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UK: Smartphones automatically block PinkNews and other LGBT news sites

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Reader comments

  1. Mark Paterson 18 Jan 2013, 12:16pm

    I am with O2 no probs but I am contract free if that makes any difference but still that’s out of order big style it’s 2013 for GODS sake

    1. I have O2 on contract but have had no problems with Pink News (or similar sites)

  2. It’s like that with computers as well though. Anything remotely to do with the LGBT community is flagged as “Adult content” and then you cannot see it.

    Many blockers actually stipulate you can block anything to do with LGBT issues. I don’t quite understand why you’d actually need to do that…

    1. Because their customers are bigoted wankers and they want to profit from that?

      1. Not necessarily:- the fact is that even the most serious news site like PN is often strewn with semi naked male bodies and features content that could be considered top shelf, such as news items dealing with explicit sex and drugs.

        Perhaps that is the basis on which these censors are applied, in which context it seems perfectly reasonable.

        1. casparthegood 18 Jan 2013, 5:02pm

          “Semi naked males” ? In yer dreams

        2. by your logic daily mail website should be blocked in the same manner as it is littered with pictures of almost naked celebrities.

          1. Just took a peak at The Mail’s web site and totally get your point, Kane!!

            I am convinced PN cannot be being banned just for being a gay site per se, and therefore surmised it must be to do with the very occasional, shall we say, “smuttier” aspects of its content.

            But as you say The Daily Bail makes this site seem almost Evangeical (perish the thought!!), and yet it is – get this! – one of the world’s top ten news web sites.

            Good grief!

  3. That There Other David 18 Jan 2013, 12:33pm

    This surprises me. The Brightcloud category settings separate out “Adult and Pornography” from other LGBT related sites. Pink News comes under “News and Media”. WebSense also separate out LGBT news sites from “Adult” categories. What filter software backend are the mobile providers using?

  4. Its a sad fact of life that most mobile phone and ISP operators regard the word “gay” as porn- along with “lesbian and transgender”.

    This is what happens when you have an automatic block-as Cameron and co are proposing.

    Censorship is a real blunt instrument-thats why-despite its advantages-I am totally against ANY censorship.

    1. Cameron and co have not approved automatic filters, what they’ve announced is the option to have a filter put on when you sign up to a new ISP.

      If you want to bash the current government, at least do it properly…

  5. Are they serious?? I can’t believe that news sites will be blocked.

  6. That’s a bummer, I would be lost without PN on my iPhone.

    Still the best one-stop-shop for all things LGBT!

    1. Ahem, and I meant that most sincerely just in case anyone thought I was being sarcastic (as if I would…)

    2. That’s outrageous! In Germany I have to use vpn to unblock some videos on youtube. Dear Samuel B, may be this invitations to private vpn club ( will be useful to you and other PN readers. Censorship is unacceptable anyway!!!

      1. Felicitations for your kind offer. Serg, but as a member of the Royal Horticultural Society I am besieged my offers to seed all asunder on a daily basis so on this occasion, regrettably, I must decline.

        1. you just made my day )))

  7. Paul Essex/London 18 Jan 2013, 2:02pm

    This is the cyber version of putting gay lifestyle magazines on the top shelf with the porn mags in a newsagent.

  8. “As the blocks are automatic it can be difficult for users to know whether sites are being blocked from appearing in search engine results on their phone.”

    This kind of blocking doesn’t do that. It’s quite separate. You’d need the connivance of Google (etc.) to block search results from appearing – and that isn’t going to happen.

    [ok; for geeky pedants: almost anything is theoretically possible, but these service providers aren’t spending the sort of money needed to capture the pages and rewrite them on the fly]

  9. I’m feeling wonderfully nostalgic, and slightly old, at the selection of phones in the display picture.

    On topic however, I’ve had no problems myself but then again I usually unblock myself as soon as I get a new contract.

    1. Keith Evans 18 Jan 2013, 3:52pm

      I’m also with 02 on a contract and have no probs at all

  10. That’s outrageous! I read Pink News to keep abreast of LGBT issues for the Christians for Equal Marriage, UK website. I’m not even gay! It’s a news site.

  11. Keith Evans 18 Jan 2013, 3:51pm

    I’m also with02 on a contract and have no probs at all

  12. I’m not using data on my Vodafone mobile, so I haven’t noticed anything.
    But, censorship is unacceptable anyway and only the owner/user should be allowed to set blocks.

    1. OK, so Pink News is changing names in my posts to commercial links……
      That really STINKS!

  13. I remember at college the council system had a similar auto block on. However when I checked, Nuts wasn’t blocked so I sent an email and got pink news and other LGBT news sites unblocked for my institution and, with a bit of effort, all council computers

  14. Csaba Safrany 20 Jan 2013, 7:22pm

    It reminds me of the time when I was a teenager and aboutto come out. It was in 1996, and the Internet looked a wonderplace where I could freely find information about my newly discovered sexuality and support.

    Then my dad found out about it, because he monitored all the web browsing history on the computer. It very sad that providers feel obliged to block content on the basis of parents’ presumed interest to make the Net a youth-friendly palce.

    Sadly, sometimes youth protection from their own families. Most teenagers are somehow at sometime in their lives are abused by their own parents.

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