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New York: Gay man accuses police officers of carrying out homophobic attack

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Reader comments

  1. Robert in S. Kensington 17 Jan 2013, 6:32pm

    This article is incomplete. Why were the police called to his apartment in the first place? Was it a noise complaint from other residents in his building? Makes no sense.

    1. It does not matter why they were called. They infringed on the law of the land, which they swore to uphold, by choosing to punish a person, which is the duty of a judge or jury by due process. As professions, they lowered themselves to the level of pathetic thugs.

    2. Erm…
      3rd paragraph “They came to his home following complaints of noise stemming from the party.”

  2. This is bad – I just hope this isn’t true. I was hoping the U.S police had improved since the days of police brutality – like Rodney King

    1. Whilst in the Hospital for being suicidal a nurse called in the deputies liting saying I was being a problem. Three Deputies surrounded and without ANY questions tackled me and suffocated me the drag me into a room.
      This happened in September 2011. While walking home two cops yelled thats a man, pointing at me. Neighbors laughed. I get followed by security and staff while shopping. I’ve had firefighter honk their horn RIGHT by me and point and laugh calling me an it, thing. Omfg thats only the RECENT events. Yeah I can’t stand security nor cops really. They are our enemy. I’ve had security come OUT of the box looking up and down trying to figure my sex out… Smh welcome to America ER Uganda ER Iraq. Oh it’s America.

  3. If he wasn’t being inconsiderate to his neighbours then the police would never have been called…

    1. You’re missing the point, nobody’s complaining that police attended the loud party, it is the behavior of the police that is of concern here

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