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Vatican criticises pro-gay European Court of Human Rights ruling

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Reader comments

  1. Just think of how many people the RCC has killed, or caused to be killed. How much harm they have done, how many lies they have told, how much poverty and cruelty and mayhem. And with that clearly in mind – think about how much you give a damn WHAT they think, and how psychotic they must be to think that they have any moral highground at all.

    Nothing but contempt.

    1. The RCC is partly responsible for the terrible spread of HIV in African nations. Their insistence on denying the truth of safe use of condoms is abhorrent!

      1. Just as the Jews used to get blamed for spreading venereal disease among the aryan population – the liberal elite and the homosexual lobby blame Catholics ! You’ll be blaming Catholics and Catholic teaching for the AIDS explosion in San Francisco in the 1980’s next …and we all know how that happened ! : acts of grave depravity in the so called LGBT ‘community’ .

        Funny how countries with high Catholic populations have the lowest HIV rates in Africa :
        Congo 70% Catholic HIV infection rate 4%
        Uganda 45% Catholic HIV infection rate 10%
        South Africa 5% Catholic HIV infection rate 38%
        Botswana 5% Catholic HIV infection rate 40%
        source; World Health Organization

        …mind you some people can’t stand the facts and prefer the Anti-Catholic myth .

        1. Midnighter 22 May 2013, 8:41pm

          [I]mind you some people can’t stand the facts and prefer the Anti-Catholic myth [/I]

          The UN has blamed the Catholic Church for the spread of aids in Latin America ( – this is not an Anti-Catholic myth as you’d like to suggest, but the conclusion of medically quallified people. Perhaps you’d like to find some fresh statistics and convince them they are wrong on that too?

    2. The arrogance of the Catholic Church is no different from that of the self-certainty of the Taliban or Al Qaeda. They are all deluded, stuffed full of delusions of grandeur (which constitute mental illness), and terrifyingly determined to inflict their beliefs on the rest of humankind.

      1. Yeah… Inflict their beliefs… Right on, Eddy… A question of refusing their human condition in favor of some mythological afterlife… Astounding really.

  2. Oh what a surprise!
    The power of the church is no more, human rights are more important, so STFU!

  3. bobbleobble 17 Jan 2013, 10:58am

    How does the Vatican feel about Ms Ladele marrying divorcees? Or marrying people outside of the church? Or living in sin? How about Mr McFarlane counselling unmarried couples on relationships including sexual matters? Aren’t you going to criticise them or are they OK because they hate gay people so they’re allowed to get away with their own immorality

    They’re not talking about conscientious objection they’re talking about giving Christians the right to discriminate against us. And they just can’t see how wrong that is – take the plank out of your own eye before bothering about the splinter in the eyes of others you hypocrites.

    1. They have an amazing ability to ignore anything like that that doesn’t fit in with their anti-gay agenda, it seems. Or perhaps they’re just happy to have some people on their side with the falling numbers of people believing such guff and so are prepared to overlook the many ‘sins’ of the people who think like them.

      1. (“guff” referring to anti-gay propaganda there)

  4. That There Other David 17 Jan 2013, 10:58am

    Can you imagine his wailing if people followed this suggestion, decided Catholicism was immoral, and used that as their justification to discriminate against Catholics across Europe? I can guarantee he’d be running to the ECHR as quickly as he could.

    A good pointer to the validity of any argument is to reverse the consequences and see whether you’re still happy with the result. It’s a shame that someone who proclaims himself as a leader of Christians lacks the empathy to do that.

    1. Exactly! I nore how he says ““Regarding morally controversial subjects, such as abortion or homosexuality…..” and takes it for granted that everyone considers homosexuality controversial. Most people, being straight, simply aren’t interested either way.

      How would he like it if his sentence was rephrased as ““Regarding morally controversial subjects, such as paedophilia or Catholicism..”? I bet he’d be outraged. People like him keep repeating these ‘facts’ that are lies or rubbish and think people are stupid enough to believe them.

      Poor Archbishop – who will his church have left to persecute when they aren’t allowed to denigrate LGBT people?

    2. Mr. Mamberti’s horrible big problem is that if homosexuality is permitted to be truly equalised, alongside heterosexuality, then Mr. Mamberti’s whole life will have been in vain. He entered the seminary back in the day when homosexuals had no rights anywhere, when we were not only thought of as being third-rate or scum (as many think of us today) but we were TREATED as third-raters or scum.

