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Chris Colfer: Being a gay role model can be ‘overwhelming’

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Reader comments

  1. theGentleWarrior 17 Jan 2013, 5:13pm

    “no one like us to look up to when I was growing up.”

    Why you smarmy, little, s–t —-, — I could pretend to swear all day.

    Chris, you are from California, does Harvey Milk ring any bells?

    1. martyn notman 17 Jan 2013, 5:28pm

      san francisco is a little different to small town california where he grew up- its lots of small communities, very rural and often very religious. Give the kid a break!

    2. Unfortunately, most people, especially kids, don’t give two hoots about politics – if you’re not an actor or a rock-star, then you’re not worth looking up to. Sad, but often true.

    3. erm, not so gentle, huh? have you spoken to kids of his age these days? they don’t even know who thatcher is (/was… pray…); just lower your expectations and be overwhelmingly surprised when actors actually remember historical figures, let alone gay historical figures.

      is that a caption competition or what?! so not following.

    4. @”Gentle”. He’s 22 years old. You are either jealous or just plain thick. Why don’t you get some talent and be in the public eye and do a better job. Who would have told Colfer abut Harvey Milk when he was a child in Clovis, FFS?

  2. for what it is worth, you’re doing just fine. don’t cave into the pressure of responsibility, channel it (and other businessballs). and if your career fails because of typecasting, write/direct/produce or shoot a sex tape with paris hilton (just saying!). gays behind the camera are just as important as those in front of it (…rupert everest, what is he thinking?!).

  3. I think most of us over the age of 20 managed to grow up without the aid of actors who play gay stereotypes in American trash TV. Coffer should get over himself.

  4. This is just a thought. As we know that evolution is the way of the natural world .It is based on a survival of the fittest amongst us and the other creatures who inhabit this planet.It stands to reason that all hominoids of the future will be homosexual. Since it has been proven that aggressive tendancies of all creatures lead to there eventual downfall and only the creative and adaptive of creatures continue to evolve.As we have seen certainly the efforts of the church and conservative amngst us will soon not have a place amongst the rest of humanity.And there aggressive ways will be replaced by more progressive thinking humans such as liberals and homosexuals.With modern technologies concerning birth and concieving children . there will be no longer a need for hetrosexual beings in the future. I am just stating the laws of nature and the future as I see it. So I don`t see what the big fuss is from the right and the church classes as they will just go the way of the DoDo eventually

    1. uh-huh. i’m sure evolutionists are looking at their feet ringht now, wondering where they went wrong… genetic adaption happens at microscopic levels and isn’t caused by external stimuli. also aggression is a basic behaviour; all animals show aggression. in any imagined world of the future, there will always be a strong case for HUMAN sexuality – to be acted out rather than procured in – as it is what defines any animal; however there should perhaps be no limit of sexual taste in the future.

  5. The guy’s adorable. NOt sure about being typecast…some gay guys can only play gay (Chris, Sean Hayes, etc)-nothing wrong with that!

  6. I don’t know who he is but I’m sure some camp American actor is a great comfort to gay kids these days. My “role models” were Julian Clarey and John Inman. God, no wonder I was suicidal!!

    1. Odd, as I grew up with Inman on my TV and never for one moment imagined that his character in a sitcom had anything to do with my life.

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