would see the total unfairness and hypocricy of abusing minorities.

  15. Stormtrooper of the Evil Empire 21 Jan 2013, 6:57pm

    In Muslim countries, same-sex relationships are executed, by the way. Russia tries to be a “prolific” country ethnic roots of Slavs is as genes.We are not haters of sex minorities, we have decided to just shout it on the street. We close our eyes to the fact that they go by the handle, do not pay attention when the kiss off, where horrible. When getting fucked, we say: God Judge them. But when attempts to attract attention to their way of life becomes hell, the use of force is permissible. Every conscious heterosexual thinks so. It’s a mindset. This is from the time when the United States was not on the map of the world and not planned to be.
    I am here first and the only time I see your comments, insults, issues. Just ask, as a man of peace: leave from opinion one minute, please accept my and try to see the essence of my point of view. Her core.

    1. “But when attempts to attract attention to their way of life becomes hell, the use of force is permissible.”
      It’s not merely ‘attracting attention’ as though there is no purpose, it is protesting because the law holds them as inferior. And them simply staying quiet as you’d prefer doesn’t work when their own clubs get raided by thugs.

      I understand that you do not wish to be confronted by gay issues for whatever reason, but the fact is that gay people in your country are confronted by hatred and violence whether they try to hide it or not. Being attacked in public gets them noticed, and it gets people such as you to think and explore the issue. That’s a damn lot better than having their faces smashed in behind closed doors where people like you don’t see it.

    2. Evil Empire is also Empire of Lies.

      Russia is a absolutely crazy country. There are radical communist phenomena like “collective farms” still exists and from the other side hundreds of billionaires.

      But “nazi” is not against communism or oligarchs like
      in Germany 30-th but only against “gays and lesbians” and fighting with them with leadership of communists parlament and Kremlin.

  16. Stormtrooper of the Evil Empire 21 Jan 2013, 6:58pm

    It is very difficult to be a Russian. Formerly it was glorious. I was proud of it. .. now our Government destroys the power of consciousness of Russian man. Maybe we blow by the war… who knows how our patience will be enough …


    1. Of course It is very difficult because in Empire of Lies everebody used to lie.

      There are many gay and lesbian people in Russia. еven more than in western countries. But russians prefers to say “it is only western problem”.
      And that in Russia all peop;;e are pure “hetero” and furthermore absolutly vestal.

      It is not true at all.

      Russian are very pretending people. They like to lie and to force to lie each other.

    2. Stormtrooper, you really can’t blame gays for the decline of the Russian Empire (Tsarist or Communist). Nor can you blame the Russian government for not being repressive enough. The only person you can blame is yourself for having such notions as “the power of consciousness of Russian man”. Such ideas are not only silly but also dangerous, and they can lead to oppression (of minorities) and, as you darkly hint, to war. Surely the analogy with Germany in the early 30s is obvious.

  17. I lived in Voronezh for a month in 1998 and am very sad to hear about this. The irony is that on 9 May each year, Russians celebrate the defeat of fascism in WW2 (Victory Day). But it looks like fascism is now defeating Russia from within!

    1. celebrate the defeat of fascism

      1. Irony is that is the victory of communism in Russia

        Communism is much more homophobic ideology and practice.

        Nazi regime supports even prostution

        Commi regime wanted to forbiden any sexuality at all!

        “In USSR there is not sex!”

  18. Do the really think that Putin will give in to those homosexuals? No,he wont and shouldn’t; Stephen Fry is undoubtedly a DEVIL’S ADVOCATE,Advocating filth,Aids,immorality and many other diseases throughout the world ; Homosexuals live a despicable lifestyle,impertuning each others anus, passing on Aids and other diseases;it should be made illegal permanently. Good for you Mr Putin, and don’t forget the Two homosexuals who adopted a little Russian boy,and sexually abused him and let other sick Homosexuals join in. BAR FRY FROM RUSSIA.

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