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Australia: Scientists have found ‘potential cure for AIDS’

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Reader comments

  1. Paula Thomas 17 Jan 2013, 3:53pm

    This could be great news but I would advise wanting a bit before getting the champaign out. In particular I want to read the academic paper with all the caveats that will be in it first.

  2. Why is this not headline news? I suspect the drug companies are waiting to see how much they’ll profit from a cure.

    1. Please drop the conspiracy theories.

      What is being touted here is a potential ‘cure’ for AIDS, not HIV. In so far that you can actually ‘cure’ a syndrome, or a staging system classification, there are already cures for AIDS. More than 50,000 people in the UK alone already take these ‘cures’ and they are called antitretrovial therapy – in other words, this is another potential suppressive therapy, of which there are dozens on the market and dozens more potentials being explored … most of which will come to nothing.

      It simply isn’t big news at this stage; but if it works as hoped (and that is a very very big if) then it will be interesting and will offer another class of drugs to add to those already available for managing the progression of HIV.

      I repeat, this is not a potential cure for HIV and the article demonstrates what happens when reporters post articles about subject that they just don’t understand.

  3. Please, PN, STOP printing “HIV virus”.
    What do you think th “V” in “HIV” stands for?

    The opening line of your article should have read:
    “Scientists in Australia say they have found a way to alter a protein in HIV to impede it from spreading around the body”.

    When you go to an automated teller machine, do you call it an “ATM machine”?

    Do you call the BBC the “BBC corporation”?

    It might sound like I’m nitpicking on a minor linguistic issue, but illiteracy IS a major issue in the English-speaking world. There’s no reason for a news source to promote it.

    1. I couldn’t agree more. PIN number is my bête noire. Let’s not be churlish though. We could do with hearing about something good coming out of Australia.

      1. you are absolutely right.
        I did not mean to belittle the good news on the medical front with my comment on PN’s editorial policies.

        1. Yeah, Meanwhile back at the cure for AIDS…….

    2. Except it very much IS a minor linguistic issue. Indeed, it is sheerest pedantry. There is a reason people tend to treat certain acronyms in this way, and that is because it fits so much better with the cadences and conventions of English as the language is used.

      If we were being super-pedantic we would strike out phrases such as “paediatric medicine” (the -iatric suffix meaning “of medicine”) or “scientific knowledge” (which, given the original root, just means “knowledge-based knowledge”). But we don’t. Because it doesn’t matter. Because the implicitly tautological versions sound better, and phonetic and pragmatic concerns are just as valid linguistic phenomena as purely semantic ones. We would find it odd to talk of “The HI Virus” these days, which is why this tends to happen. All languages are full of such things.

  4. I wonder how those religious bigots who have previosly labelled HIV as ‘god’s vengeance on homosexuals’ will explain this one? ‘The Lord gives and the Lord takes away’? If he started this ‘curse’ why has he allowed scientists to find a cure? Or, isn’t he all-powerful after all? See how silly your logic becomes ….?

    1. Paula Thomas 17 Jan 2013, 4:45pm

      The will probably fight science a little bit harder, which ought to be a waste of energy but we all know about the conservation of energy right?

    2. We are talking about the same people who don’t believe in evolution or even the existence of dinosaurs, all while filling their cars with refined dino juice

    3. Lion in Winter 17 Jan 2013, 11:58pm

      “The Lord works in mysterious ways…”

  5. Great news. But no doubt some of the lovelier “religious” types don’t see it that way.

  6. Suddenly Last Bummer 17 Jan 2013, 5:34pm

    Its called the ”Elton John Cure”, if you have a face like Elton chances are you ain’t getting your end away.

  7. Gay Activist Paul Mitchell 17 Jan 2013, 6:11pm

    I will wait and see the actual evidence first before I make a conclusion!

    I have had heard of HIV cures plenty of times beforehand – and they were all blatant hoaxes!

    Do not be fooled by hoaxes and watch this space…

    1. Well, yes, there have been one or two scientists in different fields of research, not related to HIV, in recent years who have faked results in order to gain notoriety. The CCV (Celebrity Culture Virus) has spread even to them.

      Maybe you could do a bit of research on your fellow Aussie and let us know if he’s regarded as a bit of loon or whether there’s every indication that he and his announcement are bona fide?

    2. Paul, it isn’t an HIV cure that is being talked about is an AIDS ‘cure. In other words, just another potential, but as yet untested, form of antretroviral which is being bigged up by incompetent reporters.

  8. This comes on the day where I got tested for HIV, results in a week. I know it’s only a matter of time before they come up with a cure!

  9. Christopher in Canada 17 Jan 2013, 11:59pm

    I’ll write a cheque!

  10. Mister Fister 18 Jan 2013, 11:25am

    Fingers crossed that it’s true.

    While I am here may I take the opportunity to recommend a totally ludicrous publication on Aids and its origins. It’s called ‘Aids, Full Disclosure’ by a ‘Dr. Glum’ published in 1996 and can be found on The Pirate Bay. This bizarre conspiracy theory book claims that Aids was made by a group of industrialists and world leaders named The Olympians to exterminate Blacks and was trialled first in Haiti. I won’t tell you more but it is hilarious and so ridiculous you will be laughing out loud.

  11. Shoddy plagiarism of and article that was, at best, misleading and careless reporting.

  12. Wow, brilliant. Odd that I only happened to see this news in the ‘Top Stories’ column of this website, and nowhere else.

    Rather scary about the record number of infections in Britain. I’ve never been tested, though I’m only 17.

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