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UK: Hate crime charity criticises Julie Burchill for writing ‘transphobic hatred’

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Reader comments

  1. Cardinal Capone 15 Jan 2013, 5:31pm

    What about the reprint in the Telegraph? Shouldn’t that also be included in the complaint to the PressComplaint body. Though as its run by the Daily Mail editor, who sees nothing wrong with printing multiple nasty homophobic articles, I wouldn’t expect much from it.

  2. Although I take the point that there was no direct incitement to violence, I do feel that had this article been written with an ethnic minority as its hate target then the police would have been involved.

    1. Do you think? :O

  3. Highly offensive??? She said the ideal woman looked like a Brazilian transsexual, making reference to the fact that Brazilian transsexuals are often very beautiful. it was a light hearted remark in an article that had nothing to do with gender issues.
    stop being so pathetically sensitive!

    1. You’re thinking of the wrong article. The Julie Burchill one was written in defence of that one. Including such classics as, “bed wetters in bad wigs,” “dicks in chick’s clothing,” and a reference to trans women “cutting their dicks off.”

      And FYI, in the Suzanne Moore article your referring to, it wasn’t a ‘light-hearted reference.’ It was the standard subtle suggestion, that trans women (specifically Brazilian ones) are “parodies of real women.” If that weren’t clear enough in the article, it was definitely cleared up when Suzanne tweeted, “People can fuck off. Cut their dicks off and become better feminists than me.”

  4. DJ Sheepiesheep 15 Jan 2013, 11:52pm

    Burchill is nothing more than the latter day Bernard Manning of journalism. Hopefully, in ten years time we’ll look back on her unthinking bigotry in the same way we cringe at the casual racism of the 70’s.

  5. So John Terry gets dragged through the courts for allegedly hurling a racist insults during a game, yet Julie Burchill gets off scot-free, when the evidence is there in black and white?

    1. dam keyboard making me misspell my name!

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