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University of Tennessee considers offering gender neutral housing

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Reader comments

  1. I was confused by what was meant by “gender neutral housing” – turns out it’s just the USA catching up with what nearly every other university around the world has done for longer than I’ve been alive…!

    1. Hardly matters anyway. All those xtian students are busy fckuing each other all the time anyway. Good for them. At least they wont grow up to be vile sex starved priests raping kiddies.

      The chief homophobe of MD legislature – I knew kids who knew his kids. Guess what at least his oldest daugther was doing – bedding down with two other guys, all 3 naked.

      BTW the asswipe homophobe – his father is gay. Got arrested some years ago for gay sex in a public park.

      1. Interesting – aI know of that guy also. I knew a couple kids who about 5 years ago who I met talking to them in a store- they bragged about how they were screwing Dwyers oldest daughter. she would sleep naked with the two guys and we can guess what went on.

        BTW often this sort of thing happens because the kids dont respect the parent(s) Most of the younger genration know that there is nothing wrong with gay people so people like dwyer are

        tHE problem.

        I didnt know about his farther though. The father has the same exact name except for not being a Junior

  2. category: weird news! america is so backward. girls don’t get pregnant because they’re drunk, america!

  3. mixed housing can be a good idea- major problem in mine was the boys spending so long in the bathrooms- and i admit mea culpa!- that the girls couldnt get a look in. Plus several of the guys rooms you needed a haz-mat suit to enter..

  4. Hopefully this will help put an end to the disgusting “hazing” practices that go on at Campuses in the USA, in which young people are basically tortured & humiliated as an induction into “adult” life.

    1. Doubt it. That sort of vengeful mentality is key to American life. Which is why socialised medicine is opposed (Americans believe one is responsible for ones own ills) and why the penal system favours revenge over rehabilitation.

      It’s in their blood.

      1. Sad but true. I’ve really had to step away from my peer’s mentality and soul search/compare to the rest of the world.
        But fortunatley I have seen changes that I would have NEVER thought would be. Was born in 1978. And I feel as way America is now is opposite of 88. Heck even from 2008.
        I mean I as a Transwoman had NOOOO right in 2007 really.
        And now I feel human. I feel as if its not all entirely bad. The past decade has been like a wierd trip. From people mad dogging me attacking me. To now Mr. Biden saying that My kind is a fight that needs to be fought for. And Mr Obama. Omfg I actually LOVE my Feds now. Use to despise them. Since 2008. I have learned to love again. The hate is gone now… So its getting better. ;)

  5. Michael Cooper 17 Jan 2013, 11:46pm

    I think this is great! I do not u dertnd why America is still so backward.

  6. Christopher in Canada 18 Jan 2013, 12:01am

    Housing for humans! Imagine that!

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