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Majority of MPs indicate that they will vote for same-sex marriage in England and Wales

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Reader comments

  1. PeterinSydney 16 Jan 2013, 8:27am

    This is wonderful news. 2013 could be a year of great advances in marriage equality. Sadly here in Australia we are still living in the Dark Ages controlled by gay hating clergy and political leaders. Gillard and Abbott are as bad as each other and just have contempt for their gay citizens.

    1. As more and more countries enact marriage-equality legislation, hopefully there will be a snowball effect and resistance in remaining countries will crumble relatively quickly. There may be an interesting effect as more and more married SS couples travel around the world as tourists and demand recognition of their status – or boycott those countries where such recognition is denied. As the world recession continues, any opportunity for financial gain will be looked at closely, and countries who have a significant tourist industry may well seek to compete to attract, or retain as many visitors as possible. ‘Moral’ scruples tend to dissolve when badly needed income is at stake…….

      1. Australia, UK, US and many other countries may have placed their own LGBT marriage rights on the back burner, but they cannot avoid the present crisis of legally married gay couples visiting from other countries. Do the visitors keep all of the same rights as any other hetero-married couple or are they stripped away upon entering? For example, if one falls ill, what are the visitation and decision rights? If an Aussie and a Norwegian get married in Oslo, are they still married in Sydney? If not, then why are hetero international marriages recognized, and if so, then how are Gay couples in Australia any different? It all comes down to creating a complex, arbitrary, class system based on archaic myths and phobias or simply allowing any 2 adult humans to marry. The latter also neatly clears up the issues of the married people enduring the various stages of being transexual (if I change sex, am I still married?). The solution is too easy for Heteros to see.

        1. I wouldn’t say that the UK has but equal marriage on the back burner. The UK are about to legislate for it. Australia and the US are nowhere near.

    2. Fight ’em, Peter, fight ’em. Get the gay boys off the beaches, get ’em thinking, get ’em worked up and angry, and cause your politicians and church ponces some real BOTHER, until such time as you get what is your right!

  2. bobbleobble 16 Jan 2013, 9:53am

    I’m not sure how you came to 324 needed for a majority. There are 650 MPs but the speaker only votes if there is a tie therefore under normal circumstances 325 MPs are required for a majority if all MPs turn up and vote.

    However, the SNP aren’t going to vote because this is solely an England and Wales matter (6 MPs), Sinn Fein won’t vote (4 MPs) the Speaker’s deputies won’t vote (3 MPs) and there’s one vacancy (Mid Ulster). So that’s a total of 14 other MPs not voting as well as the Speaker.

    That means at maximum there will be 635 MPs voting on this issue and 318 votes required for a majority.

  3. This is very, very good news!
    Together with poll numbers this will hopefully finally get rid of this whiny ‘it’s not democratic’ argument. No majority should ever vote on the rights of a minority but when the majority support said minority, it can’t hurt.
    But no, there’s that other stupid argument: C4M took legal advise who came up with the idiotic statement that churches “could be” forced into conducting marriages! As if. That “argument” tells me that they think the rest of us are stupid. Courts trying to tell a faith group what religious ceremonies they have to carry out? Really? Seriously, this is an argument? Just completely ridiculous.
    I can’t wait for this legislative process to be over, Equal Marriage is the just and fair thing whose time has most definitely come. Let’s get there.

  4. Good news. I’ll still worry till it’s all done and dusted though. I really can’t understand why any MP wouldn’t support equal marriage now they have the quadruple lock to protect the churches (even though they probably didn’t need it in the first place).

    The MPs who worry me are the ones fence-sitting, presumably because they don’t want to upset a small section of their constituents. But would they pander to racists or those who thought women shouldn’t have equal rights? This is a CIVIL matter and no religious concerns should affect it. There’s absolutely no reason why we should be denied access to the legal institution of marriage.

    The fact that some ‘christians’ are conducting such a wide-ranging and hyper-active campaign to deprive us of rights, which wouldn’t affect their rights at all, really disgusts me.

    1. Iris. Organised relgion sees this as “The Final Conflict”. Once this issue is out of the way, what is left for them to moralise about? They see their place of power and privilidge being erroded by the day. They don’t like it. They are becoming increasingly marginalised by remaining in the dark ages. That’s their choice and, personally, I hope they hand-wring themselves into oblivion.

      1. I would like to give you a bouquet of flowers! You’ve spoken true to your moniker.

      2. “what is left for them to moralise about?”

