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UK: Accenture named most gay-friendly company by Stonewall

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Reader comments

  1. Seriously? Giving Goldman Sachs an award?

    1. Agreed.

      Talk about getting in bed with the Devil…

  2. Interesting how 98 out of 100 of these companies pay Stonewall £3,000 per year to be one of their “Diversity Champions”.

    Hope I’m not being too cynical.

  3. Yawn, Stonewall’s major corporate fundraising drive seems to come around more quickly every year.


    1. No I think they’re always early January

  4. From reading some of Ben Summerskill’s recent tweets, it doesn’t look like the BBC will be receiving any diversity awards in the foreseeable future.

  5. As someone who works at one of these corporates, don’t underestimate how much these awards can be a real driver for change. Organisations want to be seen to be winning awards like this as part of their diversity agenda, they worry where they are against their competitors and they take real action in order to improve their position. You can be cynical about their motives, but don’t forget that the judges are looking at work being done by LGBT employees within their corporate networks to tackle prejudice and develop more inclusive work environments – we should be supporting this.

    1. Pau in Brighton 17 Jan 2013, 10:44am

      There can also be a very real downside – for example, where the company does discriminate, albeit it not openly, their defences will be – ah but we were nominated as one of Stonewalls’ blah de blah LGBT friendlies companies..

      I see this all the time with the public sector. Whenever you attack them over their uselessness as a body, they retaliate with some idiotic statement like – well you’re alone in your view as over 98.99% of our satisfaction surveys rate us as excellent, blah de blah.

  6. The good old Stonewall money-machine in action.

    These awards are nothing but ‘cash for kudos’. It’s (rightly) seen as good thing for employers to be LGBT friendly. There’s no doubt that’s a good thing. But unfortunately, the mark of this seems to be Stonewall recognition. Which is basically an award any organisation can purchase.

    1. I don’t think Stagecoach could buy one…

  7. Paul Essex/London 16 Jan 2013, 6:32pm

    Scoff all you want at these awards, the criteria for them and the organisation that gives them out may not be perfect, but they do ensure that major companies in the UK strive to be LGBT friendly and progressive. They give real kudos to LGBT networks within those firms, networks run people who understand the issues facing LGBT employees because those people are LGBT themselves.

    I was educated in a system restricted by section 28 and went on to the workplace before 2003 when there was no real protection for me as an LGBT employee. In 2003 s28 was repealed and employment law changed to protect LGBT workers. The Stonewall awards have played a major part in ensuring that firms have progressed, introducing LGBT policies and that issues affecting LGBT workers are recognised. Whereas a decade later and most schools still don’t have any policies in place to deal with LGBT student’s problems.

    1. LG friendly, anyway. Stonewall hasn’t exactly got a good reputation on the other strands of LGBT.

      1. Paul Essex/London 16 Jan 2013, 11:23pm


  8. Reading these comments it is clear Stonewall has few clothes on these days.

    Virtually stripped bear for all to see and transparent in its cosying up to the corporate big boys, it has become just another charity that exists to serve its own interests ahead of those it purports to serve, indulge with the political elite and pamper its exec staff with monstrous salaries and extravagant pension plans.

    Careerists first, servers of the LGTB community last.

    1. Michael Stevens 3 Apr 2013, 8:46pm

      OK, so they’re not perfect, but would you prefer their were no campaigns like this one? The Human Rights Campaign runs a similar one the USA and Pride in Diverstiy does it in Australia. At least one multi-national has insisted its procurement chain also follow the same standards that the HRC monitors it against. That is a hugely powerful driver of change.

      You always dance with the devil when you work with these huge multi-nationals, but if it makes them a bit more responsive to our communities then that is a good thing.

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