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BNP leader Nick Griffin allowed to attend Oxford University gay parenting debate

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Reader comments

  1. Robert in S. Kensington 17 Jan 2013, 12:16pm

    I can only imagine the bilge spewing from the bigots’ mouths.

    Ironic that a catholic, Peter D. Williams of Catholic Voices will be speaking on behalf of a paedophile protecting cult about parenting and well-being of a child. Obscene!

    1. Cardinal Capone 17 Jan 2013, 2:19pm

      I’m far more alarmed about the invitation to Scott Lively than any of the others. I’m surprised he’s allowed into the country, given that Westborough Baptist Church members were banned. Are thy aware of his involvement in Uganda, seen the videos of what he said etc.? Shocking.

      1. PinkPolitico 17 Jan 2013, 2:53pm


      2. Robert in S. Kensington 17 Jan 2013, 3:11pm

        The Home office probably isn’t aware but should be given Lively’s infolvement with the Ugandan legislation to kill gay people. I urge everyone to let Theresa May know who this man is.

      3. Cardinal Capone 17 Jan 2013, 3:14pm

        His “ministry” is also listed as a hate group by SPLC.

  2. Gay adoption/fostering will also be the subject of “debate” on a BBC children’s TV programme in a few days time. I think it’s most unlikely any of the kids taking part in the “debate” will be gay themselves.

    1. Jason Feather 17 Jan 2013, 12:24pm

      Why wouldn’t any of the children be gay? Is the assumption here is that they would all be straight? How would anyone know?

      1. Actually we’re talking about kids in their mid or upper teens. The “debate” is part of a new CBBC drama series called The Dumping Ground.

        As far as I can gather, CBBC rules mean gay people can only exist in adult form. Check out Newsround Blog posts.

    2. Robert in S. Kensington 17 Jan 2013, 1:20pm

      I would assume that the debate will be unbalanced then having only those who are opposed to gays adopting or fostering given it’s dismal track record on anything related to gay issues.

      1. I think the gay side will probably win the TV “debate”. – They want to give the impression of being diverse-friendly even thought they are not.

        1. *though*

  3. That There Other David 17 Jan 2013, 12:21pm

    I think he should be invited. Every time he states his opinions in public the BNP splinters into yet more factions. Let the man speak as often as he can and they’ll end up with each member having their own far-right party.

    1. Hear, hear. I am never against bigots participating in public debate unless they explicitly advocate violence. The more their mad ideas are aired and debunked, the better.

    2. Mister Fister 17 Jan 2013, 6:06pm

      Let this foul example of humanity spew forth his hate, vitriol and bile. Don’t censor him. The more he rants and raves the more contempt the public have for him and his cohorts. Give him every opportunity to spout his litany of hate. By doing this people will be repulsed by him and his hateful views and this will be far more effective in keeping him and his ilk in the sewers where they belong.

      1. Sally Gunsen 1 Feb 2013, 6:46pm

        Speaking of ranting and raving, you lost me at bile. Bla Bla Bla. Free speach and all that.

    3. Normally, I’d agree, but in fact this isn’t really ‘in public’ – it’s a closed audience in a private members’ club: it isn’t even open to all members of the university, you have to be paying member.

      So the net result is that Griffin gets the respectability of (in some way) being associated with Oxford, without really being exposed.

      If he were on the radio, on Question Time, in the street, I’d say ‘go ahead, you’re totally right he’ll make himself look a fool’. But I disagree in this case.

      Incidentally, he may not be the worst, but Peter D Williams is a really vile human being.

  4. Jason Feather 17 Jan 2013, 12:30pm

    This idiot is only ever given a platform because it makes good TV so why give him a platform elsewhere?

    Having said that he will simply hang himself in this debate there is no logical argument against gay parenting.

    If a seemingly heterosexual couple have a child & one of the parents comes out as gay and is given custody (I’m sure Griffin would object) how is that any different from having two gay parents?

    It’s not even as if there are any reputable studies showing that gay parents do any worse than straight parents (the opposite is true)

  5. Why the f**k is this a debate anyway?!

  6. I agree he shouldn’t be given a platform but they’ll eat him alive.

    1. Robert in S. Kensington 17 Jan 2013, 1:24pm

      I hope you’re right. I would have thought a qualified pyschiatrist whose expertise is to do with child psychology would have been at least one of the guests.

  7. They couldn’t invite somebody with actual expertise on the subject? Like a child psychologist or an expert on human sexuality or something? I mean, they are at a major university. Do these debates actually have some kind of purpose, or is Oxford Union just run by a bunch of trolls?

