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UKIP LGBT chairman: I support same-sex marriage — but it’s not important

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Reader comments

  1. Anyone else getting prominent ad appealing for donations to UKIP with Farage’s face looming large?

    1. Yes I am ..not happy about it either

    2. Surely as an openly gay men he should ‘welcome’ equality . . . or maybe he’s No2 on an MEP listing after Mr Farage somewhere and is looking forward to Europe paying for his suits, mortgage, holidays etc etc etc

  2. I personally believe in gay marriage but NOT at the expense at other people’s personal liberties, UKIP support civil partnership, has equality not already been achieved here? Perhaps the gay community should tackle far more important issues of equality like homophobia in schools?…… So our rights are secondary ? Perhaps the gay community are tackling important issues of equality.. It’s called multi-tasking. But thn Ukip is really a sinke issue party so multi-tasking for them is watching tv with the sound up.

    1. People are downrating you I think because you’ve not made clear the first half of your post is quoting the article and the second half is a response to that quote. I totally agree with your response anyway. ^^

      1. Thanks. I should have “. ” i thought it looked a bit odd.

  3. Ooh, we’ve got a right one here! He sounds like a total Dick.
    No, CPs are not equal. And if they are then why do you believe in equal marriage?
    If you believe in equal marriage then why do you take the side of religious bigots who are against it?

    1. Robert in S. Kensington 15 Jan 2013, 6:54pm

      The thing is, those who keep harping on about CPs being equal and sufficient, mostly straights in opposition to equal marriage, wouldn’t actually want one for themselves if they had to choose. Try replacing civil marriage with CPs for all and I think there would be national uproar, far more than we’re seeing against equal marriage. I can only imagine what their excuses would be if posed with the choice and I think they would find it extremely difficult to convince any of us why they wouldn’t want one. I can’t believe that a divorced heterosexual would be happy knowing that he or she could only have a CP and not marriage.

      1. Very good point. It’s a shame that the BBC don’t seem to be giving our side a chance to put these kind of questions to the bigots they are forever giving a platform to.

  4. Ah I wondered how long it would be before they trotted out their quislings. There’s always some willing to sell us out.

  5. C’mon Nathan, you know just as well as we all do that Civil Partnerships is not truly equal to actual marriage equality. Actual marriage would be equal.

    And us gay lot, we are a smart bunch, we are able to tackle BOTH marriage equality AND homophobia in schools at the same time. No need to have to sacrifice one for other.

  6. Not at the expense of other people’s civil liberties? Notice how that statement isn’t backed up by describing any of these civil liberties that would be compromised by allowing same sex marriage? Then, of course, the “there are more important things to worry about” argument. Pathetic.

    1. Sister Mary Clarence 15 Jan 2013, 6:25pm

      “Not at the expense of other people’s civil liberties?”

      That’s the bit that kind of sticks in my mind.

      Yes, of course black people can sit at the front of the bus, but ‘Not at the expense of other people’s civil liberties’.

      Not problem at all with wheel chair users going to the cinema but ‘Not at the expense of other people’s civil liberties’.

      If someone sees it as their civil liberty that they have a right to be a bigot, then frankly there are going to be a lot of things that are ‘at the expense’ of their civil liberties.

      What possible legitimate civil liberties could possibly be at risk here? My mind is a blank!

      1. Robert Hamling 16 Jan 2013, 12:01am

        The point is UKIP is a Libertarian Party (small government that does not interfere in people’s private lives). Yes it is about Civil Liberties and it will be settled in a court of law as it was in 1960s (Google Virginia v Loving). What is needed is for a Church to conduct a SSM and for it to be challenged in court. Then there can be a real Civil Rights fight – Who will it be?

    2. Robert in S. Kensington 15 Jan 2013, 6:45pm

      Apparently the quadruple lock and the opt in for denominations who wish to participate aren’t good enough for this moron. Even if Jesus Christ himself endorsed equal marriage, it still wouldn’t be good enough for them.

      I bet he would be forced to resign if he ever tried to take over the UKIP. Gay and belonging to a right wing group that opposes your freedom to marry is beyond oxymoronic. These types are our worst enemy, gay traitors.

      I want him to point to any civil liberties of others that have been trampled on in 11 countries where equal marriage is legal. That’s the problem with these idiots, they can’t really produce the evidence, no matter how many protections and laws are in place to safeguard religious freedom which is what this is all about.

