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South African student defends gay ‘cure’ college and says she’s no longer a lesbian

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Reader comments

  1. Nonsense. Enjoy your stay in the closet, try not to ruin some poor straight guy’s life when you think you’ll have a go at marrying someone because that junk – done intentionally and knowingly – just isn’t right.

  2. Shameful. So now her true self has been well and truely buried. ALL the evidence shows ‘gay cures’ result in even deeper psychological trauma than being subjected to relgiously-inspired homophobic bullying in the first place. These places should be outlawed and sued for mental distress.

  3. Let’s come back to this in 10 years and see how successful this “cure” has been.

  4. Do these people not realise that when they live this lie they mess with someone else’s life too?

    It’s just so backward and saddening. And maddening really.

  5. An “unnamed student” ? If she exists, she was probably guilt-tripped into writing the letter. Sure she was unhappy with her life “split in two”, the more sensible course would be to resolve the split and live somewhere she could be happy as an out lesbian or queer woman, rather than changing to have a safer life.

    An academy that tries to teach people to be straight when they’re not, does not care for the students and should be shut down.

  6. Maybe a bigot wrote this letter, pretending to be an ”ex-lesbian” (!).

    1. Gregg O'Grady 16 Jan 2013, 12:18pm

      I’m so glad that the suicidal lesbian came out of her closet and finally figured out that she wasn’t a lesbian at all and was straight all the time..
      I suppose it goes both ways about closet heterosexuals; its just a pity that the poisoning of her mind with the “burn in hell” stuff was the means she had to use to realise her “common normalness”. 1 for the bi-bigot-ble bashers. I’m sure they will feel satiated and justified.

  7. That There Other David 16 Jan 2013, 12:38pm

    LOL. To put it in Internet parlance I believe this qualifies as use of the “Sky fairy invocation fallacy”.

    Do I take it that witch doctors in Africa now go by the title “Reverend”?

  8. I’m willing to accept the possibility of ‘curing’ or changing someone’s sexuality, from gay to straight but also vise versa, but as soon as ‘god’ becomes involved I’m my old skeptic self again. Praying away the gay is indoctrination and installing self-hate and that doesn’t work. And why can’t people set up colleges where racism, greed and other undesirable character-flaws can be cured?

    1. Chester6666666 16 Jan 2013, 1:03pm

      Curing or changing is extremely unlikely and about as realistic as the tooth fairy etc or the moon being made of cheese

      1. WHAT? the moon isn’t made of cheese?

    2. Another implying it’s. A choice again. Yes because I knew all about what sexuality was at the age of 9! This also implies you can TURN someone gay…nope just means A: closet gay. Or B: didn’t know they were Bisexual.

      I can no more change my sexuality than I can change the colour of my eyes permanently!

  9. What ever you say sweet heart…enjoy the rest of your life in the closest and leave the rest of us alone. I know who I am…it’s a shame. You don’t….denial is far more harmful than being gay ever will.

    Well it is if bigots let you live your life that is!!

  10. She is either:-

    1) A barefaced liar.
    2) A fake.
    3) Deluded.

  11. I hope she is happy what ever she feels like saying. One can;t lie to themselves but world is decisive.

  12. Chances are she was never a lesbian or bisexual or just a fake gay Christian who pretended to be gay so she could say she is “CURED”. These anti-gay Christians are running all kinds of scams and think nobody knows what they are doing or how far they will go to stop gay. Look no farther than Uganda where they want to kill the gays or America where some Christians want to put LGBT people in lock up and do away with them.

  13. Unamed eh, well me thinks this is a made up story if it is true then she is more mixed up than before as people are born the way they are and not made so there for it cannot be unmade lets revisit this in a couple of years then we will see, i used to say only in America now i have to say only in South Africa.

  14. That letter could have been written by anyone – I’m not taken it seriously at all and will not help get that academy any further publicity (which is exactly what it got from all this crap)(and doesn’t deserve to get).

  15. Guglielmo Marinaro 17 Jan 2013, 1:30pm

    As so often with these “ex-gay” stories, this lady’s testimony is puzzling and incoherent. She says that she had been in a gay relationship for seven years and was “on the verge of suicide” when she came to Creare. If she was in a gay relationship that she didn’t like, why hadn’t she got out of it long since? Even if she felt trapped in it for some reason, why did she feel that attempting to change her sexual orientation was the means of escape? Do heterosexual people in heterosexual relationships that they don’t like think that changing their sexual orientation is the solution? And why was she having to live “two different lives”? Was she in a lesbian relationship even though she was heterosexual, or was she in a lesbian relationship but pretending to be heterosexual? And in either case, why?

  16. Another confused and self-loathing BISEXUAL. yawn. Go, be happy, and shut your pie-hole! You don’t speak for LG people. Not even close!

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