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US: California synagogue takes action against Boy Scouts anti-gay policy

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  1. It is heart-warming that many Jewish organizations are backing our equal rights. The religious groups who support us make those who don’t look even worse.

  2. Good for them. It really pleases me when I read of religious groups like this standing up in favour of LGBT equality

    1. My Rabbi is itching to perform a marriage ceremony for my CP and I in the synagogue in London

  3. I’m a proud gay Eagle Scout. While I deplore the US Boy Scouting gay policy and applaud every effort to get it changed, withholding recommendations for individual boys is the wrong way to go about it. Perhaps writing recommendations that applaud the boy but denounce the policy would be a more effective way to respond.

  4. Steven Hoskins 18 Jan 2013, 10:35pm

    A quick review of the BSA ineligible volunteer files containing openly homesexual predators. Thus if BSA admits all gays it runs the risk of being letting in abusers, if it keeps them out it is bigotted. Tough kettle of fish.

    1. Your comment reads like you are suggesting that all predators/abusers are homosexual. Surely I have mis-read your post …?

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