      1. “Apparently the quadruple lock and the opt in for denominations who wish to participate aren’t good enough for this moron”

        Even those I find abhorrent. How would British society feel if the Catholic church decided not to marry black people? It wouldn’t be tolerated. Nor should homophobia.

      2. He is being used and is too stupid to see it.

  7. im currently torn on wether to vote ukip or not vote at all, in light of the recent headlines i wonder wether to abstain from voting! my family didnt sacrifice blood in two world wars to let scum inhabbit parliment. Yeah yeah choose the lesser of two evils BUT EITHER WAY they just burn you !!!!!!!

    1. That There Other David 15 Jan 2013, 6:22pm

      I understand completely. Sometimes I really wish I lived in Scotland or Wales. At least they have decent fourth parties* to vote for. English people can only come up with this bunch of idiots and the BNP. How rubbish are we?

      *Yeah, I know the SNP is hardly a “fourth” party.

      1. because of their bickering they are increasingly creating a breeding ground for right and left extremism though i might add that the the right are cider drinking nonces because they have held ‘protests’ in the past outside of the LGBT group i go to. And im kind of left biased because thatcher FUCKED OVER the north into chickentown by john cooper clark!!!!

    2. Staircase2 16 Jan 2013, 3:15pm

      Can I remind everyone that what we’re actually voting for is a LOCAL REPRESENTATIVE not a ‘Government’

      There are always more than two candidates to choose from. If you buy the Press’s portrayal of Party Politicians then of course we start believing that there’s only two choices. But it’s not true.

      Vote for someone who represents YOU and your LOCAL Constituency

  8. That There Other David 15 Jan 2013, 6:20pm

    And here we have it. The Public Face of UKIP’s LGBT wing, complete with a nice Tory bashing backstory to boot.

    The only one being fooled here Nathan is you. Whatever the people in Wakefield with their “Oh, he’s alright, he’s one of us!!” attitude feel about you the rest of the party would happily push you under a bus if it helped them get power.

  9. Quick we need a rearguard action!

    Someone should explain what equality actually means.

  10. That old “priorities” argument again. Because us gays can’t multi-task!

    And we don’t want freedom if it upsets other people, no deary that wouldn’t do at all…

    UKIP. They aren’t homophobes, they are just really rather stupid.

  11. Gorgeous looks and talks more sense than I have heard espoused on many a PN forum in a long while, what’s not to love about Nathaniel?

    And a Biblical name too!

    Jewish perchance?

    Sigh, my heart just skipped a beat…

    1. Robert in S. Kensington 15 Jan 2013, 6:47pm

      What if he supported Jews being kicked out of the UK? Would you still find him gorgeous? Jews turn on their own kind too you know , just as gays do, like him.

    2. most people have a biblical name it doesn’t mean that they are religious!

    3. bobbleobble 15 Jan 2013, 6:57pm

      He’s not bad looking I suppose but talking sense?! Pull the other one. You can tell he’s a politician. The mealy mouthed way he wriggles around the issue I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s been taking lessons from Alistair Campbell.

    4. Samuel

      Yes, he is good-looking. But that is completely irrelevant to the important issue of LGBT rights and the role of UKIP in opposing equal marriage, or the issue of the position of LGBT people in UKIP who support equal marriage.

      I often feel that the gay male subculture places such a premium on youth and good looks, that things (and people) of true value get displaced time and time again by these factors.

      That has always made me feel a bit depressed, as there are many things, and people, who may not glint that brightly, but that are solid gold under the surface.

  12. “UKIP ….. are expected to come first in the 2014 European elections and gain MPs in 2015.”

    Ukip first in the 2014 European elections? MPs in 2015?

    Is he serious? Is this a misprint?

    1. Robert in S. Kensington 15 Jan 2013, 6:45pm

      He’s delusional.

  13. I’m feeling a bit of David Bowie’s space oddity coming on…
    “Damage control to Uncle Tom…, Damage control to Uncle Tom,
    Pander to the homophobes
    and put your helmet on
    Damage control to Uncle Tom
    Brace for impact,
    Engines on,
    Check you’ve covered UKIP’s ass and may Godsquad be with you.
    This is Damage control to Uncle Tom,
    I think we got away with it…
    And gay voters want to know if you actually care,
    Now it’s time to make out we’re gay friendly if you dare…”
    “…Damage control to Uncle Tom, your pink vote’s dead, there’s something wrong.
    Can you hear me, Uncle Tom?
    Can you hear me Uncle Tom?”

