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Former prime minister of Singapore hears sermon of anti-gay pastor

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Reader comments

  1. These bigots never cease. I doubt Jesus would even recognize what Christianity has become.

    1. That There Other David 17 Jan 2013, 9:47am

      One thing’s for certain. If he did come back they’d quickly nail him up again. They’ve become exactly what Yeshua was against.

  2. Sex is nobodies business but the consenting adults who agree to have it in their home, it is not the business of the governments or the Christian religions or anybody else.

    1. I totally agree! It was the late Queen Victoria of England that saw fit to intervene but England has since seen the error of their ways and corrected the folly. Unfortunately some places like Singapore are still in the dark ages.!! LOL

  3. Singapore’s national interest is to move into the 21st century and drop it’s 19th
    century sodomy law prohibiting sex between consensual adults in private.

    Google has urged Singapore to do so because of economic reasons. High-tech Singapore is loosing some of it’s best talent with this antiquated law.

    This law also has been proven to spread the Aids virus among both gays and straights. Secrecy leads to Singapore deaths.

    Although there is nothing in Chinese or
    Indian religious traditions against homosexuality, Singapore prides itself on being a traditional and conservative society.

    But the traditions behind this law is really entirely from Britain. France repealed it’s sodomy law in 1789 and if
    Singapore had been a French colony it
    would never had considered such a law.

    So why have it be a crime when it is not a crime today in China, India, or even Indonesia?

    1. Correction: it was not a sermon but a raising of their concern to Mr. Goh.

  4. Ah, now I know why the Romans crucified them, burnt these people at stakes and fed them to the Lions. After if became the state religion, Rome fell. What a great way to destroy civilization with that kind of bigotry.

    1. That There Other David 17 Jan 2013, 9:52am

      The Romans didn’t feed Christians to the lions. Widespread persecution of Christians by the Empire didn’t occur into the beginning of the 4th Century. They turned on Christians at that point for the same reasons Christians later turned on Jews, as someone to blame.

      I should also point out that the Roman Empire didn’t actually fall entirely until the 15th Century, and might actually still be around if it hadn’t been for the Vatican’s desires to rid itself of competition during the Crusades.

      1. That There Other David 17 Jan 2013, 9:52am

        occur until, not occur into…..time for another morning coffee….

  5. GingerlyColors 17 Jan 2013, 8:00am

    As the court ruling will be over a human rights issue there is no reason why Singapore should continue to criminalise homosexuality. Singapore’s charismatic former Prime Minister, Lee Kuan Yew who built the former colony up from a fishing village to a vibrant economic powerhouse still advises the current government on policy decisions and he has recommended that homosexuality be decriminalised as he, like other educated people know that it is natural for some people (and animals) to be gay. Singapore is home to many races and religions living cheek-to-jowl in quite surprising harmony, partially thanks to the old British colonial laws which prescribes severe punishments even for minor infractions but the law against gay sex, although not being enforced currently, has no place in a modern, multiracial and multicultural society.

    1. Not PROACTIVELY enforced is not the equivalent of not enforced.

  6. The seemingly irrepressible rise of this type of gutter religion and its ‘megachurches’ in the East is really rather disturbing.

  7. Speaking of Lawrence Khong’s hypocrisy, a single woman with a child out of wedlock, is that ‘traditional family’? In biblical days, wouldn’t that said woman be branded an adulteress and stoned? His daughter that is, nepotised as a ‘Director ‘in one of FCBC’s subsidiaries.

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