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London: Protesters demonstrate outside Guardian offices over transphobic Burchill article

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Reader comments

  1. She really was absolutely and unnecessarily vile in her ‘article’.
    By all means defend your friend: do not use hate speech in a national online publication to do so.
    I wouldn’t call for her to resign: I don’t think it’s fair to strip someone of their income for a one off ‘offense’ and I believe she has children to support. However I think a TRULY apologetic statement is in order, without ‘but they started it’, ‘I guess I’m just feisty’, etc.

    1. Bruno shut up, your a hate filled homophobic bigot

      1. Jason i think you need to take up reading or at least only use words you are sure of the meaning !… there is nothing in the post from Bruno that is remotely homophobic ( i suggest you look up homophobic in the dictionary). I would also suggest that your reaction mirrors the reaction of the Trans community to the original “Brazilian Transexual” comment by Suzanne Moore .

  2. The Guardian/Observer offices are right next to where I work, was very strange to see a protest there. Such a pity that this article came out, its very unusual for them to upset liberals in such a way. Would expect this sort of writing from the Daily Mail but not them…

    1. You think these protesters were liberals?

      1. theotherone 18 Jan 2013, 5:34pm

        no they whee not liberals, they where radicals because by the point that you have to take to the street to defend your right to exist you have become a radical.

      2. Some of them probably were

      3. Let us follow the logic of this for a second-

        ‘Definition of ‘Liberal’:
        Not limited to or by established, traditional, orthodox, or authoritarian attitudes, views, or dogmas; free from bigotry.’

        – as far as I can tell, from my own reading and the general consensus, the views expressed in the column were (intentional or otherwise) bigoted. In that sense the protesters can indeed be defined as ‘liberal’ as their protest was an attempt to protect the liberties of the species from an established dogma about femininity, the female form and constricting genderisms.

        So in answer to your question – Yes I do. QED

    2. theotherone 18 Jan 2013, 5:44pm

      liberals perhaps but not transpeople.

      they published an article by the same woman calling for an end to treatment on the nhs, ran a campaign to end all treatment for transpeople am
      nd happily published the wonderful ‘gender benders, beware’ (google it but i warn you it’s nasty)

  3. I was in court yesterday being the grown-up friend of the son of someone accused of a minor offence.

    The prosecutor was a trans woman, who wasn’t quite through the process. She was lovely as she was, but she’s going to be a complete heart-breaker when she’s finished. Beautiful, intelligent, witty and with a sense of humour. Also, she’s got a great body that’s just going to get better and better and better.

    I read Burchill’s article today and just felt sorry for her (Burchill).

    The legal lass I had to deal with is living her life for the future. Burchill is just having a whingey fit to make herself still look relevant from past glories.

    In terms of who is the better woman, I’m choosing the trans lass. She wants to be a good human being, Burchill just wants to say she’s a better woman because she has a non-designer vagina (I suspect).

    Anyway, i’m not going to faff about on this. The trans lass yesterday was an infinitely better woman and human being.

    1. Ddn’t you study biology at jumior school ? Burchill has a real vagina. A designer one is fake and serves no real biological function. Just like not being able to milk fake boobs. I am geting really sick of the co-optin of little ‘queers’ and i don’t mean gay people int our hard fought campaigns against homophobia. Do you think that its cool to be misogynistic at pink news.?

      1. theotherone 20 Jan 2013, 3:46pm

        like you are?

        are women’s bodies only ‘real’ if they perform as breeding machines?

  4. Cisgender is such a hateful and offensive word (the people it refers to never use it!). Why does PN allow it?

    1. theotherone 19 Jan 2013, 11:13am

      why is it hateful?

      1. rachel8973 19 Jan 2013, 2:18pm

        Aww poor Chipsy. If only they could go on calling themselves the ‘normal people’ an we could go on be called ‘those funny weirdy trans people’

    2. Funnily enough, pretty much everyone I know who is cisgender is perfectly happy to use the term. I’m cis myself. I’m more concerned with making sure that the terminology I use isn’t offensive to trans people. Being cis doesn’t put me into any danger, nor am I subjected to offensive language for that reason.

      1. speak for your self its mainly used to define women why is that? Becuase the translobby are misogynistic in reality and are annoyed that lesbians don’t fancy them. Look at the scene how many trans people pjck on gay men? Hardly any. Why? Because they are straight men in wigs most of the ones creating the fuss and the division. Gay women are entitled to have their own spaces just like gay men why should they have straight men in dresses forced into their scene for fear of being called transphobic? When the lesbians leave the movement the gay men can deal with the rest.

        1. theotherone 20 Jan 2013, 3:51pm

          you really are full of hate.

          i should tell my lesbian partner that she can’t fancy me because you have told her so.

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