    1. That was very creative. Well done.

  14. Non-article. Non-party.

    You can find a brown man to say racist things, so it’s little surprise you can find a gay guy to condone homophobia.

  15. He left the tory party for being homophobic – and then joined UKIP? Eh?

  16. the ironic thing is that UKIP would prefer that gay wasn’t mentioned at all in schools and so teaching against homophobia would be a big no no especially as their grassroot supporters say “gay is a sin and they deserve punishment” … forgetting they are not the ones to judge or punish – God is.

  17. Does this guy sincerely hold these views?

  18. bobbleobble 15 Jan 2013, 6:55pm

    I think he’s being a little economical with the truth. He says he supports gay marriage but then completely turns that on its head and trots out the UKIP line that civil partnerships are enough. At least be honest about you believe.

  19. Ok, it’s not important, so lets get it over and done with then?. Just the same as many other pieces of legislation are passed almost without being noticed by anyone other than political anoraks.

  20. Poor guy is so deluded, nobody has the right to tell you that your opinion is not opinion if you support something then a truly libertarian party will let you speak your mind and allow you to vote however you want.

    1. Poor guy is so deluded, nobody has the right to tell you that your opinion is *not important* if you support something then a truly libertarian party will let you speak your mind and allow you to vote however you want.

  21. Same sex marriage would do more than any other single action in helping to tackle homophobia in schools. For obvious reasons.

    1. bobbleobble 15 Jan 2013, 7:36pm

      I love how some people trot this out to try and make us feel guilty for supporting marriage equality as if we do so at the expense of gay kids being bullied in schools. That the two issues are linked has apparently not occurred to them nor has the fact that gay people can multi-task. As can the government.

  22. I dint think UKIP were gay friendly

  23. If homosexuals want equality, why do they have separate ‘affiliated’ groups to the political parties?

    1. bobbleobble 16 Jan 2013, 12:24am

      You do know you’ve answered your own question right? We want equality but we don’t have it yet so we need affiliated groups to promote our issues within the political parties.

  24. scene1_take2 15 Jan 2013, 8:45pm

    This self loathing individual lecturing others on what they should be tackling is laughable.

  25. Sigh.
    I really just cannot wait for this UKIP craze to pass.

  26. The UKIP is starting to remind me of Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign in the United States. No one of sound mind actually wants the UKIP in power, but their publicists and most vocal supporters are suggesting that they are way more popular than they actually are.

  27. Robert Hamling 15 Jan 2013, 11:55pm

    Church can refuse to marry heterosexual couple. And there a bigger issues at stake here other than SSM. There are still members of our society whose relationships are not recognised and it is taking the media & threats of legal action to get the government (of all colours) to do anything about it. There are service families out there who don’t have CP or marriage but live together as couples. If one of them dies in service the other gets nothing – even if there are children involved. The remaining partner must prove there is a genetic connect to get anything.

  28. I think Nathan is correct in what he is saying. FIT too!!
    How do I join UKIP?

    1. bobbleobble 16 Jan 2013, 12:23am

      Nathan? Is that you?!

    2. By being dumb and very right-wing and, if gay, self-oppressed.

  29. Great peice, well put Nathan.

    1. bobbleobble 16 Jan 2013, 12:07am

      Think you need to read it again. He contradicts himself and is basically acting as a gay fig leaf for UKIP’s nastier side. Whether he’s doing it in ignorance or in full knowledge is unclear.

  30. Yes dear tackling homophobic bullying in schools is vitally important. And one of the major planks in attacking that bullying will be equality for gay people. THAT is why ‘gay marriage’ as you call it is vital. And yet again tell me why exactly other peoples liberties will be threatened by this step forward?

  31. I hate UKIP but this guy has a point other issues are more important and sorry to be immature but hot too…

  32. I hate UKIP but this guy has a point other issues are more important and sorry to be immature but hot too

  33. How does our right to marry impinge on anyone else’s rights. This guy is an obvious idiot. UKIP claim that the ECHR will force churches to allow gay marriage. It has already been before the ECHR and the case law is firm. They will NOT try and force a church to marry anyone against there own distorted beliefs. That is very clear. This guys is looking to be elected at any cost. Where is his moral fibre to stand up for his rights and the rights of us all?

