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Manchester: Police apologise to gay former soldier over DNA sampling

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Reader comments

  1. They should have looked at what the conviction was for before wasting all those police resources.

    GMP have made themself look very stupid.

    1. GMP have a habit of making themselves look continuously ridiculous… but that again Commandant LeFarce, the chief constable is more obsessed with publicity than policing, and the command team are clueless.
      This particular incident is yet another example of GMP getting it wrong.

    2. I shouldn’t worry. Stonewall will be there cap-in-hand tomorrow, and after a ‘donation’ of a few grand, GMP’s status as Diversity Champions will be assured!

  2. That’s good, well done GMP.

  3. An apology is not a promise to destroy the DNA sample, nor will it affect others who have been – or will be – sampled. With a name like “Operation Harvest” there is obviously an agenda.

    1. Spanner1960 16 Jan 2013, 6:43pm

      Operation names are picked at random and have no relation to the cases whatsoever.

    2. In the interests of factual correctness, I think the article stated that the DNA would be destroyed.

  4. Keith Francis Farrell 16 Jan 2013, 6:23pm

    funny how they are still trying to say it was not because of being gay, yet the letter clearly said so.
    Ifind the police cowards, adi your fault, and make sure that no other person has suffered this way,

    1. I’m sorry but I must have missed that. Where did it say in the letter that he was having his DNA taken “because he was gay”?

      GMP clearly made a mistake by not checking what the offence stated related to and for which they have made an apology.

      1. Staircase2 17 Jan 2013, 8:56pm

        In the previous article on the subject by Peter Tatchell and I think one other

  5. Martyn Smith 16 Jan 2013, 6:36pm

    Why not send them a complaint? It only takes a few mins and, if they get enough, they will think twice before doing this type of thing again. Here is the address.

    1. GMP (like a number of other forces) simply ignore complaints, and even when forced by Judicial Review to carry out an investigation, they simply ignore it and do nothing anyway. You’ve as much chance of getting GMP to conduct a valid investigation and think twice about doing something this monumentally stupid again, as you have of spontaneously gaining the powers of a mystical genie of the lamp.

  6. Martyn Smith 16 Jan 2013, 6:38pm

    Why not send them a complaint? It only takes a few mins. If they get enough, they may think twice before doing something this crass again. here is the e mail address for complaints

    1. abused by police 17 Jan 2013, 11:13am

      PLEASE, don’t be niave, the police complaint system is a waste of time, the IPCC totally ineffectual & useless, they pass 90% of complaints back to the force professional Standards Units to bury!. I took part as a witness & gave evidence to a government audit into the IPCC. Police are a law unto themselves.

      We have learned nothing from the Charles de Menzes Murder, Ian Tomlinson, butchery, Welsh Care Homes abuse police cover up, Birmingham Six, Mark Aspinall war hero police beating, The Welsh Trial where evidence against police suddenly disappearred, the police shooting of a barrister, the over 250+ deaths in custody since 2008…and not a single police officer held accountable.

      Trust a police officer…I’d rather trust a rabid dog!

    2. Mr Close did complain, GMP investigated and upheld his complaint, destroyed the DNA and have apologised personally and publicly. Yes, it shouldn’t have happened in the first place and hopefully they will have learnt from their mistake.

  7. Christine Beckett 16 Jan 2013, 6:42pm

    Bloody right too.

    And the other forces should do the same for the people they chased.

  8. This whole sorry affair has taken GMP weeks to actually realise (under public pressure) that they got this totally and utterly wrong.
    It’s the old “continue blindly on whilst sticking fingers in ears” mentally they so deeply pervades the command structure at this hopeless force.
    All they’ve done in this instance is make a bit of a public fuss by saying sorry – but his DNA was taken and will remain in their database – so the original issue remains unresolved. GMP has got what it wants so it’s yet another hollow apology from an endemically corrupt force.

  9. Well done Peter!

    The GMP and other police forces should be ashamed of themselves. They have had thirteen years to go through the records since homosexuLity was decriminalised in the armed forces, and this balls up should have never occured in the first place.
    It is incredible they tried to excuse this just last week, becaise of a theft case!
    They haven’t taken the potential for distress seriously, they haven’t taken the sense of injustice for these convictions seriously.
    Another point: have those who were imprisoned and victims of violent abuse from the military police & Forces been adequately compensated? Hope others can speak out like Mr Close.

  10. make me sick the amount of straight having sex and children under the age of 16 and none are ever before the courts.

    How can anyone ever believe Mr Close was a risk to anyone. Disgraceful the whole affair .

  11. Uncouth Youth 17 Jan 2013, 3:31am

    Empty words from an institutionally homophobic and violent bunch of practiced liars. They are not called ‘the filth’ for nothing.

  12. Abused by police 17 Jan 2013, 11:03am

    When will gay people learn that the police are utterly untrustworthy on any gay issues.

    Years ago I knew a gay man (then in his 80’s) who had contributed to the Wolfenden report to decriminalise homosexuality.

    He said “Gay peope are only ever one government away from the death camps..the police as their foot soldiers”

    Nothing has changed but police PR & spin on equality & diversity. Police are still every bit the racist & homophobic organisation as identified in the Macpherson Enquiry into the Stephen Lawrence muder.

    …and gay police officers their ‘kapos’.

    1. Phew! Just had to pinch myself there. For a minute I thought I had been transported back in time and place to 1930’s Germany where you seem to live.

      1. Abused by police 17 Jan 2013, 2:22pm

        @Dinbats. LOL, I might as well be given attitude of vile homophobic police in Cornwall. Most I have encountered seem of the opinion gay people should be prosecuted under the likes of the 1930’s article 175 of the German Penal code for ‘committing acts against nature’, which saw 100,000 arrested & 10,000 gays sent to the death camps of Nazi Germany.

        Even so in 2006 both Cornwall police & Judge Rucker stated in a Crown Court in Cornwall that the UK equal age of sexual consent at 16yrs did not come into affect until 2004 (The Judge was wrong it was 2001). Demonstrating gay equality law in the UK takes years to filter across the Tamar even after it has been passed by UK government….and even then it is entirely ignored by homophobic police.

        Honest police officer…I’ve never met one!

        1. I’m glad you have personalised your comments. As the late Christopher Hitchens wrote in his book “God in Not Great” most people prefer a conspiracy theory to no theory. A personal grievance or injustice doesn’t a theory make.

          1. Staircase2 17 Jan 2013, 9:04pm

            But a series of grievances and injustices DO a theory make…

            Without a theory we would all still be lunging around self hating ourselves for being so evil as to have been born gay wouldn’t we…

            Wake up man!

            Just because someone SAID or WROTE something doesn’t make it true…

            Our EXPERIENCES make it true – and when the evidence overwhelmingly suggests something IS true then only an idiot would pretend it couldn’t possibly be…

  13. Well done, Peter Tatchell, on this particular issue! You chose a very worthy cause to support there, Peter!

    1. abused by police 17 Jan 2013, 11:31am

      Where would we be without Peter?
      Alas Stonewall has become a simpering sycophant of the institutions which still abuse & violate gay people…in particular the police…in particular Devon & Cornwall Police!

  14. damnedfilth 17 Jan 2013, 4:04pm

    The cops can apologise or express regret until the cows come home but Private Wellhung won’t get his DNA off the register no matter how hard he tries.

    There is a a covert operation to get as many people’s DNA as possible. It will come out under some 100 year rule when we are all dead

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