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Maryland: Anti-gay Republican blames same-sex marriage for alcohol abuse

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Reader comments

  1. So it wasn’t god then?

    I’ve heard it all now, how come people don’t just laugh in the face of morons like this?

    1. Christopher in Canada 15 Jan 2013, 10:43pm

      We’d laugh louder if this nation of idiots didn’t have most of the world’s nuclear weapons…

      1. Thank the stars they weren’t stupid enough to make one of these religious loonies President (Romney!!!!)

  2. Now I’ve heard it all… Fine then. Want to go down that line of thinking. Your anti-equal marriage thinking has led to my high blood pressure, alopecia, tooth decay, insomnia…….

  3. I’m spitting feathers now. This guy actually injured 6 people and wants to blame it on gay marriage?

    They should give him a longer sentence. If they find him guilty of course.

  4. Garry Cassell 15 Jan 2013, 7:15pm

    You are indeed a sick excuse for a human…to say you are not too bright is an understatement even though you are GOP…

  5. This is perhaps the most pathetic excuse I have ever heard for a drinking problem. i am surprised he actually said this.

  6. I know Don, it’s those bloody gays. If they aren’t encouraging incest and polygamy, not to mention the hurricanes and tsunamis they cause, they are responsible for you drinking too much!!

  7. how do these people make it into a position of power – what a dickhead?

    What an excuse rather than stand up spineless git

  8. Guglielmo Marinaro 15 Jan 2013, 8:21pm

    Reminds me of a woman some years ago who claimed that she had seen two men kissing, and it had upset her so much that she started shoplifting.

  9. He was not even decent enough to go down with his vessel.

  10. Helge Vladimir Tiller 15 Jan 2013, 8:42pm

    What a slow and intricate coming-out process !

  11. Why are the Right Wing anti-gay Christians always putting the blame on gays? Are they trying to elevate LGBT people to the level of God?

  12. douglas in canada 15 Jan 2013, 11:57pm

    In a back-handed kind of way, the christians are admitting that gays have more power than god. We can cause a hurrican or tsunami, or who knows what all else, but their god is powerless to stop that.

    What a loser that god is!!

  13. Not only the drinking and skippering and almost scuppering the vessel, but Da GayZ made him not register the boat too! Da noive of dem GayZ!

  14. I would like to personally apologise for the fact that my sexuality and those who support my human rights have made you a stinking old drunk.
    If there were Oscars for stupidity this guy would get a lifetime achievement award.

  15. For my British friends who are not completely familiar with the American Republican Party let me point out that their two main claims to fame are that they are the Party that supports and promotes “Individual Liberty” and “Personal Responsibility”. I know, I know, it’s laughable that the Party that has worked so hard to deny gay people individual liberties makes such a claim but it’s even more laughable that a member of such a Party takes so little personal responsibility. This is one reason why most sane people in the US consider the Republican Party and Republicans a colossal joke!

    1. I’m always on my guard when parties and politicians start waving slogans about “liberty” and”individual freedom” about. It this country and elsewhere it usually means the freedom to believe what they believe. That’s as far as their “freedom” goes.

      The people who went on an anti SSM marriage protest in Paris at the weeKend would probably say they beiieve in the slogan, “Liberty Equality Fraternity” without blushing or batting an eyelid.

  16. Frank Boulton 16 Jan 2013, 5:48am

    We need to look at the bright side of this. First, these guys claim that gay people lack self-control. Then they claim that we responsible for all the calamities that affect humankind. Now, one of them wants to blame us for his own lack of self-control. All of these lunatic assertions are probably alienating people and winning support for our community.

    1. I would lay good money on this guy being a closet case. Self-loathing over inner-fears about your sexuality can drive you to all kinds of suppressive behaviours – alcoholism being just one.

  17. GingerlyColors 16 Jan 2013, 6:51am

    People like Don Dwyer drive me to drink!

  18. He also separated from his wife in 2011 after 31 years, which he says, in the full interview, also “caused” him to drink excessively. Be that as these things may, you’d think most people would realise operating a 27-foot powerboat, even moderately intoxicated, is more than a little irresponsible. It was still his choice, too, to get on and drive that boat, drunk or not.

    I have no sympathy, also, given that a five year old girl’s skull was fractured and four others, three of whom were children, were seriously injured in the collision. He goes on about “being honest” after the incident, but won’t say anything that might be used against him in court and originally said his blood alcohol level was 0.2% (limit 0.8%), which he couldn’t possibly have known, given that the blood tests hadn’t finished. Too much time spent looking at his re-election chances, not enough time taking responsibility.

    1. What is even more likely, is that his wife left him due to his excessive drinking and irresponsible behaviour. A lot of people with problems find it easier to blame others before their own actions, though.

  19. It’s so extreme it’s funny in a way, but it’s really a disgusting avoidance of responsibility. I’d say he should be ashamed of himself, but it appears he’s beyond shame.

  20. Errrm. Run that past me again? I think you’ll find same-sex self-loathing may have been the driver, honey. If you’re gay, accept and embrace it. You won’t need to keep hitting the bottle to keep those emotions suppressed.

  21. Anita Bryant rides again. Remember her? In the 70’s she said that gay rights ordinances in Florida had caused the orange crop to fail. She was a loony, but she didn’t blame her own inadequacies on the advance of gay rights. What a loser this guy is.

  22. The only direct way he could pin his decent into alcoholic hell directly on teh gayz is if he spent every day from 11am downing tequilla slammers and sambucco from the cute bartender with the washboard abs in a gaybar.
    Does he really want to go there?
    Maybe he just needs a different scapegoat… how about Canada?

  23. David former convicted drink driver 16 Jan 2013, 11:37am

    What a poor pathetic excuse this man truly is!

    Same sex marriage is GOOD for the state of Maryland!

    I myself went to jail for 110 days because of DUI (3 times over the legal limit) crashed my car fully into a pole about 7 years ago (no one else was hurt and no other cars were hit) – I have never done it again!

    I lost my job, I lost my boyfriend and attempted to commit suicide in jail.

    I wish I used that excuse at the time, because my excuse was way too many sucking on cans of Jim Beans!

    Now I go to every school in the state of Maryland advising and educating kids about the dangers of drinking and driving and I will soon be moving to the UK to study political science and see my mother (I have not seen my mother since the DUI charges) – because I hope one day I can become a politician and SUPPORT and IMPLEMENT same sex marriage there! I have saved up by working as a cleaner and part-time boilermaker. I have always been told that I am an ugly and worthless gay man!

  24. Maybe he shouldn’t be so obsessed by other peoples’ private lives. And there must be more important matters a politician can spend his time on, apart from abusing alcohol.

  25. If we lived in a just and perfect world this politician would be barred from ever having a job or renting an apartment or being admitted to a public place because of his sin of drinking.

    He supports discrimination on moral grounds and should get what the gives.

  26. It would be more appropriate to say that marriage causes alcohol abuse.

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