      1. That’s probably we he – and others – entered the seminary in the first place. As cover.

        1. Mumbo Jumbo 17 Jan 2013, 1:43pm

          He probably thought it was a semenary.

    3. Excellent point!

  5. Most priests are gay. The Pope is a closeted homosexual. No wonder. DEAL WITH IT GUYS!

    1. They all wankers.

    2. Mister Fister 17 Jan 2013, 6:23pm

      No they are not. Most priests are paedophiles.The Pope is not a closeted homosexual he is an ex-n@zi.

  6. Mike Homfray 17 Jan 2013, 11:05am

    they have every right to say what they wish but it means they can’t do jobs which are incompatible with that view

  7. Jock S. Trap 17 Jan 2013, 11:05am

    Just typical, we’re not allowed to find them and their behaviour immoral but they should have the right to do exactly the same.

    Laws are there for Everyone to abide by. A chosen religious lifestyle should Never be above any law of any land, full stop!!

    1. That There Other David 17 Jan 2013, 12:13pm

      Funny isn’t it? They see themselves as the utmost holders of virtue, whereas I see them as a bunch of charlatans who have convinced millions of people into allowing them to idle their way through life instead of getting a real job. Worse yet, they’ve convinced governments into allowing them to avoid paying taxes, and accumulate ever more wealth by promising the people rewards that can never be proved in exchange for financial legacies.

      That to me is completely immoral behaviour, way worse than anything they accuse others of.

      1. That There Other David 17 Jan 2013, 12:14pm

        proven, not proved.

        Where is the Edit button PN???!!??

  8. It would be better to term the ruling “anti-discrimination” rather than “pro-gay”

    1. Is PN the first news source to use the term pro-gay for this article?

  9. Oh, go fall on your knees in your Sistein Chapel, Mr. Mamberti, and pray to your Great Pixie in the Sky!

    Having been on the inside of such religious establishments myself, I know that people like Dominique Mamberti are psychosexual screwballs and they must, at all costs, continue to vilify homosexuality in order to maintain their whole house of cards.

    1. Sistine!

  10. hi, I am applying for the job in your abortion clinic. however, I am a catholic so I won’t be able to perform any of the duties that are directly or inderectly related to aborting foetuses!

    I used to be of the opinion that even though I personally do not believe in a god or gods I would respect others rights to their faith.

    NO MORE!!
    ALL religion is a cancer on society and causes harm to everyone it ‘touches’ whether they believe or not. It is high time we see this belief in a god or gods for what it is…delusion, at best……retardation at worst.

    and I wish I could have scattered a few expletives throughout that rant.

  11. Ethan, Scotland 17 Jan 2013, 11:36am

    really, the Vatican is getting to be rabidly homophobic (despite lies protesting otherwise) lately. They are very up themselves these days.
    This aspect of human rights legislation, equality legislation and employment legislation has nothing to do with the Roman Catholic church who will happily ignore war, poverty, social injustice, environmental disaster etc etc, but get them anywhere near the subject of homosexuality and they start frothing at the mouth, spitting out bigotry and hatred.

    1. Get a bunch of men together in close proximity; tell them they can’t go near women; tell them they musn’t think about sex. And what will they do? Think about sex. All of the time.To an unhealthy degree. And gay sex in particular becomes a great temptation that must be resisted at all costs, because it would be the easiest to do. Then ask these same men to advise millions of people on how to construct relationships and govern their sex lives. Recipe for disaster. It would be funny if it wasn’t so sad.

  12. PeterinSydney 17 Jan 2013, 11:42am

    Mamberti looks like a frog!But apart from that, he is following the old Vatican line, only the Pope and Bishops know what is good for the world, and because they hate gay people they should be allowed to discriminate at will. Well thanks goodness not everyone agrees with these nasty people. Some people actually believe in justice, not in theocratic evil.

    1. Jan Olivier 17 Jan 2013, 12:47pm

      What the dear old man doesn’t understand is that we are indeed free to speak out against immoral behaviour, and that is why the court ruled against the homophobes and the church. Can he not see that he and the church is currently representing the biggest threat to civilisation and morality in the West?