        And who is left for them to persecute? Women, those of a different skin colour – all pretty much out of bounds now, so gay people are all they have left to bully. Sick and sad.

  5. Great news but I sincerely hope gay constituents will take note of how their MP votes and remember it at the next general election.

    1. I have emailed my MP twice, and she is still sitting on the fence with the argument of “I have to see how ALL my constituents feel before I decide how to vote”. thought this was a conscience vote, which I had assumed meant the MPs conscience not her constituents……

      1. She’s gormless and gutless. Tell everybody what you’ve asked her and how she’s replied, and get rid of her at the next election.

  6. Yep, here in Australia no LGBT friendly legislation has passed since 2009 at a federal level!

    The ACT, SA and NSW will this year will try to allow same sex marriages at a state level – but state laws are pointless because the moment NSW, SA or ACT allows SSM, then same sex married living in these states and then the moment a same sex couple moves to Victoria or Queensland (now ruled by a total Dictator Campbell Newman) there SSM will be divorced automatically as you move to a state that does not have SSM!

    No protection at all from discrimination at a federal level and no same sex marriage at all at a federal level yet too!

    What a total joke and embarrassment my country Australia has become!

    Time I moved to New Zealand!

    1. Fingers crossed Marriage Equality succeeds in New Zealand. It’ll have a good effect upon the movement in Australia. Aussies like to imagine they’re more advanced than the Kiwis.

  7. Should be very interesting debate.
    It will certainly “out” the homophobes of all parties.

    Remember them for future reference at the next election.

  8. This is brilliant news. Just as long as all the MPs (and MSPs in Scotland) who have stated their support of equal marriage make sure they turn up and. We can’t get complacent at this stage and think it’s a done deal either at Westminster or Holyrood. I do think it’s now very likely that the equal marriage Bills will get passed in both Parliaments. Let’s hope Northern Ireland won’t be too far behind.

    1. I meant to say “turn up and vote” in my first comment!

    2. Holyrood always has a decent attendance rate because of the relative ease they can all get to Edinburgh, and the fact that 129 MSPs are pretty easy to keep track of if you’re a party whip. There are something like 90 supporters right now and a solid 30 undecideds, I would love to break the 100 mark!

      1. Yes, it would be brilliant to get as many MSPs as possible to vote for marriage equality so it will be seen as a decisive vote.

  9. Robert in S. Kensington 16 Jan 2013, 12:44pm

    Fantastic! Now wait for the last rants of desperation from the right wing religious nutters. Their goose is truly cooked and no amount of screaming hysterics will help them, bloody ignorant fools.

  10. I could hardly believe the headline when I saw it! It’s wonderful news, in the face of so much hatred and homophobia having surfaced in recent months from so many leaders and ordinary folk in UK churches and UK politics.

    Could it really be that the UK will get there before New Zealand and France?

    It’s good to have hope again.

    1. bobbleobble 16 Jan 2013, 1:45pm

      I suspect we won’t manage it before NZ and France because they don’t have House of Lords problems. I mean who knows, maybe the Lords will surprise us all and pass the legislation easily but I doubt it.

      1. Hmmm. Yep. I agree. The fusty old Lords, “full” of fusty old bishops and suchlike, could cause the Bill no end of trouble.

  11. No doubt the right wing “silent majority” will be whining that the politicians are out of touch with the electorate. You only have to look at the comments section on the Daily Mail website to see how these people make up statistics, very often you see comments claiming that “99% of the population don’t want gay marriage”.

    These people really do have the mistaken belief that everybody is seething about having their bigotry silenced by a “PC cultural Marxist” conspiracy. Idiots the lot of them.

    1. Yes, Chris, if the news contained in this PinkNews article hits the likes of the Daily Mail their readerships will indeed be whining that politicians are “out of touch” with their views (i.e. their bigotry).

      1. Well they will do that anyway once equal marriage gets passed…..

  12. Jock S. Trap 16 Jan 2013, 3:17pm

    All MPs should be whipped (they’ll enjoy it) into attending the vote!

    There can be no excuses for MP’s not being there and not voting this legislation through.

  13. Wonderful but not unexpected news, given Labour and Lib Dem 90%+ support and that the Conservatives are split roughly 50:50. The House of Lords could still pose a problem, but they could only really delay implementation, they can’t stop it. 318 is the magic number (given 650 MP’s with 15 confirmed abstentions), and we’ve now passed that with some to spare.

    It’s not over though; keep at it because things can still go tits-up!

  14. So when is the vote going to happen? Can’t wait for the process to be over and ending with equal marriage.

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