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Oxford Union ‘gay parenting’ debate: PinkNews founder Benjamin Cohen’s winning speech

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Reader comments

  1. Well done to Ben, and congratulations on a powerful and comprehensive speech.

    That was a very big margin to win the debate by. The religious fundamentalists are seriously on the way out.

  2. Very well done Ben, congrats on winning the hearts and minds of people with that wonderful speech.

  3. Len Stevens 18 Jan 2013, 2:45pm

    … and sometimes four parents, as with our two boys, their two mums and their two dads – the only danger is being over-parented! We are absolutely priviledged to have the opportunity to give and receive unconditional love, help and support to our respective partners and our children. Well debated – there are some brains at Oxford!

  4. Can we please read the other argument? I live in the US with my husband of 3 years, partner of 20. We have found the best way to prove marriage equality is justified is to live our lives just as a normal couple.

    Our family, friends, neighbors, co-workers all see us as a family, treat us as a family. Sometime having the right to be a family simply means owning it and living it.

  5. Robert in S. Kensington 18 Jan 2013, 3:01pm

    Fantastic Ben, and thank you. Job well done!

  6. Many of us have made similar statements for decades but they fell on deaf ears. Those religious factions that successfully created a toxic social environment against gay people are being discredited as society evolves away from the irrational hatefulness that has long been unfairly directed at all gay people. Glad to have someone like Ben to, so eloquently, restate a rational opinion in a venue where the meaning cannot be lost in translation.

  7. What a fabulous and rather moving speech. I am a gay dad, I have two sons 22 and 18 and I was once married to their mum. They now live in the main with my husband and me. Yes there have been difficulties, but only due to the bigoted attitudes of others. However, they are two happy well adjusted young men who know they have parents that adore them. Oh yes, and I didn’t turn them gay either, they both like the ladies!

    1. You sound like a top notch dad :) I detest the deluded argument people give that gay people will raise gay children… because of course gay children don’t come from heterosexual relationships/households at all… and of course having heterosexual parents in a heterosexual world means you’re definitley going to turn out to be heterosexual…

      Thanks for this article :) I look forward to being a dad one day.

  8. My thoughts exactly but put far more eloquently. Well done!

  9. End times? Well, isn’t that what these people want? Isn’t the return of the messiah exactly what they have been waiting for?!

    So, if marriage equality and equal civil rights will usher the return of Jesus Christ on Earth, then shouldn’t they be giving MORE rights to gay people so that he returns sooner!?

    Why prolong his return by denying us our civil rights!?

  10. Ben’s so cute.

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