  13. replying in Headline format –

    World Criticises Vatican over molestation of children and bigotry

  14. Robert in S. Kensington 17 Jan 2013, 12:41pm

    When I think of the paedophilia scandal and the thousands of innocent lives of boys and girls it has destroyed, covered up and protected the vile clergy perpetrators over the decades, Archbigot Mamberti is hardly in a position to comment on freedom of conscience and equality laws in the workplace. His church is morally bankrupt, looked the other way while it’s clergy were abusing and raping children. The entire hierarchy should have been arrested and prosecuted for crimes against humanity.

  15. 1. Of course the Vatican was going to make a statement like this.

    2. Who cares?

  16. “everyone in Europe should have the right to object to issues they find immoral”

    Correct. And the European Court of Human Rights finds Roman Catholic homophobia immoral and has acted accordingly.

  17. I am grateful to have this bishop’s comments – they are so encouraging. I now feel no qualms as a protestant denying public services to catholics that I meet because me religious beliefs tell me that catholicism is not a valid creed.

  18. “…everyone in Europe should have the right to object to issues they find immoral” Thank you, Archbishop MambertiI, I should like to add that I object to religious tyranny as I find that immoral.

  19. The Vatican must be very happy with Australia right now

  20. Can I dispute your headline?

    Its not “Pro-gay” at all to ensure that all citizens are treated equally. Its just plain human decency.

  21. Har Davids 17 Jan 2013, 2:05pm

    Foreign Minister? For a lobbyist group like the Vatican, Propaganda Priest fits the bill better.

  22. Becaue, of course, the Catholic church is well known for allowing its employees to make their own decisions on matters of conscience. If the Holy See wants any say over the actions of the Council of Europe, maybe they should join it?

  23. Garry Cassell 17 Jan 2013, 2:57pm

    I am speaking about an immoral issue Vatican molester…I object to you and your kind trying to teach everybody else about morality when you and your church have NO idea about what moral is…you have abused, molested young boys for decades and spent billions of dollars to protect molesting priest and trying to blame the young victims…This is what morality is about……and yet you claim and pretend to speak for God…think again..God has nothing to do with you and your Catholic Church.

    1. Robert in S. Kensington 17 Jan 2013, 4:02pm

      They molest girls too, Garry, don’t forget, not just boys. The reason it appears there were more boys is quite simple. More were available to them according to a Vatican sponsored study conducted by the John Jay Institute of Criminal Justice in New York a couple or so years ago. The results of that finding didn’t sit quite well with Ratzinger either.

  24. oh sure pay them for a job they are not willing to carry out, why not

  25. When will this cursed organized criminal organization, the Roman Catholic Church, learn its place? Ok “Dominique” Mamberti (if that’s your real name), you’ve had your say, Now SHUT UP!

  26. It simple. I don’t agree with the Catholic agenda, therefore I don’t do a job that means I have to deal with them.

    If you can’t deal with the homosexual community in a reasoned way and are expected to, change jobs.

  27. They are complaining because their freedom to discriminate and bully are being restrained. These people are unbelievable. Literally.

  28. When ARE these people going to give up? Has no-one among their ranks or followers had to bottle to tell thenm they are so out-of-step with the modern world’s way of thinking? They are a silly, childish, child-mollesting set of hate inciters and the sooner their vast wealth is gone on law suit settlements, the better.

  29. The media ignore anything that shows the RC persecution as it really is. The RC’s need someone to persecute because of the poverty of their own position and to detract people from their own very dubious ‘morality’

  30. They don’t want freedom of opinion or belief, they want the freedom to discriminate, somehow they always fail to see the difference!

  31. Of course people can express their views on the morality of gay relationships. What they cannot do is pick and choose what bits of the law they obey.

    1. So you would be quite happy with the Nuremberg Laws then ? – the State more important than individual conscience ? A ‘Dictatorship of Relativism’ ? – no thanks .

  32. I find all expressions of religion immoral, can I get them banned?

  33. Archbishop Dominique Mamberti said that everyone in Europe should have the right to object to issues they find immoral
    I object to the Catholic Church immorality over millennia.

  34. More Romophobia and tiresome cliches and prejudices.
    Many of the above views are worthy of Der Stürmer (the Anti-Catholic Pink News of it’s day):

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