    1. Robert in S. Kensington 17 Jan 2013, 3:06pm

      What galls me is they’re giving attention to bigots who know NOTHING about gay people except for spurious stereotyping and always negative at that. Their claims have all been debunked by reputable medical and scientific authorities, so I just don’t understand why Oxford would even entertain people who aren’t even qualified to speak to the matter.

    2. PantoHorse 17 Jan 2013, 3:38pm

      My thoughts too. What on Earth could this odious toss-pot possibly have to add to a debate on gay parenting?

  8. darron smith 17 Jan 2013, 1:42pm

    why are they having a debate anyway i’d rather not be the subject of a debate and just be accepted thanks

  9. Just GORGEOUS ain’t he? SO glad I am a Gay man what with spunky specimens of manhood like him around!

  10. Cardinal Capone 17 Jan 2013, 2:12pm

    It makes no sense that the Home Office would ban certain people from Westborough Baptist Church as hatemongers, yet allow Scott Lively into the country. Are they aware of his involvement in the Uganda situation, have they seen the videos of what he said about gay people there?

  11. PinkPolitico 17 Jan 2013, 2:38pm

    The decision to invite Scott Lively is even more objectionable. This man is in the same league as the Westboro Baptist Church and is currently facing charges of crimes against humanity in the US, filed by Ugandan activists for his role in whipping up homophobic hatred in Uganda and encouraging the Kill The Gays Bill.

    It is shocking then that the union would given this repulsive individual any kind of platform and indeed his comments should be monitored carefully by those present as the kind of language he usually invokes could well be in contravention of UK anti-hate laws.

    Like another contributor stated, it is shocking that he was allowed into the UK in the first place. I wonder are authorities aware of his record?

    As for Griffin, he will no doubt milk the publicity for all its worth and is best ignored.

    1. Robert in S. Kensington 17 Jan 2013, 3:09pm

      Lively is also involved in a lawsuit in the state of Massachusetts because of his role in the Ugandan kill the gays debacle. You would think the Home Office would have raised the red flag on that one and barred him from entry as an undesirable. We should all notify Theresa May as quickly as possible.

      1. The debate starts in a few hours, so Lively is, one assumes, already in the country. I have it on good authority that MPs and a member of the House of Lords did alert Theresa May that Lively was coming. But the plea fell on deaf ears at the Home Office. Hopefully the Oxford cops will be there and if Lively steps over the thin line of what is acceptable speech and what is hate speech, they can arrest him and throw him in the pokey overnight.

        1. PinkPolitico 17 Jan 2013, 6:58pm

          I hope there is a police presence at the debate. There certainly needs to be.

  12. This will be interesting, let the nonce speak i say

  13. Let him speak, the man is a complete idiot, and will do himself no favours.

  14. soapbubblequeen 17 Jan 2013, 6:00pm

    Disgusting!!! WTF!! He should be seen and not heard! In fact, not even seen, he’s such an ugly old pig.

  15. we live in a democracy, a democracy isnt a democracy if you decide to ban certain opinions and a debate isnt a debate if the audience is denied access for supporting one motion over the other. im not a fan of the bnp or nick griffin but true democratic debate is exactly what show them up for the fools they are and give us the legitimacy to lecture them on freedom.

  16. I don’t like the messenger or his message but Griffin, in spite of his odious views should be heard – then verbally ripped apart.

  17. PinkPolitico 17 Jan 2013, 6:56pm

    I have already contacted Thames Valley police to alert them to Lively’s attendance – which unfortunately is not getting the attention it deserves due to the Griffin distraction.

    I have also contacted the students union directly to let them know what I think of their decision to invite Lively, and I would suggest others do the same (contact details on their home page)

    Celebrating free speech and robust debate should not mean seeking out the most extremist voices or inciting hatred against minority groups.

    1. Spanner1960 18 Jan 2013, 2:52pm

      9I bet the old bill had a bloody good laugh over that one.
      And then promptly ignored your inane whinings.

  18. The UAF – The ultimate oxymoron. Maybe they should unite against themselves.

    EVERYONE has the right to voice an opinion whether you agree with them or not. Denying them that right is true fascism. So, the UAF want to deny Nick Griffin that right? So who’s the real fascist here?

  19. Stephen Frost 18 Jan 2013, 11:09pm

    You can’t have a DEBATE and get pissy when they invite people on both sides of the issue. Like anybody gives a fig what Griffin has to say anyway.

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