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Gay fashion designer John Galliano attempts to rebuild reputation

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Reader comments

  1. Oh. It wasn’t his fault after all. It was the drugs and alcohol. That’s all OK then.

  2. Martyn Smith 18 Jan 2013, 9:51pm

    Wanker. An old man thinking he still has it.

  3. Weird I was reading about Gilad Atzmon today and couldn’t help but think how well the two trendy racists would get along.

  4. I’ve a friend who taught him while at college. Apparently he was arrogant and ignorant back then too. Hopefully this resurgence will be short lived.

  5. I’m disgusted with the comments he made. I wish him no harm but I couldn’t care less whether he is accepted back or not. There is no excuse for his anti semitism.

  6. Hopefully his fall from grace has made him wiser and more humble but I doubt it.

  7. Its all about second chances, hopefully he will learn from the incident and won’t make public statements like that even when drunk

  8. That There Other David 19 Jan 2013, 11:58am

    As far as I’m concerned he showed the world his true side. Nasty piece of work.

  9. You think people in the fashion industry are really that bothered by what he said? As long as he keep producing his incredible clothing lines I think he’ll be forgiven pretty quickly (if the majority of people even remember what he did wrong anyway).

    1. as unpleasant a truth as what you say implies, I don’t believe you deserved to be downrated for it. it is, sadly, probably not very far from the truth.

      I also don’t believe Ellie was dismissing any of the accusations brought against Galliano.

      1. Oh god no! What he said was disgusting.

        But we should face the truth and understand that as long as he gives us what he is good at (and his clothes are nice) then I don’t think it will stay in people’s minds for much longer.

      2. A lot of people who do the down rating on here are too stupid to understand most of the comments written here. That’s if they get past the first sentence.

        As for irony and humour, that is totally beyond them.

        I suppose that’s why they have a picture of a thumbs down for them to click on as their reading abilities are a bit minimal, and they can’t string two words together to form a sentence.

  10. Maybe a year or two scrubbing toilets at the Simon Wiesenthal Center would help him move beyond his narrow/misguided opinions. Anything less, and it’s simply the work of PR/spin doctors working to revitalize a tarnished brand.

  11. Christopher 19 Jan 2013, 11:22pm

    Seriously, fuck this guy…

  12. Yes, he is a drugged out arrogant, insolent, anti-semitic ass-hole; but, he is still one of the most talented and original couture designers we have ever had.

    1. What are you suggesting? That that makes it OK?

  13. Fabulous darling! See you soon xx

  14. Har Davids 21 Jan 2013, 9:39am

    Should we really care about his ‘talent’; here today, gone tomorrow seems to be the way of fashion. It may be nice what happens in this ‘industry’, but the world won’t end if it ceases to exist.

  15. fashion designer makes anti semitic remarks in cafe to one person = loses job & world turns on them

    rabbis, popes, priests, imams and politicians make anti gay remarks in public to billions of people = don’t lose jobs & no one seems to care

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