  34. Of course Nathan is treated well in Ukip after all he is a Tory trophy. Anyone that defects to them is paraded and treated like a hero. His views on ssm are masochistic and derived of any logic. Another career politician without principles. Voting Ukip? You must be joking

  35. Although I dont agree with Nathan completely he does make some very interesting points.
    If the Young Independence Chair had been removed over the gay marriage issue why hasnt he?
    Issues like homophobia in schools and fighting HIV ARE more important than marriage. A couple of you have been unfair and said he is a career politician well if that was true he would of stuck with the tories and maybe been elected by now. Finally he is far too hansome to be UKIP, ‘what a waste’

    1. Mantas – I would be interested in you explaining how issues like homophobia in schools and fighting HIV are NOT related to marriage equality for gays ?

      I would like to ask if it had occurred to you that a society where same sex couples are treated the same as different sex couples may actually be less homophobic – which would be reflected in schools?

      Also had it occurred to you that a society that supports and encourages samesex couples into committed relationships may in fact also encourage responsible safe sex behavior ?

  36. I would rather vote UKIP than Conservative if only to get out of the EU.
    So i agree with this UKIPer I would rather be a principled fruit cake than a lying Eton Mess.
    Als his point is valid if rumours are true about UKIP why hasnt he been removed too?

    1. This is a serious questions. I am trying to understand why so many people feel strongly about getting out of the EU. Why do you want to do this ? In you view what would improve by the UK by being outside the EU ?

    2. soapbubblequeen 19 Jan 2013, 12:12pm

      You might regret not being in the EU and having recourse to the ECHRC if you are ever discriminated against or bullied at work simply for being gay. People still are and the ECHRC gives us that extra level of protection under the law that UKIP would like to take away from us. UKIP would like us to return to the 1950s and 60s (the majority of their vote is grey). Admittedly, I do feel that immigration controls should be much stricter than they are in terms of how and when immigrants have access to the public welfare benefits. But I don’t think you need to vote UKIP to achieve that policy. I don’t trust them. And neither should any self-respecting gay person.

  37. This guy just doesn’t get it.

    “I personally believe in gay marriage but NOT at the expense at other people’s personal liberties, UKIP”

    What a self defeating rationale. It is like saying I believe in women having the right to vote as long as it does’t not effect the liberty of men to make all the decisions.

    …. “UKIP support civil partnership, has equality not already been achieved here?”

    The fact he has to ask this indicates as a gay man he is not particularly up with the issue or has taking any in depth study of the precedents of separate but supposedly equal systems that countries implemented for other minorities. It is disappointing that he has not bothered to do this.

    “Perhaps the gay community should tackle far more important issues of equality like homophobia in schools?”

    He doesn’t get the bigger picture. There are links between homophobia in schools and marriage equality.

    I am sorry but I can see why this guy went to UKIP – he is not very bright

  38. Another very confused self-hater. Does this wassack not realise this is about EQUALITY – not the rights of religions to discriminate against whom they please? I suppose Mr Garbutt has to play this one politically very carefully because the party to which he belongs wants to retain the right to discriminate against foreigners. A dilemma for UKPI

  39. “I personally believe in gay marriage but NOT at the expense at other people’s personal liberties, UKIP support civil partnership, has equality not already been achieved here?”

    No. Marriage =/= civil partnership.

  40. Jock S. Trap 16 Jan 2013, 1:03pm

    This letter is wrong on a number of points, one that it is an important issue. Civil Partnerships are not equal are are not fine and dandy. We shouldn’t be made to feel that we should be grateful for ‘some kind’ of equality that actually isn’t.

    Last time I checked there wasn’t any law denying anyone’s ‘personal liberties’ but they are just that personal. We are run by elected governments Not religion so someone’s personal thoughts are just that and should never be an argument. The law isn’t changing personal liberties and to be honest they are pretty weak if said people think it.

    The most important issue is his hypocritical comment about “the gay community should tackle far more important issues of equality like homophobia in schools?”…

    Hypocritical because how can we effectively tackle homophobia when people always have the blatant excuse of the fact we are not equal. …

    1. Jock S. Trap 16 Jan 2013, 1:05pm

      What equal marriage does do is help in the fight, another step forward, the battle of which people use homophobia and given them fewer reasons to use such hatred.

      We cannot effectively tackle such bullying when the religious choose to remain bigoted and naive.

  41. Staircase2 16 Jan 2013, 3:10pm

    Once again:

    The headline is not faithful to what was actually said!

    COME ON, SCOTT! This is happening time and time again.

    These issues are too important not to represent properly and fully. How can we have a serious debate about things when the information isn’t accurately portrayed?

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